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Discover a New Love--Have you heard about the new romance ebook Book Club?

Even if you have, it bears repeating. :} If you're an avid romance reader, you can save money, discover new authors, and connect with many of your favorites! Sourcebooks' new ebook club offers so much to readers! There's events and parties and many ways to connect with other readers and authors. What's especially exciting for me is that The Lord of Illusion is a featured book. I'm in fine company with Catherine Mann, Shana Galen, and Terry Spear! You can check us out here: And the Discover a New Love's home page is here: My Magical Best, Kathryne

Irish Spring

By Cheryl Brooks This has been a very busy spring, and since I returned from Ireland about a week ago, I haven't had much time to breathe. Edits for Wildcat arrived on Friday, and I've been either working on them or at the hospital ever since. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I forgot about today's blog post until a thunderstorm woke me up this morning. However, I have plenty of pictures to make up for the lack of creative writing.The tough part will be deciding which pictures to post. We arrived in Ireland on Mother's Day and had lunch at Durty Nelly's. Visited Bunratty Castle which was right next door. Strolled through the Folk park. Crossed the drawbridge. Climbed to the very top turret to enjoy the view. Then we drove on through County Kerry to the Sneem Hotel where we stayed, snapping pictures along the way.

Memorial Day by Shana Galen

Happy Memorial Day. I hope you have the day off or are celebrating in some way, shape, or form. As a kid, I didn’t have any notion of what Memorial Day was or meant. I only knew it was a day off of school, or signaled the end of school, and a day when both of my parents would be home to play with me. As I grew older, it still didn’t mean much to me because I didn’t know anyone who was enlisted in the armed forces. Once I told my dad this, and he informed me that he and my grandfather had both served in wars. He served in the Vietnam War, and my mother’s father served in World War II. I was fascinated, as any kid with an interest in history would be, and also so proud. I also felt fortunate that Memorial Day could be a day when I could say thank you to veterans and not have to mourn the loss of my father or grandfather. So thank you, veterans and thank you to the men and women currently enlisted. Know we are thinking of you, remembering you, and thankful to you for all your

This Could Be the Start of Something...

by Joanne Kennedy Summer in Wyoming is a time of new beginnings, and this one's a doozy for me and my family. Last week, I watched my son graduate from the Air Force Academy and move on to pilot training. Next week, I'm going to visit my new granddaughter. The week after that will mark the release of my fifth novel, Cowboy Crazy , and the excitement of a big blog tour. And through all this change and excitement I'm starting a new series about three men who owe their lives to one rancher, a horse trainer who took them in as foster brothers and taught them to trust the bonds of family. To honor all these new beginnings, I thought I'd share an excerpt from Cowboy Crazy that marks the start of something good... in a slightly racier vein.  Things are heating up between trodeo cowboy Lane Carrigan and publicist Sarah Landon. In this scene Sarah realizes for the first time that Lane isn't your typical roughstock rider. He's looking for something more than an eight-


HI everyone and welcome to Memorial Day weekend! I know you've probably already been warned to party responsibly and drive carefully. Those are givens. This weekend is always a mix of emotions for me. It's the unofficial kick-off to summer...YAY! I love summer. It's my favorite season and it goes by too quickly up here in NH. It's also time to remember the fallen, including my parents--both army officers and my brother, a naval officer. But the way I remember people has changed over the years. (I've had lots of practice.) My parents loved birds. Their backyard was full of feeders and various devices to keep squirrels and racoons out of them. When I visit my parents' graves on Memorial Day, I make sure two things happen. First, I make sure I have plenty of bird seed with which to decorate their headstone. They were practical people. My mom didn't like receiving cut flowers, knowing they were going to die sooner. She preferred plants. Since the cemet

Wild Times! by Judi Fennell

As the school year winds down, there are some wild times happening. I have a Kid graduating and going off to College this year - mixed emotions all the way around. I'm not fond of this thing called Change. I shall miss my Kid. My first. It's bittersweet. Also coming this summer is the release of my 3rd genie book, originally titled Leave It To Genie , now titled Magic Gone Wild . Isn't the cover pretty? I had to laugh at Robin's upcoming release, Call Me Wild. Sourcebooks has a thing about WILD, I guess. (And you remember that the second book in my Mer series was WILD Blue Under...) And in other news, Genie Knows Best is up for a PRISM Award. It's the 2nd genie book and I find it interesting that my 2nd Mer book (see above) won a PRISM. Maybe it's the middle-child syndrome. *shrugs. So, in honor of these changes, and because I just don't want to think about Kid leaving, I'm posting TWO excerpts below, one from Magic Gone Wild and the other from G

Sold! A SEAL Wolf Christmas!

Not sure about the title, but Sourcebooks bought A SEAL Wolf Christmas! It all began with To Tempt the Wolf and Hunter and his wolf pack! You know how that began. Tessa finds a naked man on her beach. Hey, he's a SEAL...wolf. What can you expect?  Snowstorm coming. What's a woman to do??? Then there's A SEAL in Wolf's Clothing. And a return to Hunter's pack, only this time with one of his SEAL team members, back at the Oregon coast, Finn Emerson intending to protect Hunter's sister Meara. Meara catches him before he covers himself with a towel, pretending to be her lover while she's intending to find a mate. And it's NOT going to be him. He's such a devil of a wolfish SEAL hunk. And now? I got word last night, talk about TGIF!!! Anna and Bjornolf get their turn! A SEAL Wolf Christmas (title probably to change) Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson and undercover operative Anna Johnson have a rocky beginning at the

My Itchy Feet

by Olivia Cunning Springtime always gives me itchy feet. Not because I have Athlete's Foot (ew!), but because every spring I have the sudden urge to make huge life-altering changes in my life. This usually involves wanting to move to a warm area near a beach. I'm sure it has something to do with living in landlocked Nebraska and spending all winter scraping frost off my windshield, shoveling snow, walking like a penguin, and gazing at barren cornfields, which are pretty depressing things to stare at for five months every year. Cornfields aren't very picturesque when they have  brilliant green stalks of corn growing in them. Imagine them empty and gray with dead corn stubble stretching in neat rows as far as the eye can see. Just writing about it depresses me. Two springs ago, my cold and itchy feet decided to visit Las Vegas (I was researching Rock Hard at the time). Much of the book takes place in Las Vegas. The band has a concert there, and the heroine and hero