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Spring in My Step by Shana Galen

Spring is my favorite time of year. The weather is beautiful, and I love being outside. One of my favorite ways to enjoy the weather and stay productive is to take an afternoon walk. When I start feeling tired and sluggish after lunch, I get the dog's leash and we head out. One of my favorite places to walk is Rice University. It's not far from me, and the paths are beautiful. All of the trees create a gorgeous canopy that provides really nice shade and lots of places for birds and squirrels to frolic. The dog loves that! Walking also helps me keep on track when I'm writing. I can work out plot problems or brainstorm ideas for new books. There's something about movement that engages my brain. And the scenery isn't bad either! Texas Bluebonnets

So much little sanity.

Hey, everyone! Let me get this out of the way first... My one author anthology, containing 3 of my most beloved novellas will be released 4/4. (Being Randy, Djinn and Tonic, and Dear Sexy Lexie were previously pubbed individually by Ellora's Cave) It's up for pre-orders on Kindle now! Also that day, (4/4) Guardian of the Angels, a novella about a city boy and a country girl with a touch of magic, is coming out from Decadent Publishing. Lovely people to work with! No link yet, but you can make a note to look up the title--or better yet, my name--and see all my books for sale! I'm working steadily (sort of) on my Sourcebooks contracted novels, so...  I don't have time to promote a bunch of novellas separately. What to do? I've combined 6 of them into 2 books. Immortally Yours was released 1/3/17, and contains Life by Lizette, Death by Delilah, and Giggles by Gabby.

Between a Wolf and a Hard Place! Releases Tuesday!

BETWEEN A WOLF AND A HARD PLACE by Terry Spear (4 stars) RT Reviews! Yay!! The newest addition to the Silver Town Wolf series is dark, sexy and replete with a haunting spin. Readers will get a kick out of the author’s vivid imagination. This steamy tale of love intermingles perfectly with the more thrilling moments, and can easily be read as a stand-alone. Ellie MacTire and her sisters own the Silver Town hotel. In addition to being a wolf-shifter, Ellie also has the ability to communicate with the dead. She has an inkling that Alpha werewolf Brett Silver has something up his sleeve when he donates a family heirloom to the hotel. He’s had his eyes and heart set on Ellie, and nothing will stand in his way until she’s his. Unfortunately, there are some creepy things occurring around town. Can Ellie keep her family and the town safe? And will she be able to keep her composure around Brett in order to find out who’s behind the mysterious happenings? (SOURCEBOOKS, Ap

That Giant Fireball in the Sky? It's the Sun!

I live in the Northwest corner of the U.S.  I'm used to drizzle, showers, rain, downpours, deluges, and all other forms of precipitation.  This year has been a wet one--one of the soggiest seasons in recent memory.  So it was a bit of a shock when for a few hours the other day the weather turned.  I was driving to work, listening to the news when I heard this report, "This just in. The giant fireball in the sky has been identified as the sun." Yeah, it had been a while since that celestial object had made an appearance.  All us northwesterners crawled out of our homes like blind moles, blinking in the sunlight.  Spring had arrived!  Well, at least for a few hours until it started raining again.  Still, it gave me a chance to go down to the beach and remember why I live here.  Truly, it is a beautiful place--when not quite so water-logged.  Time to shave my legs, paint my toes, and get ready for the sun!  Here are a few of my favorite springtime activities.

Debut Author in Full-on Wibble

I have a book coming out in one week and one day. It’s my first book. It’s that book that I wrote and then put in a drawer and thought naaaaaah, and then pulled out for a crit group meeting, and then let somebody talk me into contesting it, and then, holy monkeynuts, somebody asked to read more of it. That book. Will be released into the world. Next week. I am currently tracking real close to what we in an earlier decade would have called OMGWTFBBQ mode. Seriously, in ONE WEEK my world will change indelibly. I will become a professional writer, a published authoress, a superheroine of gigantic…okay, maybe not that.  But! Different. Everything will be different, and at this point I have zero control over any of it. The control freak inside me has not died a little. She has died eleventy billion times, just like Buffy. And every time somebody asks, “So, book coming out. You excited?” she dies all over again. And at three in the morning when sleep is impossible and all I

Kim Redford Discovers a Bit of Texas in California

One of my favorite tours in Texas is the string of five missions along the San Antonio River. Most people have heard about, or even seen, the Alamo (1718) in downtown San Antonio because of the famous Battle of the Alamo on March 6, 1836. Yet there are another four magnificent missions in the area. From north (upstream of the San Antonio River) to south (downstream), you can follow the Mission Parkway with fifteen miles of hiking, biking, paddling trails, and culture bus routes. The Park connects Mission Concepcion, Mission San Jose, Mission San Juan, and Mission Espada to the San Antonio Riverwalk through a series of park portals ( ) San Jose (1720), San José y San Miguel de Aguayo, was once a major social and cultural center, as well as the strongest garrison of the five missions. San Juan (1731), San Juan Capistrano , supplied agricultural and other products to the region. Concepcion (1731), Nuestra Señora de la Purísima Con

My Top Ten Favorite Bromances

Bromances are pretty much the staple of the entertainment world to me. Nothing beats the banter and the friendship of two or more men. The way they interact, the way they rely on each other, the way they look to one another as not just friends, but brothers too. In Reckless Hearts, I took my love for this idea and paired it back to my days of being the girlfriend/wife of a hubby who has more bromances than I ever did girlfriends. From his high-school best friends, to his rugby playing buddies years later, I stored my eye-witness accounts into the back of my mind, unknowing that I’d use them years later for the Reckless Hearts series. It wasn’t just my experience firsthand that had me loving the concept of bromance-ism, but also different characters in movies, books, and TV shows too. Below are my top ten favorites bromances. Make sure to comment with some of your favorites too! I’d hate to think I’ve been missing out on some. 10. Nick and Schmidt from New Girl. Talk about o

How I Discovered My Love of Reading by Abbie Roads

How I Discovered My Love of Reading  by  Abbie Roads *Psst... At the end of this blog, I'll tell you about a special deal that ends today! I was a sensitive child. I was an anxious child. I was a fearful child. My second grade teacher made all that worse. She was a yeller, not a nurturer. Not only that, whenever a student walked up to her desk to turn in a paper, as they turned to walk away she swatted them on the butt. Maybe that sounds trivial to you all. But back then spanking in schools was allowed. So her swatting ‘every’ student on the butt felt like the equivalent of punishment. She made kids cry from this. She made me cry from this. And then she’d get angry and demand to know why we were upset. I was terrified of her. I started backing away from her when I turned in my papers so she couldn’t reach my back side. Still she just plain scared me. Her classroom rule was that after you handed in your paper, you had to lay your head down on your desk u