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New Twofer Just Out

Two novels in one volume, refurbished for their re-debut. In The Reluctant Rake proper, elegant Miss Julia Devere is shocked when she spies her fiancé in the arms of another woman. She awakens to the fact that the game of love can be played by very different rules than her own. And unless she can beat this new mistress at her own game, Julia stands to lose all that she suddenly realizes she wants. In How to Beguile a Baron (formerly The Irresolute Rivals ) , Miss Susan Wyndham’s and Miss Marianne MacClain’s debut at the first ball of the season is ruined when they realize they’re wearing the same gown—and enamored of the same gentleman. Randal Kenyon, Baron Ellerton, is the most eligible lord in London. And far from making peace, he sparks a battle between the pair of dazzling young beauties who now want only him.

Reminder that EVERY DEEP DESIRE is October's $1.99 Kindle Monthly Deal!

I can't believe that October is almost over!! And this is just a reminder that EVERY DEEP DESIRE , the first book in the bestselling Deadly Force romantic suspense series, is a  Kindle Monthly Deal . That means that  EVERY DEEP DESIRE  is now $1.99 at all digital book retail outlets–until Halloween! INTRODUCING BOOK 1 IN THE AMAZON BESTSELLING DEADLY FORCE SERIES EIGHT YEARS IS A LONG TIME TO WAIT…. “If you are in the mood for a complex, dark and chilling thriller, then Wray has just the book for you. In her brand-new Deadly Force series, when it comes to the motivations of her characters, nothing is black and white . . . an excellent start to what looks to be a darkly compelling series!” – Romantic Times “Every Deep Desire is phenomenal! Every Deep Desire is a modern Romeo and Juliet story filled with action and passion that will leave you breathless . . . a must read for lovers of spine-tingling suspense and endless love inspired storytelling.” – Joyfully

ONE DARK WISH Audible Book Giveaway!

ONE DARK WISH , the second book in the Deadly Force romantic suspense series, released a few weeks ago and now the audiobook is available on Audible . Just like the first book EVERY DEEP DESIRE , this second book is narrated by the amazing Savannah Peachwood and Kevin T. Collins.  These two narrators do an amazing job, especially since there are a LOT of characters and they each have different accents from around the world.  One Amazon ARC reviewer said, " This book is packed with so much action it's exciting and there are twists and red herrings, and smoking hot romance. Overall, a great story!"  Another Amazon reviewer said, "5 stars! If you love meaty, mindful writing with a sultry sexy love story intertwined and enjoy trying to figure out the connections between a Green Beret librarian, and a pirate themed gym ... you'll love this read. This is a "can't put down" page turner." "Sexy Green Berets, dark secrets, and sizzl

Kim Redford's Cowboy Firefighter Christmas Kiss

Cowboy Firefighter Christmas Kiss will be released in November. I’m so excited to share this latest novel in my Smokin’ Hot Cowboys series. Here’s what Booklist (Jenna Friebel) said: “Redford (Hot for a Cowboy, 2019) delivers a country Christmas romance as sweet as pie and spicy as chili.”              When Ivy Bryant arrives at Wildcat Hall, she goes from website designer by day to honkytonk manager by night. How to handle it all? Enter Slade Steele—rancher, firefighter, and proprietor of the Chuckwagon CafĂ©—who offers his services. Add his award-winning pies and a fiery chili recipe with chocolate to the menu, and folks will stream in the front door. It’s an offer Ivy can’t refuse, even though the passion between them is already at the boiling point. Excerpt from Cowboy Firefighter Christmas Kiss      “Oh no!” Slade Steele jerked up, rising swiftly to his feet.      “We forgot the cookies.” Ivy Bryant straightened her clothes as she looked at him in wide-eyed horro

A Sneak Peek of HIGHLAND THIEF! And a GIVEAWAY!! by Alyson McLayne

Ah, September...  You crazy, busy, son of a bitch. Thank God you’re almost over! Until I had school-aged kids, September was just the beginning of fall. Even when I was a kid, and I had to go back to school, I never had to bend my calendar around like Uri Gellar on steroids the way I do now. The only person I ever thought about back then was me! Now September is defined by the 2 kids, start-of-school, call-for-volunteers, after-school-activity/play-date craziness where you try to cram 3 hours worth of work into a one-hour stint in the car during piano lessons because you forgot about your daughter’s Noisy Reading session on Friday morning. Dance classes and hockey practice at the same time? Sure! Why not? Doctor and dentist appointments all scheduled in the same week? Well, of course they are! Indoor runners, back packs, and tap shoes all suddenly worn out on the same day? Afraid so. This is why grocery stores always put Lunchables on sale and at t