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ONE DARK WISH and North Carolina BBQ!!

This is a huge week for me because ONE DARK WISH , the second book in my Deadly Force romantic suspense, has finally entered the world!!!  It’s an especially important week for me because this book was supposed to come out nine months ago, but Sourcebooks Casablanca pushed off the publication date to change the book cover. Originally, there was a man on the cover to match the first book in the series EVERY DEEP DESIRE . But, after talking to booksellers, the publisher decided to go with a more gothic, iconic cover.  And I have to say that this cover was worth the wait!!  ONE DARK WISH is a romantic suspense story with a National Treasure-type plot. The heroine, Sarah Munro, is a historian who specializes in 17 th century pirates. Her hero, ex-Green Beret Nate Walker, has just been released from the U.S. Army’s secret prison hospital in Maine. When Sarah and Nate meet in a remote colonial-era cemetery outside of Savannah, GA, and they’re threatened by a Fianna assassin,

Happy Birthday, Silver Town Wolves! Silver Town Wolf: Home for the Holidays Released!

“The best of holiday romances…a howling good time.”—Long and Short Reviews for A Silver Wolf Christmas Silver Town is howling with Christmas cheer Gray wolves Meghan MacTire and Sheriff Peter Jorgenson plan to spend the rest of their lives together, and what better time to start forever than Christmas? But they are both harboring dark secrets that are about to surface and threaten their future together. With holiday magic in the air and all Silver Town ready to celebrate, Meghan and Peter have to conquer the past if they’re to have any hope of celebrating this Christmas together. Silver Town Wolf series: Destiny of the Wolf (Book 1) Wolf Fever (Book 2) Dreaming of the Wolf (Book 3) Silence of the Wolf (Book 4) A Silver Wolf Christmas (Book 5) Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (Book 6) Between a Wolf and a Hard Place (Book 7) All’s Fair in Love and Wolf (Book 8) Silver Town Wolf: Home for the Holidays (Book 9) Praise for Terry Spear’s holiday romances: “A holiday treat—rom

$1.99 Sale and the Deadly Force Primer Part 2

FLASH  SALE!!! For a limited time, EVERY DEEP DESIRE --the first book in the Deadly Force series--is on sale in Amazon's Kindle store for $1.99!!! In anticipation of  ONE DARK WISH's  release on Tuesday September 24, I've put together a primer about the Deadly Force Series. In today's post, I'm discussing the heroes of the series. The heroes of this romantic suspense series are a team of ex-Special Forces soldiers, accused of vicious war crimes, and determined to prove their innocence. Led by their commander Colonel Kells Torridan, they're desperate to find the enemy who wants to destroy them before time runs out and the enemy attacks again. As these men struggle to rebuild their lives and redeem their honor, it’s the women they love who teach these alpha males that  Grace  always defeats  Reckoning. In the meantime, Kells and his men of the Seventh Special Forces group have been dishonorably discharged. Half of their men are in prison while th

Busy, busy, busy!

I've been finishing up my first Young Adult novel and have now sent it off to my agent who has an experienced YA beta reader lined up for me. To say I'm nervous is an understatement. Starting all over again with a whole new genre after fifteen years of publishing hot romance? Yikes! Naturally I have to create a whole new website, new logo and tag line, new social media presence, etc. etc. All that and a visit home too! I have recently moved to Florida. Happily my family has a reunion every September, so visiting and catching up with my cousins is a treat. Mr. Amazing is able to work remotely, but he needs to report in once per quarter, in person. It's so nice of my mother-in-law to put up with us...I mean put us up for the week! And, of course I've been doing a lot of prep for the Fall In Love With New England romance reader/author conference. Everything is falling into place nicely. It's going to be so much fun!  And in case you heard any rumo


Cowboy Firefighter Christmas Kiss will be released in November. I’m so excited about it. Here’s what Publishers Weekly said: “With a little help from Fernando the bull, an overabundance of sweetness, and a healthy dose of mischief, this Christmas story is certainly memorable.” When Ivy Bryant arrives at Wildcat Hall, she goes from website designer by day to honkytonk manager by night. How to handle it all? Enter Slade Steele—rancher, firefighter, and proprietor of the Chuckwagon CafĂ©—who offers his services. Add his award-winning pies and a fiery chili recipe with chocolate to the menu, and folks will stream in the front door. It’s an offer Ivy can’t refuse, even though the passion between them is already at the boiling point. Excerpt from Cowboy Firefighter Christmas Kiss As Ivy Bryant stood on her tiptoes with arms raised to toss decorative tinsel over deer antlers on the wall above her head, she heard the side door that led to the Wildcat Hall’s beer garden open

A Deadly Force Primer Part 1: The Fianna

In anticipation of ONE DARK WISH's release later this month, I've put together a primer about the Deadly Force Series. In today's post, I'm discussing a secretive group of men that is threaded through these stories as both friend and foe of the ex-Green Beret heroes who populate the series. This group is known as the Fianna.  In all of the Deadly Force books, the Fianna are led by a man known as the Prince. The men in the Fianna come from every army in the world. For personal reasons, each man leaves his men and his family and tithes to the Fianna where they then undergo extreme training for missions that are not sanctioned by any government. This army has more money than most nations and works completely on their own.  They are known for their assassinations although they perform many other missions that protect the innocent and bring justice where there was none previously. Governments and their armies stay out of their way.  But the idea of a secret army, t