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LAST DAY SALE!! Highland Promise only 99¢

Popping in to let everyone know that today is the last day to buy HIGHLAND PROMISE, book 1 in The Sons Of Gregor MacLeod series, for only 99¢—just in time for Christmas! FIND OUT HOW IT ALL STARTED HIGHLAND PROMISE—$0.99 (Until Dec. 1/19) Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Kobo   iBooks  |  Google Play 💖💖 " Scottish romance readers will fall in love!"   —Eliza Knight, USA Today bestselling author "Adventure, passion, and hot Scots."               —Booklist "Raises the bar of Scottish-set historical romances…"   —BookPage 💖💖 WHEN FORCED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN DUTY AND HONOR…   Darach MacKenzie vowed never to let a woman near his heart after his bride-to-be betrayed him, sparking a blood feud between his clan and the Frasers. With all-out war in the wind, Darach can’t allow a woman to distract him again—not even a sweet and charming lass who desperately needs his help. THIS HIGHLAND LAIRD WILL FIND A WAY T

Cover Reveal for IN SEARCH OF TRUTH!

IN SEARCH OF TRUTH , and its cover, have been a long time in the making. The book and the cover went through tons of revisions and I think we're finally at the end point--I hope!!!  Especially since this book comes out February 24!! IN SEARCH OF TRUTH  is the third book in the Deadly Force series and follows Zack and Allison while they search for an infamous 17th Century's pirate's treasure while trying to save each other and all of Zack's men. Here's the blurb for   IN SEARCH OF TRUTH Some treasure is hidden in plain sight...Anthropologist Allison Pinckney is stunned when she inherits the key to a seventeenth century pirate cipher that makes her the target of two brutal arms dealers. Now, to save those she loves, she must solve the cipher. With this perilous mission growing ever more dangerous, she reluctantly seeks help from ex-Green Beret Zack Tremaine, the one man she’s been avoiding. Because if she gives into her long-buried feelings for him, it could c

A Smile to Brighten Your Day!

According to neuroscientists, it’s the equivalent brain stimulation of having 2,000 chocolate bars. Just think of all the calories you save by smiling! Or you can have the same effect as receiving $25,000–if you’re not into chocolate. An older man was leaving the grocery store and he looked so glum, I just smiled at him and that one little smile absolutely transformed him. His whole expression brightened, he said something about the weather, it took him out of the doldrums and made his day. And it made my day! For my daughter’s birthday, we went to a coffee shop, and after my granddaughter had part of our cinnamon rolls, she was wired and running from one of us to the other and around a table to me, giving hugs and kisses. A man was watching her, smiling. Of course we were smiling, as we played the game, “Go give your daddy a hug and kiss. Go give your mommy a raspberry. Go give your grandma a hug.” And she was having a ball, instead of bugging us about le

Series Books on Sale!

If you've ever thought of trying my Duke's Sons series, now is a good time. The ebooks of the first two volumes are on sale until the end of the month. Heir to the Duke was praised for lively wit, excellent period detail, and appealing protagonists. Fresh Fiction called What the Duke Doesn't Know a joy to read. 

Fun Facts about the Deadly Force Series

Fun Fact #1: The truth about the Fianna. One of the villains in the Deadly Force series, and ONE DARK WISH in particular, is a fictional secret army of assassins known as the Fianna. The Fianna are led by a man known as the Prince. The men in the Fianna come from every army in the world. For personal reasons, each man leaves his men and his family and tithes to the Fianna. They then undergo extreme training for missions not sanctioned by any government. The Fianna army has more money than most nations and works completely on their own. They are known for their assassinations although they perform many other missions that protect the innocent and bring justice where there was none previously. Governments and their armies, as well as the ex-Green Berets heroes in the Deadly Force series, stay out of their way. But the idea of a secret army, that undergoes pagan-like training (including running naked in the woods during winter and speaking only in memorized Shakespearean verse)


The end of October/beginning of November is a big deal in my house because it’s Halloween (Yay!) and my birthday (double Yay!!). And this year was a milestone birthday, so I may have ordered a drink as big as my head to celebrate. As I said to a friend,  “I am now officially on the backside of a century.” So I was kinda busy! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and my kids and I have certain traditions that we do every year. The first is going to the store at the beginning of October so they can choose their costumes. They always go in there knowing exactly what they want to get—they’ve been thinking about it for eleven months—and then they come out with something completely different! My son was adamant he was going to be scary this year, like a werewolf or a killer clown. Instead, he came home with a S.W.A.T uniform because he liked the handcuffs.   And my daughter always falls in love with something pretty and glittery. Me? When I was growing up, I always went for