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A Mental Health Therapist Who Writes Dark Romantic Suspense... Say What?

Hello Everyone! I’m new here. So I’m going to use this post to introduce myself. I’m Abbie Roads. <waving> By day… I’m a mental health therapist, known for my blunt, honest style of therapy and my shoes—I love a great pair of heels. I've been seeing clients for sixteen years now and have read so many books—in the name of knowing which ones to recommend to each client—that I can spout off inspirational phrases from them on command.  I do love a good inspirational quote. I often make my clients pick a few of these phrases to serve as temporary life mottos to keep them on the right track.  But at night… I write dark dark dark romantic suspense. My debut novel RACE THE DARKNESS is available for pre-order now. How does an inspirational-quote-loving therapist end up writing dark romantic suspense? Well… In a way it makes perfect sense. I meet people at the worst moments of their lives. Think of a human tragedy. Go on… Yes. I’ve had clients

Celebrate Memorial Day with a Romance Giveaway

Today is dedicated to the brave men and women who have served in the armed forces, especially to those who lost their lives while carrying out their courageous duty. In honor of our fallen heroes and heroines, Team Sourcebooks is discussing our favorite military romance novels over on our Facebook page . Come join us! By entering the conversation, you are automatically entered for a chance to win all of Sourcebooks Casablanca's May releases. The lucky winner will be picked on Tuesday May 31. (US residents only.)

Is it summer yet??

Tis the, not THAT season.  The other one.  If you're a parent, you know what I mean. End of the school year. My son is 16.  He's fairly self-sufficient and really, he should be looking forward to this more than I am.  And maybe he is.  All I know is that I CANNOT WAIT. We don't get a bus for him so I do carpool duty twice a day.  The school is only five miles away but at 6:30 in the morning, it feels like 50 miles.  And in the afternoon, it totally disrupts my day.  So yeah, maybe I'm whining but summer break can't get here soon enough.  To be able to sleep in and not deal with an alarm, is like a fantasy right now. Three weeks. And for the first time in a really long time, we have some plans for the summer.  Last summer we did a trip to New York for a week and it was fine but it was partially for work so I didn't love it.  This summer?  Some of the trips are work related but so much more fun!  Plus, the main goal of the summer is to get th

Cover Reveal: To Love a Texas Ranger!

They are Men. They are Brothers. They are LEGENDS. I've waited so long to be able to show off this gorgeous cover and now the day is finally here. As usual, Dawn Adams, head of the Sourcebooks art department, has outdone herself. I just love this cover. The guy wears such a determined look on his face as though to say, "Bring it on." That's the type of man Texas Ranger Sam Legend is. He has a mental as well as a physical toughness and can handle whatever comes. (Notice the smudges of blood and dirt on his shoulder, right arm and collar.) Yep, he's used to trouble, whatever kind it is, even it flies at him from all angles.  This is Book #1 of a brand new series called Men of Legend. A tough father, Stoker Legend, and his three sons fight for their own brand of Legend justice. Sam is a Texas Ranger, Houston is a rancher like his father, and Luke is an outlaw that no one knew anything about. He's Stoker's illegitimate son so he fights an uphi

Jane Austen and Our Enduring Devotion by Terri L. Austin

Jane Austen’s Love and Friendship is out soon, and it got me thinking about Jane and our obsession with her. My favorite Pride and Prejudice remains the Colin Firth version, starring Jennifer Ehle.  It remained more faithful to the book than the Keira Knightly version.  I loved both Emmas, but Gwyneth's lighter portrayal wins by a nose. And was it just me or was Billy Piper terribly miscast as Fanny Price? But of course Austen’s characters have fought vampires and zombies.    And one of my favorite adaptions is the modern romcom version of P&P , featuring Mormons. Yep. Pride and Prejudice--A Latter Day Tale.  A couple of weeks ago, my son sent me a pic. He and some friends were playing Marrying Mr. Darcy. Sadly, he lost and remained an old maid.   But all this leads me to believe Jane Austen is the hardest working dead woman in publishing today. Even beyond the grave, she must be exhausted. So what’s