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Is it summer yet??

Tis the, not THAT season.  The other one.  If you're a parent, you know what I mean.

End of the school year.

My son is 16.  He's fairly self-sufficient and really, he should be looking forward to this more than I am.  And maybe he is.  All I know is that I CANNOT WAIT.

We don't get a bus for him so I do carpool duty twice a day.  The school is only five miles away but at 6:30 in the morning, it feels like 50 miles.  And in the afternoon, it totally disrupts my day.  So yeah, maybe I'm whining but summer break can't get here soon enough.  To be able to sleep in and not deal with an alarm, is like a fantasy right now.

Three weeks.

And for the first time in a really long time, we have some plans for the summer.  Last summer we did a trip to New York for a week and it was fine but it was partially for work so I didn't love it.  This summer?  Some of the trips are work related but so much more fun!  Plus, the main goal of the summer is to get the 16 year old his license so I will be relieved of carpool duty come September.  YES PLEASE!!  We'll see.  As of right now he's not buying into it.

So when the kids get out of school, what's your plan?  Who's doing something fun this summer?  I've got a weekend in Pinehurst, a weekend at the beach with the girls (#squadgoals), a book signing at Nora Roberts' bookstore in Maryland, a couple of concerts - including my 80's crush Rick Springfield, and some visits with family .  None of the trips are major but they're just enough to get me away a little bit and allow me to relax.

But you know what I'm already aware of?  How fast it's all going to go by.  I'll end up sleeping way too much, being way too lazy and then wondering why I didn't get anything accomplished!  It's a crazy pattern but I'm prepared.

If I can stick to the things I already have planned and throw in a couple of impromptu things that are just for the fun of it, I'll be happy.  And if I can do it all with a really cool playlist, even better.  This summer's music obsession?  Cake By the Ocean!  I kid you not.  Maybe it's because it's a fun song or maybe it's because of my completely inappropriate crush on Joe Jonas...either way, that song is going with me everywhere!

So what are your plans??  And what are you listening to??


  1. Well, my daughter is 6 and not at all self-sufficient, so if I want to get any work done, she will be going to day camps all summer. There are some really fun ones, so she's looking forward to them. And so am I!

  2. Rick Springfield....OMG!!! You are going to a Rick Springfield concert???
    I am so envious!!
    I have plans for July 4th weekend. Party at a friends....plan to enjoy the summer and the warm weathe!!!!

    1. I am so glad it's finally warm :)

    2. This will be my second time seeing him here in NC. The last time was about 2 or three years ago with Pat Benetar. Great show!!

  3. Our youngest graduates from high school on Friday, so we (and she) have a summer packed with parties, orientation week, volleyball, community service camp, 3 mini vacations to DC, NYC AND VT plus a week at the beach. It's gonna be fun and fly by!


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