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Top Five Books on my TBR list

Top Five books on my TBR list It’s a sad, sad world when I’m only allowed to pick my top five books on my TBR list, BUT I’ve done it with the utmost care and am ready to show the world what I am DYING to read. Between mothering at the end of the school year, edits, and writing new books, I barely have time to breathe, let along read. But I need to read like I need to live, so I’ve been trying extra hard to read before I go to bed at least. The problem with that? I usually get so into a book that I can’t sleep long after I put it down. Such is life, I suppose.  Be sure to comment below and tell me what your top five TBR books are right now. I’d love to add more to my never-ending list.  5. Man of Honor (Battle Scars #3) by Diana Gardin I’ve read the first two books in this series and they completely blew me away. Nothing sucks me in more than a tortured military hero, and Diana knows how to write the best of them.  4. Max (Cold Fury Series #6) by Sawyer Bennett As a

Under Her Skin by Adriana Anders out on Audio today!

I'm super excited to announce that the Audiobook for Under Her Skin, featuring the dulcet tones of Wendy Tremont King is finally out from Tantor Audio! (And check out this hot, new cover!) Title:  Under Her Skin Series:  Blank Canvas Author:   Adriana Anders Audio out:  May 30, 2017 Buy Now This gentle giant's scarred hands may be the warmest touch she'll ever know. ...if only life were a fairy tale where Beauty got to keep her Beast Ivan thought the world was through giving him second chances. Hell, who was he kidding—he wasn't good enough for them anyway. And he certainly wasn't good enough for her. But the moment Uma walked into his life, Ivan knew he had to put all that crap aside and do everything he could to help. She was like nothing he'd ever known. Beautiful, lost, alone, she had the kind of sad eyes that were just begging for someone to save her... ...and despite his rough exterior, despite the nasty rumors, despite all the bad d

Kim Redford Discovers Ranch & Range Romance Comics

How had I never heard about Cowgirl Romances comics from the 1950s till my friends Scott and Sandi sent me a postcard of a terrific cover? What fun, I couldn’t help but think when I read, “All new romances of ranch and range!” I had to know more about these comics, so I went online and discovered ComicBookPlus , free and legal public domain books. Under Westerns, I found Annie Oakley and many others, but I was still looking for Cowgirl Romances , so I kept going till I came to the Western Romance section. Now we were getting somewhere.   ComicBookPlus lists fifteen titles and seventy-one issues in the Western Romance category of contemporary and historical comics published between 1949 and 1958. They include Fiction House's Cowgirl Romances of twelve issues and Fawcett's Cowboy Love with an eleven issue run. These comics appear to be exciting pulp fiction with titles such as “Dowry Paid in Lead,” “Call Her Gun-Girl,” and “Koln Dilgen Tames Rocking River, but He Ca

Nature Therapy... And a Giveaway! by Abbie Roads

Nature Therapy... And a Giveaway! Be sure to keep reading to find out how you can win a signed copy of SAVING MERCY. It was a long and gray winter here in Central Ohio. But Spring has sprung and summer is almost here! Nothing soothes my soul and recharges my batteries like going on a long walk. I call it Nature Therapy! Here's some of the lovely flowers I've seen... Here's some of the paths I've walked... Here's some of the animals I've seen... Here's my back yard during sunset... Here's my dogs... Just because they're cute. Here's my favorite Spring and Summer treat... A Snickers Parfait from our local dairy bar. What do you love most about Spring and Summer? Would you like to win a signed copy of SAVING MERCY ? Enter Below He’s found her at last… Cain Killion knows himself to be a damaged man. His only redeeming quality? T

George and Puppies...Need I Say More?

Just released! After the End is a fun and heart-warming free epilogue novella to the exciting Search & Rescue series! For fans of sexy, brooding ice divers Motorcycle Club bad boys turned firefighters Tall, dark, and silent wilderness guides And cops with hearts of gold… The end is just the beginning. What happens after happily ever after? Now that the murderer has been caught and the arsonist is behind bars, the town of Simpson, Colorado has returned to its sleepy, picturesque former glory. Yet for the heroes of Search & Rescue, work is never done… …especially not if the extraordinary women if their lives have anything to say about it. Told in alternating chapters focusing on four unforgettable romances, this slice-of-life novella catches up with fan favorites from the Search & Rescue series—proving once and for all that the end is just the beginning. Pick up your free copy at any of these booksellers: Kindle Barnes & Noble iBooks Google

Will Han Solo Save Marie Antoinette?! (by Asa Maria Bradley)

Or, The Magic Luncheon at the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Weekend . Author Sally Kilpatrick engaging in Viking Duck shenanigans. :-) Last month, I attended my very first #BVW and it was a crazy fun time with so many super romance fans. We played games, we had unusual Q&A sessions, we celebrated with a pizza party, we laughed ourselves silly during dirty mad libs, we signed books--so, so, many books. And in the middle of it all, was the beautiful extraordinary out-of-this world author luncheon. If you've never been, here's the deal: readers buy tickets to a specific author's table at the luncheon and the authors outdo themselves (and each other--in a totally friendly way) by decorating their tables in themes. Sounds like fun? It was! The tables of this year's luncheon were a true testament to how creative authors (and their assistants are). Here's an overview of the chaos that is authors socializing while decorating tables. And an

RT 2017 Roundup and a GIVEAWAY!

So a couple of weeks ago was the annual Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention (or RT for short!).  This year it was held in Atlanta and I have to say, I'm really glad I went! This was my third RT - first one was in Dallas back in 2015, then last year in Las Vegas and now this.  And I have to admit, this one was kind of my favorite.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVED going to Vegas last year, but my hubby was with me and we did more stuff on our own than at the convention so I almost don't even feel I was really at RT.  But this year?  Oh my goodness, what a time! Let me start by saying that I go to these events in two modes - a reader and a writer.  I totally fangirl when I get to meet some of my favorite authors!  And this year was no different.  I got to meet actress Meg Tilly who now writes romance as Sara Flynn!  I gasped, I shook hands with her and then yammered on about being a fan of the movie "The Big Chill" and then made sure that I said hello to her every

Romance Always!

Kissing dragons, kissing trolls, and kissing frogs. Yep, I love love. Every season for every reason, love is in the air! Terry Spear “Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.” Connect with Terry Spear: Website: Goodreads: Facebook: Twitter: Wilde & Woolly Bears http://www.celticbears

Romance Heroines and Gainful Employment

Jane Austen might have set the standard for delightful heroines with Lizzie Bennet and her fine eyes, and even finer observational skills and witty retorts. I love Lizzie, and her modern equivalent (arguably) Bridget Jones. The great thing about writing historical heroines, for a modern writer, is that the heroine's career path is limited enough to avoid judgment. The writer doesn't have to worry about giving her a career that reflects her abilities and strengths without coming on too strong or too brainy.  It's perfectly acceptable that a Regency or Victorian, even Edwardian, heroine would be sitting around sewing, or visiting friends, or shopping in the middle of a weekday. Her hero might also avoid any serious employment. The challenge is getting them together enough to let the romance develop without boring the reader. Oh, look, they're sitting down to tea again! They're going out on horseback again! He's studying her figure as she crosses