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Linda Broday: Forging Ahead

Christmas is behind me. The decorations have been put away and I've got to get serious about the extra pounds hanging around my middle! Good grief!  However, a new year is about to begin. Each year this time I start thinking about what may lie ahead. Not that I worry about it. I just try to look at all the good things that I know are coming and imagine how they might change my life. I once heard a talk by a well-known author and she said something that stuck in my head. “On the clearest, calmest day on the ocean you can only see roughly three miles.” The span depends on how tall you are and the three miles is for a six-foot person. But the unknown is a tad bit scary. I like to know what's out there. I’ve never been a particularly bold person. What joys are coming? What pitfalls await? Who knows. My flashlight only shines a beam so far. Here’s what I do know—I have five book releases scheduled in 2017 and that’s staggering. * * * TEXAS REDEMP

The GOOD in 2016: 14 Reasons to Smile

As 2016 wraps up to a close, I want to focus on a few positives. And why not? So here's a kitty pic to get warmed up. This is Rex, sitting in Big Bear's lap. Rex would like to remind you that that are some great things that actually happened this year.   If you're reading this, you are still alive and able to read.Kudos to you! Rogue One was an amazing movie. Go see it. Books! There are so many books to read it should make your heart happy. The world tiger count rises! They finally made a movie about the awesome contribution African American women made to NASA and getting men into space. (I can't wait to see Hidden Figures .)  Team USA rocked the Rio Olympics. The U.S. unemployment rate reached a record-low of 4.6 %(best since 2007). Liberia was officially cleared of Ebola--no known Ebola virus left in West Africa Italy recognized same-sex unions. Transgender issues are front and center, in a good way (hello Target bathrooms!) Canadians welc

Smoking hot excerpt from Beautiful Mess

From Kasey Lane :  I hope you and your loved ones are having a happy holiday, filled with love and family. I'm going to keep my post short and share with you an exclusive excerpt from my upcoming March release, Beautiful Mess . I finished up this book during a very trying time in my life. Because of that I seem to have an odd attachment to these characters. I hope you like Jax and Jami. If you're interested in their whole story, you can pre-order the book on Amazon (or just about anywhere). My debut (the first in this series), Beautiful Crazy ( on sale for $1.88 ), is out now. For more information on my books or me, please visit my website at . Hell’s bells. Jackson Paige was, in fact, Jax Pain, the drummer of Manix Curse. That thing in her chest tightened around her ribs, making it hard to breathe. This new little development was further complicated by the fact she’d been hired by the band to negotiate their tours, sponsorship, and recor