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Mister October... Just in Time for Halloween!

I can't believe it's been months since I've written in this space, and I missed you all! I spent the time away writing for many deadlines and traveling to visit family. And while I had a wonderful time, I'm so happy to be here again. Anyway, today is a huge day because one of my favorite stories that I’ve written this year is out now!  One October Night , one of the first stories in my Kingsmill Courtships series, is now available for a  limited time in the Mister October anthology. BAD DECISIONS. BROKEN HEARTS. SECOND CHANCES What do these all have in common? Mister October!  Think naughty costumes, deliciously devious “snacks,” and spooky twists. And, of course, sexy heroes and HEAs! Follow our dauntless heroines through bad decisions, broken hearts and second chances. You’ll love the mix of suspense, comedy, sweet/steamy romance, and holiday drama without a drop of magic. Are ready for a book that will keep you up all night? And when that doorbell rings, will you ans