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The Pleasure of Re-reading

Recently, I had the urge to re-read an old favorite book – The Unknown Aj ax by Georgette Heyer. And not for the first time. In fact, I don’t even know how many times I’ve read it over the years. And why is that, I wondered. What do I go back to some novels again and again? Why is it so comforting to re-visit these stories? Obviously, I know what’s going to happen from one page to the next. There are no surprises lurking to amaze me. I decided that there are two main reasons, for me, to go back to a book. First, I want to spend time with the characters. It’s like getting together with old friends, moving into their world for a while. I feel the same way about Sherlock Holmes and Frodo and Sam as about the Darracotts. And many others. And equally important, it’s the language. The two are inseparable. A writer doesn’t create memorable characters without a striking style. The way Georgette Heyer puts words together fills me with joy. For example, In her vie

Every Deep Desire & the History of the Fianna: Part 1

Every Deep Desire  is the first in the Deadly Force romantic suspense series where ex-Green Berets and smart, sexy women redeem Shakespeare's greatest love stories. This team of ex-Special Forces soldiers, accused of vicious war crimes, is determined to prove their innocence and desperate to find the enemies who want to destroy them. Before time runs out and their enemies attack again. Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash One of these enemies is a private army of brutal assassins known as the Fianna led by a man called the Prince. Rafe Montfort, the hero of Every Deep Desire was once a Green Beret who left his unit to work for the Prince, and has returned to Savannah, GA to protect his wife and his men he left behind. The problem is the Fianna have never let a man go and they're not about to start now. As the story unfolds Rafe's wife Juliet, and his men, learn who and what the Fianna are, and today I'd like to introduce you to the real Fianna of Pagan Irelan

The Highlande Werewolf Boxed Set--99 cents!!!

From 5/3 to 5/7 for the Highland Werewolf Boxed Set! What’s even better than a wolfie romance? Hot Highlanders in kilts!!! Who are also hot wolves!  From 5/3 to 5/7 for the Highland Werewolf Boxed Set! What’s even better than a wolfie romance? Hot Highlanders in kilts!!! Who are also hot wolves!  $0.99 across all platforms during the designated time frame. . Get yours while you can!!! Love this new review!! “A thrilling good time with a woman who gets her wolf!” ALL’S FAIR IN LOVE AND WOLF is a thrilling good time with a woman who gets her wolf and a hero who is overjoyed to be captured.

All's Fair in Love and Wolf Released!!!

Zoerro gray timber wolf at the New Mexico wolf reserve drinking water from a bowl on our cabin porch. He was the ambassador wolf and was used in ads for Game of Thrones. Wolves playing in Ely that I took a picture of. I'll be going back there to see the wolves at two of the reserves in Minnesota this summer. Can't wait! The one on the left is the alpha, and the one on the right is his brother. Ladies, and Gents, and Wolves, it’s out!!! All’s Fair in Love and Wolf can be in your hot little hands/paws now! The Silver Town wolf pack has your back Wolf shifter Sarandon Silver’s in trouble with the law, and bounty hunter she-wolf Jenna St. James is determined to bring him in for trial. Lucky for Sarandon, the entire Silver Town pack is ready to fight for his innocence. But until the case is solved, Jenna’s sticking to Sarandon like glue… Silver Town Wolf: Destiny of the Wolf (Book 1) Wolf Fever (Book 2) Dreaming of the Wolf (Book 3) Silence of t

You had me at hockey playing cowboy…

Caught Up In A Cowboy is the story of Rockford James, a hunky cowboy who also happens to play hockey for the NHL. Yeah, you heard that right… A hockey playing cowboy… Could he be any more delicious? The only thing that could make him any better would be if he had two handsome cowboy brothers who also played hockey… Oh wait… He does. The Cowboys of Creedence is a new series featuring the James brothers, who are all as hot on the ice as off. Feel free to One-Click now, or if you need any more convincing, here’s The Top Five reasons why hockey-playing cowboys are the best... 1- There are hundreds of Pinterest boards dedicated to good looking men who are cowboys and hockey players. Whether you are looking for abs or chaps, you’ll find your McDreamy hero, times ten! 2- They’re good with their hands—and they don’t mind getting a little dirty. They have great hand eye coordination, and know how to handle their stick. Speaking of stickhandling, these guys know how to s