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You Had Me at Jaguar Released!!!

Released Feb 26,2019 This could be my desk. The jaguar pictures on the calendar and the reader are ones I've taken. The one on the laptop is a composite I created. I have too much fun with this. I spend months writing and researching, months editing and then I'm off to the next project and the next and the next and all of a sudden, this book is out so you can fall in love with a jaguar too!!! Excerpt from You Had Me at Jaguar: Howard was trying his darnedest not to look in Valerie Chamber’s direction. Not that he would have ever revealed to her t

Heart of the Highland Wolf Free!!! Feb 19- Mar 3 FREE!!!

Grab a key and join us a the Highland castle and find your wolf. Title eBook Price Start Date End Date Heart of the Highland Wolf $0.00 2/19/2019 3/4/2019 Howl for a Highlander $1.99 2/19/2019 3/4/2019 Highland Werewolf Wedding $2.99 2/19/2019 3/4/2019 Hero of a Highland Wolf $3.99 2/19/2019 3/4/2019 Heart of the Highland Wolf : It’s a matter of pride and a matter of pleasure Book 1 in Terry Spear’s Highland Wolf Series It’s a matter of pride… Modern day werewolf laird Ian MacNeill reluctantly allows a film production company to use his castle, but he knows his secretive clan has a big problem when a beautiful red werewolf female who insists she’s working on the film keeps showing up in the wrong places…and a matter of pleasure. Julia Wildthorn is not who she says she is—she’s sneaking into Argent Castle to steal an ancient relic for her grandfather and to do research for her next werewolf romance n

My book became a video game!

When an author writes a story and sends it out into the world, he or she never knows who'll discover it and see some kind of hidden potential in it. That's exactly what happened with my very first Sourcebooks release Strange Neighbors! Here's what the studio said about it: Chapters Interactive is delighted to publish Strange Neighbors as a mobile video game on February 11th. When our editors read the book, we knew it would be so fun to take to the mobile screen. We are delighted to show you the art we’ve created for this quirky band of friends sharing their lives in the same apartment building. “Strange Neighbors is exactly the kind of content our users are going to love,” Joey Jia, Chapters CEO. “We can’t wait for our users to meet the characters.” Chapters Interactive has 10 million downloads and 3 million monthly active users. Check out the YouTube trailer they made for it! Strange Neighbors game trailer   They bought the whole series, so who knows...

Feb 15-22--Savage Hunger--$0.99 USD Sale

Savage Hunger (Book 1) As a jaguar he is graceful and gorgeous… Speedy and stealthy… Fierce, independent, and wild… As a man he is passionate and powerful… Willful and wonderful… And he’ll stop at nothing to protect what’s his…   iBooks: B&N Amazon Chapters Indigo Kobo IndieBound   Title Price Dates Savage Hunger $0.99 2/15/19 - 2/22/19 Jaguar Fever $1.99 2/15/19 - 2/22/19 Jaguar Hunt $2.99 2/15/19 - 2/22/19 Jaguar Pride $3.99 2/15/19 - 2/22/19   Jaguar Fever(Book 2) She’s being pursued by everyone, in more ways than one. Even in an exotic world of humans, jaguars, and tantalizing creatures who shift between the two, Maya Anderson stands out from the crowd. Interest from human suitors is bad enough, but when male shifters give chase, the real trouble starts. Who’s the hunter and who’s the prey? Investigating the black marketing

Valentine Sweets!

By Cheryl Brooks My eldest son texted me yesterday to ask for "the recipe for those crazy amazing chocolate cookies you used to make--the ones that usually didn't make it past the dough stage." I can't remember the last time I made them, but I must've posted that recipe on a blog at some point because I had saved it in my computer and even had a picture, so I was ready for him.  I've done quite a lot of blogging since my first book was published in 2008. My personal blog ran for four years and I blogged every single day. I gave that up a few years back, and now, after 134 posts,  I'm giving up this blog. We've had a lot of fun here over the years, but blogs aren't as popular as they once were, and the interaction with readers, which was the best part of blogging, has waned considerably. Plus, unless I finally finish the manuscript I've been working on for nearly a year, Mystic is my last book with Sourcebooks. My son moved

How to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Holiday, Texas

If you wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Holiday, Texas, first you’d have to find it. That might be tough seeing as how it’s a fictional place. But if you did manage to stumble into town and make your way to The Rambling Rose, the oldest honky tonk in Texas, you’d be in for a real treat. First off, Charlie, the feisty manager, would give you a big ol’ Texas welcome. She’d usher you in and seat you at one of the long wooden tables by the stage where one of the regular performers like The Twister Sisters would be wrapping up a set. Dixie would swing by to take your order. Two frosty mugs of Lone Star, no doubt. Then she’d tell you about the specials Angelo had been working on all day in the kitchen. He loves to go all out for special occasions and might even have some Texas surf and turf like a filet stuffed with crab meat or a ribeye served alongside a barbeque lobster tail. While you waited for your food, Beck, Charlie’s husband might stop by to offer a sample of his ne