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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Sourcebooks Casablanca Authors Hi! This is Gina Conkle (I write Viking and Georgian romance). Now that my boys are older, October and Halloween is less about Trick-or-Treating and costumes and more about football, football, football and all things pumpkin flavored. Last year, I discovered my husband's love for the seasonal angel food spiral pumpkin cake (with cream cheese frosting filling). For weeks, he'd bring home a new pumpkin cake and it'd be gone in a day or two. He's Mr. Healthy but this cake was his weakness! What about you? Do you have a weakness for certain fall foods? Happy Halloween!  Gina We're ready! Happy Halloween !  Terry Spear  *** This is Shana Galen. My daughter is 8 and so excited for Halloween this year. For the last few years, she's been Disney princesses. This year she's Supergirl. My favorite costume when I was a kid was the year I went as an angel. What about yo

The Battle of the Books: The First "He's Hot!" Moment by Gina Conkle

The Battle of the Books continues... Two novels in my Midnight Meetings series are launching in these final months of 2017:  The Lord Meets His Lady (book 3) and Meet a Rogue at Midnight (book 4, a novella). Part of the fun has been comparing hallmark scenes in romance and seeing which book fared better. I'm continuing "Battle of the Books"* with "The Heroine's First 'He's hot!'" moment...which is extra fun when read in Georgian times. But how have the books fared in this contest? Take a look at how readers voted: 1. First Kiss Meet a Rogue at Midnight: 10 The Lord Meets His Lady:  11 The verdict?  The Lord Meets His Lady  wins by a nose. Most of you loved how Lord Marcus let Genevieve take control of the kiss. The most recurring comment in favor of Jonas in Meet a Rogue at Midnight ? That he put his hands in her hair for their lip lock. 2. First Meet Meet a Rogue at Midnight: 8 The Lord Meets His Lady: 2 The verdict?  Mee
Plenty of Halloween offers from the Casablanca Authors this weekend...

Why the Y?

The YMCA and YWCA are not just for swimming lessons anymore. They do some incredibly important work in our communities, and I wonder how many people aren’t even aware of it. Here’s the mission statement of the YWCA. YWCA New Hampshire’s mission is to eliminate racism and to empower women in order to attain the common vision of peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people. In support of this mission, YWCA NH provides services to meet critical needs, promote self-sufficiency, reduce violence, eliminate racism and achieve equal opportunities for all people. Our vision We believe that, working together, we can create a community where: * All women and families have a safe and stable place to live * All adults are economically self-sufficient * All children and youth develop the skills they need for successful lives * All people live with dignity – free from violence, racism and discrimination That’s a tall order, but they’re taking it on. The Y organization

A Little Holiday Inspiration

I confess, I've been in a bit of a writing slump.  I try to write, but I am easily distracted by any shiny object that comes my way.  It's hard to get my tush in the chair and just focus and write. One thing I do love, especially at this time of year, are the short holiday romances.  I love to read them-short, sweet, full of holiday magic.  I also like to write them, but lately it's been challenging to find the motivation. So this year I decided to do things backwards.  Usually, I will write a story, then look for a cover.  This time, I decided I needed a little motivation first.  So voila!  Here is the cover for my new Christmas short story, Miss Devine's Christmas Wish! What is Miss Devine's Christmas wish?  I suppose I'm going to have to write the story to find out!  Now that I have a beautiful cover, I am getting inspired to write the story.  I know it's a bit backwards, but getting the cover first has inspired me! If you are interested in readi

Kim Redford Shares the Christmas Angel (and Excerpt) from A COWBOY FIREFIGHTER FOR CHRISTMAS

At Christmastime, I’ve long enjoyed setting out a blond-haired angel dressed in a white satin gown holding a golden harp in her hands. “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing” plays while the angel’s arms move up and down as if she’s strumming her harp after I punch a red button on the base. I feature this angel in A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas , particularly important after Trey dubs Misty his Christmas angel.     Read on for an excerpt from A Cowboy Firefighter for Christmas. On Wildcat Road, a half-naked man burst out of a pasture and ran onto the two-lane highway. He stopped on the white centerline and waved a bright red shirt back and forth high over his head. Misty Reynolds slammed on the brakes of her SUV, caught searching for a radio station that wasn’t playing Christmas music. She gripped the steering wheel with both hands as she screeched to a stop, managing to narrowly avoid hitting the guy. She felt her heart thump hard with the burst of adrenaline an