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A Little Holiday Inspiration

I confess, I've been in a bit of a writing slump.  I try to write, but I am easily distracted by any shiny object that comes my way.  It's hard to get my tush in the chair and just focus and write. One thing I do love, especially at this time of year, are the short holiday romances.  I love to read them-short, sweet, full of holiday magic.  I also like to write them, but lately it's been challenging to find the motivation.

So this year I decided to do things backwards.  Usually, I will write a story, then look for a cover.  This time, I decided I needed a little motivation first.  So voila!  Here is the cover for my new Christmas short story, Miss Devine's Christmas Wish!

What is Miss Devine's Christmas wish?  I suppose I'm going to have to write the story to find out!  Now that I have a beautiful cover, I am getting inspired to write the story.  I know it's a bit backwards, but getting the cover first has inspired me!

If you are interested in reading the results of my Christmas cover inspiration, sign up for my newsletter.  I'll be sending out a free copy of the short story...just as soon as I finish writing it!

What inspires you?