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Cover Reveal for One Dark Wish

I am so excited today!! It's been a long year and a half, publishing the first book in the Deadly Force series and then writing two more books and a novella. But today I can share the cover and blurb for ONE DARK WISH , the second book in the Deadly Force romantic suspense series that comes out September 24, 2019. HER LIFE MUST BE FORFEIT FOR HIS TO BE REDEEMED... SARAH MUNRO doesn’t like being shot at. Yet that’s what happens when her search into a centuries-old cipher draws the attention of two enemies intent on destroying each other—and anyone who gets in their way. NATE WALKER was a Green Beret until a betrayal destroyed his unit. Now, desperate to redeem his honor, he must stop Sarah…or one of his men will die. Nate can’t afford to trust Sarah. But his heart says he can’t afford not to. --------- ONE DARK WISH took almost a year to write and was a huge labor of love that incorporates a tender-yet-steamy love story and a fast-paced National Treasure-type

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This is what I'm going for as I age. Happy reading to you.

Happy National Tartan Day! by Alyson McLayne

Happy National Tartan Day!  Nope, I didn’t make that up, and yes, it’s a real thing! I even got reminders about the day that popped up on my screen when I was working. It’s the perfect holiday for me because—guess what?—I write about brawny Highlanders!!  So, in honor of the day, I should tweet, post, pin, and write about kilts, right? Well… yes and no. Would you be surprised to know that historians believe the Scots didn’t wear kilts until the 1500's at the earliest? Before that they were thought to dress in a similar fashion to other Europeans, wearing long shirts called léines over hosen or braies (tights and baggy shorts!). And those bright tartan colors? Not happening. Everything was drab earth tones. But, Alyson, all your books are set in the 1450’s and your heroes all wear kilts? Yup. Here’s the thing… technically I never say "kilt" in my books. I refer to the kilt the men wear as a “plaid”, which in Gaelic means blanket. So it’s a

A Highland April Fools' Day! by Alyson McLayne

It’s April Fools' Day today and my twin seven-years-olds have been busy creating all kinds of gags to try and trick me. Full disclosure: I’m not really tricked. However… I do a damn good job of pretending to be! There have been whoops of surprise, screams of terror, and lots of, “You tricked me!” heard in my house today. I have been instructed not to go into the art room, aka the kitchen, as they are creating their tricky masterpieces to fool me. My son just completed a six-legged spider (despite the unit on arachnids he just finished at school—and aced!). He taped it onto the wall beside my writing chair. Then there was the cellophane tape placed across the bottom of the bathroom and bedroom doorways that I guess I was supposed to stick to when I walked through. The fact that my daughter made flowers on popsicle sticks and stuck them to her tape kind of made them impossible  not  to see. She said they were creepy flowers. “Ooooh, scary!” Lastly, there was lots of ju

Love Letters: May we all be Secretaries of Juliet.

The importance of writing love letters. It’s now April, but recently I wrote about why the romantic comedy Letters to Juliet is my favorite February movie. Since this weekend was horrible weather-wise, and my revisions for the third book in my Deadly Force series were going slowly, I decided to rewatch the movie to cheer myself up. Then I decided to edit and repost the article here. Letters to Juliet  is about a young American woman who discovers a long-lost love letter in the wall in Juliet’s courtyard in Verona, Italy. This wall, where people over the last century have left letters to lost lovers, is cared for by a group of woman known as the  Secretaries of Juliet . When the heroine finds the heart-sick letter, she goes on a quest to reunite the lovers. In the process she learns what true love really means. I’m not normally a fan of romcoms, but I love this movie. Maybe it’s because, beside being a planner girl, I'm an avid letter writer myself. Or maybe because I’