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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween


Sourcebooks Casablanca Authors

Hi! This is Gina Conkle (I write Viking and Georgian romance). Now that my boys are older, October and Halloween is less about Trick-or-Treating and costumes and more about football, football, football and all things pumpkin flavored. Last year, I discovered my husband's love for the seasonal angel food spiral pumpkin cake (with cream cheese frosting filling). For weeks, he'd bring home a new pumpkin cake and it'd be gone in a day or two. He's Mr. Healthy but this cake was his weakness! What about you? Do you have a weakness for certain fall foods?

Happy Halloween!  Gina

We're ready! Happy HalloweenTerry Spear

This is Shana Galen. My daughter is 8 and so excited for Halloween this year. For the last few years, she's been Disney princesses. This year she's Supergirl. My favorite costume when I was a kid was the year I went as an angel. What about you?

Not my kids, but cute and super girls!


Happy Halloween from Juliet Lyons...

We celebrated Halloween with a trip on the Ghost Bus Tour of London. As a paranormal author, I'm always on the hunt (in this case quite literally) for spooky fun things to do. The ghost tour did not disappoint. As well as hearing about London's grizzly past, we had to deal with a ghost of our own, banished thankfully by an on-board seance. If you're ever in London, it's a fun way to see the darker side of the city.

Unfortunately, there were no vampires on the trip. But hey, you can't have it all.
Have a spook-tacular Halloween!! Love Juliet xxxxoxx


Hi from Alyson McLayne!

Halloween was my favorite holiday growing up (yes, even better than Christmas!) because my birthday is the day after Halloween, and so I would have combination Halloween/Birthday parties. If Halloween fell on Friday or Saturday, my friends and I would trick or treat together and then have a sleepover—and birthday cake for breakfast!! (I now have kids—twins—and shudder at the thought of what my mom went through, lol). If I had a party the Saturday before Halloween, my mom would get imaginative and create games like musical pumpkins and pin the nose on the pumpkin. Whereas I, on the other hand, was hoping my kids would be born on leap year, so I’d only have to celebrate their birthday once every four years—Hahaha!! Slacker mom…hmmm…now there’s an idea for a costume.


Happy Halloween, Everyone!!


Happy Halloween from Tamara Morgan!

This is the first year that my daughter has decided she's too old to go trick-or-treating with her parents, which both breaks my heart and makes me happy. Where we live, the temperatures are well into freezing this time of year, which means trudging from house to house with an enormous bag of candy isn't always pleasant. But we were so good at Halloweening together!

Here we are as Sadness and Joy. Because, obviously.

The good news is that I can stay home and work on my spooky, witch-themed mystery novel instead. So I guess there's always a win. :)


Happy Halloween from Marie Harte!

Today my kids are excited to trick or treat, or at least, the youngest is. My 14-year-old will be staying home with me, watching a scary movie, and giving out candy as much as he's eating it, no doubt. We're big into Halloween in our family. I also recently hosted my annual spooky party with writer friends. With a lack of good costumes this year, I was a...sad to say...hippie. But somewhere in that costume I inserted the word "zombie," so it's all good. Hope you enjoy your Halloween!