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My Itchy Feet

by Olivia Cunning

Springtime always gives me itchy feet.

Not because I have Athlete's Foot (ew!), but because every spring I have the sudden urge to make huge life-altering changes in my life. This usually involves wanting to move to a warm area near a beach.

I'm sure it has something to do with living in landlocked Nebraska and spending all winter scraping frost off my windshield, shoveling snow, walking like a penguin, and gazing at barren cornfields, which are pretty depressing things to stare at for five months every year. Cornfields aren't very picturesque when they have brilliant green stalks of corn growing in them. Imagine them empty and gray with dead corn stubble stretching in neat rows as far as the eye can see. Just writing about it depresses me.

Two springs ago, my cold and itchy feet decided to visit Las Vegas (I was researching Rock Hard at the time). Much of the book takes place in Las Vegas. The band has a concert there, and the heroine and hero enjoy the Vegas sights and each other. *wink, wink* My itchy feet also forced me to apply for several jobs in Southern California (the beach "thing") that year. When did the interview committee decide they wanted me to come for an interview? In the middle of my Las Vegas research trip, naturally. So I rented a Volkswagen Beetle and drove to the Los Angeles area from Vegas. I didn't get to see much of Vegas and I got very sick with the airplane plague (as I always do when I fly; I hate flying), so I didn't interview well. Unfortunately, I did not get the job or the beach. Phooie!

Another winter of empty cornfields and walking like a penguin.

Last spring, my son graduated from high school. I was determined to overcome my itchy feet. Life was changing enough without moving to a different state. Not that I didn't think about it. I even considered applying for a job in the Bahamas, but I figured the college Freshman might need his mother close-by that first year. Nope. Not really. He was perfectly content on his own. He called once to ask about laundry soap, otherwise, he was self-sufficient. I should have moved to the Bahamas.

Another winter of empty cornfields, but this past winter was mild. I only had to shovel snow four or five times. Thumbs up!

Despite the mild winter, this spring is no different. Itchy, itchy feet. And this year, I might finally get to move to the beach. I applied for a job in Galveston, Texas. (No need to warn me about hurricanes. Yes, I know they exist.) Two jobs, actually, and was invited to interview for both of them. I had last week off work, so I decided to drive the 1850 miles (round trip) and avoid the airplane plague. Last week at this time, I was in an interview (hopefully dazzling them), followed by eating the most delicious shrimp I've ever tasted in my life, followed by an entire evening sitting on the beach with my feet in the surf while writing about sexy rock stars with pen and paper. It was BLISS! Absolute bliss. I did not want to return to the cornfields. I think the interview went well, but Texans are so nice, it's hard to tell if they think you suck. I'm not sure if I got the job. I want it. They were all very positive throughout the interview process, but they couldn't give me an answer right away. They're supposed to let me know if I'm hired sometime today. Wish me luck. Maybe I'll finally have a cure for my itchy feet. And have a bonfire to get rid of those unnecessary things in my life, such as snow shovels, winter boots, ice scrappers, and parkas.


  1. Ooh, Galveston! I'll have to visit you! My daughter and SIL are living in Houston. We went to Galveston one mother said the weatherman assured her that the tropical storm was moving out of the area. It did, then circled around and hit us at night, flooded Houston during the day, bombarded us at night, hit Houston during the day. People had to be rescued from trees, roofs of homes, 18-wheelers were underwater.

    But we had the most fun vacation ever, swimming in the surf (which apparently they never had, but because of the tropical storm, we had waves)...and seaweed...and seeing the memorials there, and the glass pyramids. We loved it thoroughly! Hope you get the job away from the cornfields, while the cornfields of Texas surround me in a forest-like setting in the heart of Texas!

  2. today??? I hadn't realized they were going to let you know so soon. Fingers and toes crossed Olivia!

  3. Yikes, Terry! I guess I'll look for an apartment on the third floor. :-) And yes, you must visit. There is so much to do. When you're not avoiding the floods.

    Yep, today, Judi. I hope! I guess it's a good thing I have to work today or I'd be sitting by the phone watching the seconds tick by.

  4. I'm with Terry! I hope you get it. I'm like 45 minutes away from Galveston. And don't worry about hurricanes. You always get enough warning to evacuate.

  5. Oh, I feel 'ya. As a former military brat, I get itchy for change year-round. I've been known to rearrange the furniture in our home, because it's the only "moving" I can do nowadays. :-)


  6. My dad saw San Diego when he was a young fellow in the Navy. Thirty some years later he took the earliest retirement he could, sold everything, and moved West, not-so-young man from the woods of Pennsylvania.

    He spent another 25 years in the labs of UCSD, made wonderful friends, is now (in his 90s) enjoying a peaceful and pleasant retirement. Get the heck out of those cornfields, Olivia. Enough is enough.

  7. Good luck getting the new job! The last time we moved was because my DH got a job here in Indiana. If I had a choice (and didn't have two horses) I think I'd go back to Louisville. I miss it!

  8. Very exciting news, I wish you good luck!!!

    I'm about 45 mins away from Galveston too. Hurricane season hasn't been bad lately and there's always plenty of notice.

    Good luck. Good luck. GOOD LUCK!!

  9. Galveston is so beautiful...good luck, Olivia. I'm sure you did dazzle them :)

    Just thinking of dipping my toes in the Gulf is tempting. I'm with Judi crossing fingers and toes for you!

  10. Good luck! Texas will give you a whole new bunch of hot heroes to write about.

  11. Oliva - Gotta love those "itchy feet," if they've lead you to new experiences and that sexy Sinners' series. Accept a virtual mani/pedi from THIS fan!

    My itchy feet lead me to returning to college (after 20+ years) and begin Nursing school. Hardest thing I've ever done and I've wondered if going for a Ph.D., wouldn't have been easier. I just remind myself that it will be worth it, in the end.

    Living on Gulf coast of FL, hurricane tracking is almost a hobby around here. The only hurricane advice I'll give you, is to listen to your woman's intuition and be safe.

    Sending you positive new job energies,

  12. Here's wishing you tons of good luck on the job front! I have to agree with you about those barren cornfields. That picture was depressing! But then, I'm a born in Florida sunshine girl.


  13. Thanks for all the positive vibes! I'm still waiting...

    I'm not really afraid of the hurricanes. I am afraid of the cost of home owners insurance!

  14. Here's wishing you the best of luck...although I seriously doubt I would have itchy feet for going inland since I already live in California! Now Hawaii....that might be another story, lol.

  15. It's the first time I've heard it called itchy feet, Olivia. :} Great post!


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