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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

by Sharon Lathan

Indeed, this is the most wonderful time of the year! I adore Christmas. It is my absolute favorite holiday for a host of reasons. The entire period from Thanksgiving through New Years is always a treasured time for me and I relish every crazed moment of it. This year the excitement of the season is increased by the upcoming release of my third novel – My Dearest Mr. Darcy. Of course that also adds to the workload, and both my well-laid plans and delight were dimmed slightly by the killer mutant flu from Hades that knocked me flat for 2 solid weeks. Nevertheless I managed to get most everything done before Christmas and I stayed in the holiday spirit!

Our highlight and big family gift was a trip to Disneyland! I wrote about this on my Dec.16 blog, extolling our enthusiasm to see the Magic Kingdom all decked out for the holidays, and talking about our planned adventures. Every last moment was as magical and special as we anticipated. Dinner at the Blue Bayou was phenomenal. The Holiday Tour was excellent. Riverside seating for Fantasmic was amazing. The atmosphere and decor throughout the park was utterly divine. I have rarely felt so immersed in the spirit of Christmas as I did after 4 days in Disneyland. It was perfect. I’ll let these photos speak for themselves…..

On top of all that fun, I was blessed to meet up with 2 longtime fans of my Saga who live in the area and took time out of their busy lives and family fun to connect with me AND have me sign their copies of my novels! Kerry and Sheila, it was amazing, an honor, and far too short. Thanks, again, a million times over.

Back home the advent of Christmas itself came upon us fast. We were ready for it! All presents were wrapped and under the tree. Lazy days of eating, watching TV with the fire blazing, and enjoying our new gifts. No one was wanting and Santa took very good care of us! I was thrilled, I think, to receive a Kindle from my hubby. Still not too sure I can part with my bound books, but I am willing to accept the many positives to a downloadable e-reader. Don’t tell my DH, but my best gift was the throw blanket my daughter gave me. A gorgeous cover with images of our family woven into the fabric, and the message, “The love of family is a blessing” intertwined. Wow! Too lovely to use, but I will anyway with a warm, fuzzy feeling in my heart each time.

Now I can turn my attention to January 1. Not due to the calendar turning to 2010, but because My Dearest Mr. Darcy will be officially released!! Whoo Hoo! I am gearing up for the excitement of another launch, having learned that it never gets old. Maybe it does get slightly easier and not so frantic, but the delight is overflowing as much with my third novel in the Darcy Saga series as it was for the first. I am very proud of this installment as Darcy and Lizzy continue their adventures, grow in their love, welcome their first child, and happily complete one year of marriage. My virtual blog tour officially begins on January 3, my day to share another successful Sourcebooks novel with my Casablanca sisters and our readers. I do hope you will mark your calendars and return for my launch on the 3rd - as well as Robin Kaye’s and Cheryl Brook’s on the 2nd and 4th - for the high jinks and giveaways. We gals know how to party!

Amazon links to all our great novels are attached to our covers shown on the right, including mine. More information about my romantic sequel series to “Pride & Prejudice,” the My Dearest Mr. Darcy Launch Fete that I am hosting over at my website, along with links to where I will be for my blog tour, can be found at: The Darcy Saga

For now, share with us your wonderful holiday memories and gifts from Santa. And on behalf of all the Casablanca Authors – have a very Happy New Year!!!


  1. Sharon I love the pictures I do hope one day to be able to get to The States and visit Disneyland 2 of my sisters have been and loved it as well.

    I too love Christmas time Santa was very good to me but the best part was watching my 4 grandchildren open their presents on Christmas morning the joy on their faces is priceless.

    I do love that photo rug it is beautiful. Congrats on the release of your new book Sharon I have heard lots about these books and they are on my must have list.

    Have Fun

  2. The photos are beautiful. I can see why you enjoyed it so.

    The throw is unbelievable. WOW. That would be hard to use, but a wonderful piece to display.

    Congratulations on the coming release of "My Dearest Mr. Darcy." Looking forward to the blog tour. And if you need another spot to guest blog, Thoughts in Progress is always available to you, as well as any of the other ladies of Casablanca.

    Congratulations again. Looks like 2010 is going to be a good year for you!

  3. Good morning ladies and merry 2 days after Christmas! Why not? Let's keep the holiday spirit alive!!

    Yep, Disneyland was fabulous. My kids are already suffering withdrawals and plotting a siblings trip ASAP! LOL!

    Helen, I do hope you have the chance to visit our country someday. There is so much to see here, so many gorgeous natural wonders, that even I can't say Disneyland should be a must! That would be a tough decision. Glad you Christmas was a happy one. I miss having little kids around with the mystery of Santa alive again. Someday I will have grandchildren, but not yet or someone will be getting knocked hard upside the head! Ha!

    The rug is so amazing. I am not sure what website she went to, but she just uploaded the photos she wanted, wrote the sentiment and names, and in about a week she had it delivered. It wasn't cheap, but what a terrific gift.

    Hi Mason! Thanks for stopping in, and for the offer to guest blog. Danielle, our publicist, keeps us busy during launch times, but I know we are usually willing to add more to help the success of our books. I'll Google your blog and send an email for sure. Perhaps we can work something in. :)

    I hope your holiday celebration was fabulous!

  4. Sharon, I didn't think to include my blog address or e-mail. Sorry about that.

    I see you found it on Google. Thanks for stopping by.


    Disneyland is sooo beautiful this time of year. Thanx for the piccies!

    And I just have to echo everyone else about that throw -- FABULOUS! I'll have to pump Emily for her source, as I'd LOVE to have one too!


  6. Wow, great pictures, Sharon! And the rug is beautiful. What a nice idea!
    Congrats on another release! Have you got your author's copies yet?

  7. What a great trip! And you're right. How could someone not get into the spirit of the holidays in those surroundings?

  8. Emily was being secretive, but she finally told me she got it at:

    You can get all kinds of personalized things there. Not cheap but the quality is fantastic.

    Thanks for all the holiday wishes. We had such fun. The kids are suffering Disneyland withdrawals and would hop right back into the car if they could! Heck, so would I! But real life goes on.

    No, Cheryl, no author's copies as yet. I was so hoping they would come yesterday. Dare I get my hopes up for tomorrow? LOL!

    Thanks Estella!

    Nice to see you, MM! Miss you. :) Yep, Disneyland is definitely the place to get enthused about the holidays. Not sure if anyone could be a Scrooge there.

  9. Wow, the pictures, the throw, the new release. It doesn't get much better than that! Enjoy the Season!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your photos, Sharon! They are amazing. And best wishes on your upcoming launch...I'll be here. :}

  11. Gorgeous pictures!!!
    Thanks for sharing them.



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