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No Christmas idea

Every year I set goals. For the past couple of years one of them has been to come up with a Christmas themed story. After three years I still have nothing. Zip. Nada. Not a hint of an idea.

I can get ideas from the weirdest of places. I was talking to a friend about good names for heroes and she mentioned her grandfather’s unusual name. I got a whole story in about 10 seconds. Mad scribbling ensued and the idea is pinned to my board.

The most recent ads for the Western Australian Opera were very inspirational (not that I’ve written that story yet either).

A conversation on a plane about ménages and what made them work or not (in our opinion) triggered another story (which is now on my pile to polish up).

However Christmas is eluding me. I see all the Christmas stories and the novella anthologies coming out. I like reading them. I love A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I loved the Doctor Who version with the flying fish in the fog (it’s awesome even if you don’t like Doctor Who). I love seeing my kids opening their presents, and I want to keep the magic alive for them for just one more year (I don’t like sweating through 100+ heat on Christmas day but that’s another blog).

I think I must have the Grinch in my imagination. That secretly inside I’m all bah humbug as I cannot think of a Christmas story.

But I’m stubborn. I refuse to take it off my list of goals. Maybe I just haven’t built the right paranormal world yet.



  1. LOL, Shona! I had always wanted to write one, but it was one of those will get to it later kind of things. I had 6 books contracted already and Deb asked if I could propose a SEAL wolf Christmas story, and I was off and running. :) Then I wanted to do A Highland Wolf Christmas. And though I haven't pitched it yet because I want to finish writing A Highland Wolf Christmas first, I already asked fans and they were like YES!--But I want to write A Silver Wolf Christmas, for the wolf pack in Silver Town for the year after that. For me, I needed an outside incentive to get going on the first idea! :)

  2. I hope the idea fairy brings you one...or maybe Santa will come early and slip a fabulous Christmas story into your head. Leave him a little early eggnog...maybe he can be bribed :)

  3. I actually have a Christmas story coming out soon too. Maybe put on some Christmas music or movies, and see if those inspire you.

  4. I'm sure it'll come to you when you least expect it.

  5. Terry, you might be right and I need outside incentive :)

    I hope the idea fairy brings one as I would like to write one. It's not coming off my to do list until I do!

  6. I love writing Christmas is already in the air, and there's snow and cold weather and lots and lots of decorations and presents...and did I mention love is in the air.

  7. Seasonal music can be a good inspiration, Shona. Or maybe you can find a Christmas superstition or legend to hang a paranormal world on. Best of luck!

  8. I am sure that it is difficult to put your mind into another season when you are dealing with an entirely different one. Now that Halloween is rolling around and the Christmas decorations are starting to proliferate...maybe you will get in the mood. I, not being a writer, am content to ignore its advent until Thanksgiving, lol.


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