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The My Most Memorable Thanksgiving Ever! by Terry Spear

So it's time to decorate for Thanksgiving, and my pyracantha is also in beautiful form just for Thanksgiving. It will turn red for Christmas!

Are you ready for My Most Memorable Thanksgiving Ever? It's not the kind where you say, "Oooh," and "Ahh," and "How very nice and sweet."

It's where you say, "OMG!" "How awful!" "I'm glad I wasn't visiting you for Thanksgiving!!!"

Yep, and there it is: My Most Memorable Thanksgiving Ever.

Stories that have no conflict are BORING. Who wants to read about them? Thanksgivings are the same as every Thanksgiving. Feasting, playing, family and friends gathering.  Totally unmemorable from one to the next.

So we had to liven ours up to make it extra special. Wildlife included.

The turkey dinner I shared with my mother and daughter was great. We had a terrific feast while my son was visiting friends elsewhere...but after he heard of OUR Thanksgiving, he said he'd wished he'd stayed home to witness all the excitement. LOL

Feast done, now it was time for the funny Jackie Chan movie, a nice fire, while for the first time since I'd lived in Central Texas, we had sleet and snow and blowing wind for Thanksgiving. It was just perfect.

My daughter put the movie on. I started the 4 1/2--hour burning log. My mother watched.

And then...disaster struck.

First, smoke began pouring into the house. All the vents were open!

Then red wasps began pouring into the house!

My daughter is terrified of wasps/bees after being stung by 12 bees at a zoo once--I was the Girl Scout Leader, naturally, and had 10 girls who were stung...and was frantically trying to get the screaming, crying girls into an ice cream enclosed shop.

So she's flipping out, then runs in with hornet spray. I had the vacuum out and was catching the groggy, smoked-out wasps with the vacuum wand. "No, don't spray toward the fire!" I yelled at my daughter.

Who knew what would  happen? I envisioned explosions rocking the house! Besides, we were already gagging on the smoke as it billowed into the house. Hornet spray would have done us in. Especially knowing how much she would have sprayed to kill those suckers!

Mom had grabbed a flyswatter and was swinging at the wasps.

Meanwhile, Jackie Chan is doing his thing on the TV--all in Chinese.

When it looked like I'd gotten the last of the wasps, I started yelling for everyone to open doors, windows, turn on all the ceiling fans. But the 4 1/2 hour burning log, wasn't going to stop burning any time soon! So I was trying to get it into a bucket and out the door, without catching the carpeting on fire as sparks were flying everywhere.

By now, we had a dense gray cloud of smoke that filled half of the space from the ceiling down.

With the fans blowing and the front door and back door open, the icy/snowy wind blew through the the house, carrying much of the smoke with it.

Time to watch the movie. In the freezing cold! All bundled up in coats and sweaters and hats and slippers and blankets, we snuggled on the couch together to watch the funny Jackie Chan Chinese.

Though, Jenn had restarted it several times as we fought wasps and smoke.

"Jennifer," I said, "are you sure it's not in English?"

"Nope," she said.

So we watched it in Chinese. Then the outtakes. They are always so hilarious, though we were all still laughing just as much about the wasps and smoke and blizzard weather blowing through the house.

The outtakes were all in English. I looked at Jennifer. She smiled back at me.

So that is My Most Memorable Thanksgiving Ever! And I wouldn't give it up for the world!

I'm going to my son's home for Thanksgiving this year! :)

Just a couple of jaguar pictures. In the first, the jaguar was attacking a piece of wood.

And in the next, he's watching you! I was making a clicking noise with my tongue to get him to look at me for the camera. If you catch one in the not do this. You want to fade into the background.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, are you having turkey or something else???

My advice, don't invite red wasps for dinner. Oh, and the smoke? I'd had wind damage to my roof a couple of weeks earlier, took off the ridge of my roof and patches of tiles all over the roof and the cap off my chimney (which they didn't mention), and when they reroofed, the roofers covered the chimney with roofing paper. The heat from the fire was so hot, it did burn a hole through the roofing paper, which, despite how bad the smoke was inside the house, had allowed some of it to escape through the chimney eventually. But I guess they also then sealed in the red wasp nest so they had no where to go but inside with us.

I did get burns on the carpet, and melted the plastic bucket with the burning log. Always be prepared for any natural disaster. Hey, the vacuum cleaner was ready and nearby!


Happy Memorable Thanksgiving!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


  1. Terry, that is truly hilarious! I'm so glad you amde the best of it.

  2. Terry, that's horrible so why am I giggling? I'm glad that the wasps got taken care of but I'm thinking maybe a few stung Mr. Jackie and that's why he was talking in Chinese. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and thanks for giving us a giggle today!

  3. Terry, I felt guilty when I giggled as I read it.

  4. Shana, you're totally supposed to laugh. We sure did! Even when we were frantically getting rid of the groggy stinging critters. :)

    Carolyn, I'm so glad that you had fun! It was a funny time. And it so fit in with the movie. :) We had a delightful Thanksgiving and it truly was memorable. :)

    LOL, Sara, don't be. You could have been laughing right along with us. :)

  5. OMG, that must have been some after thanksgiving dinner entertainment.. I think you win the prize.. I am sure it was not funny at the time, but reading now must bring out a few giggles...

  6. I think that's the worst Thanksgiving Story I ever heard!! And I'll pick myself up, in a minute off the floor. OMG!! I might have wet myself. I was laughing at your expense. I'm sorry.

  7. Kathleen, it was funny, even at the time. That's my warped brain. I tend to see humor in stuff oftentimes even when it's a near disaster. I chuckled as much about us sitting on the couch with the icy cold wind blowing the smoke out of the house as I did watching the comedy movie. :)

  8. You're too funny, Donna!! :) I still laugh about it. :) I think we had one better than in A Christmas Story and the next door dogs absconding with their turkey. :)

  9. WHAT A HOOT!! But I'll never complain again about any of mine. Hope you have a wonderful one this year!!!
    Teresa R.

  10. Hi, Teresa! We will, no matter how it turns out, it'll be a winner! :) Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Terry, I bet your future Thanksgivings will never compare! I'm still giggling...

  12. You're probably right, Victoria, though we did have fun one Christmas concerning the turkey! :)

  13. I chuckled before I even clicked on the post. Seriously, I'm glad everything turned out so that you can laugh at the experience.

  14. Thanks, Angela! I hope you enjoyed! We did have a great time!

  15. Lol, Terry! Wishing you quieter but still fun Thanksgiving :D

  16. Thanks, Rashda!!! I bet it will be. We'll still have fun!

  17. Definately having turkey for thanksgiving, but also having ham. Doing a big celebration for thanksgiving at sister-in-laws. Unually at my house, atleast last 3 years.
    Great post. Thanks for the laugh. Loved the leopard pictures.

  18. Oh my gosh - that's one of those moments that would be hilarious to watch on TV but not very much fun living it in real life! I'm glad you all survived!!


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