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Spooktacular Days and Highland Ways by Terry Spear

Fog on a nice Halloweenish day, albeit a bit early. This was a view of my neighbor's yard that normally you can see clearly.

Perfectly spooky, right?

All the ghosts and witches and wait, black and white kitties and a black and white panda bear? Oh well, they wanted to be part of the plan! My mother gave me the black and white kittens and panda. Except panda is distracted. Hey, look at the camera, this way!!

I had a black and white cat, Trixie, who was full of the devil and my baby for years. So I have a collection of black and white cats! Just pretend they are all black. :)

Yes, the question is: Where is the spider who made this huge web???

Isn't it just perfect for Halloween? As long as it's outside and I'm not about to walk through it, yes!

Why does the yard look so blurred beyond? It's not the camera, or the photographer or Photoshop, but we had a spectacularly ghoulish mist blanketing the whole area. Perfect for a Halloween day/night. Only it's too early!!!

 Here's the vampire bear I created. His fangs are embroidered. He's all dressed up and has no place to go!

 See the troll dressed as a black kitty cat and carrying her own jack-o-lantern trick-or-treating bag? I got it for my daughter years ago because of her red hair and she was a black kitty cat one year! But guess who kept it???  The wizard bear I created. And my parents made the two little wooden jack-o-lanterns!

Ghosts LOVE days like this! They blend right in with the mist!

The cold and mist reminds me of Scotland when I was there in October a couple of years ago.

I loved visiting Scotland and seeing so many castles while I was there, but it was really fun to see one of my Celtic bears (Dundas Clan Bear) repinned to a castle site (Dundas Castle) on Pinterest!

  Profile Picture of Dundas Castle

Dundas Castle

South Queensferry, Edinburgh

Hmm, maybe Duncan MacNeill should have gotten married there! :)

A Highland Werewolf Wedding

The weather went from nearly 90 to 44 today. I think the high is supposed to be 59 but with high winds, it's not making that. Now, if I was in Scotland--and the high winds could be a benefit if the men were dressed like this!

In Scotland, the saying goes something to the effect: There's no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!

Of course, when the men wear these clothes...who cares about the weather???

Heart of the Highland Wolf
A Howl for a Highlander
So I'm ready to cuddle with a Highland hero, aren't you?

Terry Spear
"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"


  1. I agree, I love reading about Highlanders, men in kilts and all that. Great covers and adorable bears, Terry!

  2. Thanks, CH! :) Kids are coming to town and I'm trying to get rid of all the spiderwebs IN the house! :)

  3. Nice post. I am, too.


  4. Love your post today, Terry. It's so fun and makes me smile...which I needed on this day!

  5. Hope you got yours, BN! And thanks!

    Thanks, Carolyn! It's cold our here!!! Brrr. And that wind is making all kinds of things go bump in the day time. I looked, but the house still seemed to be intact!


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