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The Jungle is Heating up with Jaguars! by Terry Spear

First, you have that predatory look. It's time for some action-packed loving--the jungle's hot, but it gets hotter when the jaguars arrive.

A Jaguar at Edinburgh Zoo.  Hmm, maybe there are Highland jaguar shifters in Scotland!

All that golden skin, lovely black rosettes, whiskers that sense even the slightest movement in the air current, and he's watching you sitting up in that tree, intending to join you soon. So be ready. He wants some kitty-cat comfort.

And you're ready.

So here's the first of the jaguar men. He's looking for you. Protective and caring.
Savage Hunger

 Hot and yummy.

Yet comfortable in either of his forms.

And here's the next one, who's just as intrigued with you.

Thanks to Sourcebooks for combining wolves and jaguars on a book mark for conference! They're beautiful! They look so nice with my watermelon red crepe myrtles in full bloom in the Texas heat! You don't have to go to the jungle to get hot here! :)

You see what Sourcebooks did, didn't you? The jaguars were outnumbered. A SEAL and a Highlander wedged the jaguar in between. But then the jaguar appeared from the jungle to keep the wolves in line.

Hmm, I wonder if I should write: Fifty Shades of Gray Wolf next???

Heart of the Wolf--in the beginning there were wolves. And then...there were hot wolves.

 Now it's time for a fairy tale adventure!

The fairy is in front of an oil painting of one of the Greek islands we visited on a short cruise after seeing Athens.

When you take a trip, do you ever feel you're in a fairy tale world? The room gets cleaned and you didn't have to do anything to make it happen?

You get to eat out and not do the dishes?

You get to see places that you normally can't see around home?

Do you make the most of your trips no matter what happens on them?

One couple told my family that they considered a trip an adventure. You never knew what might happen!

When I went to New Orleans and shared a room with Bonnie, we had so much fun. One of the highlights of the trip was the vampire/ghost tour, but also, as she reminded me before conference--the bouncing truck.

Will I see one in Anaheim? I doubt it. Which means I'll have to see something else so that I can share with her. Last time I was in Anaheim, years ago, a man was panhandling doctors at their conference. And some of the doctors were giving him money, because he was dressed nicely and had run out of money for gas on his way home. Only he was there the next day, panhandling again, because hey, it's a lucrative business. Doctors. Lots of money. Some with not enough sense to know they were paying into a scam.

Chalk it up to an adventure!

It is like a fairy tale time. Every trip. Because every trip takes you out of your comfort zone. It takes you to a new world that you don't live in every day.

A couple were talking about another who had taken a cruise. Everyone was like, "Wow, how was it?" It's a dream for many--the idea of taking a cruise.

They hated it. They hated everything about it.

Did they get deathly ill? (I did on a cruise. We had violent storms so bad and one of the stabilizers went out on the ship, and they had to detour way out of our way because the seas were so rough--but I still had loads of fun!)

Did either of them die? (Several do on a trip every cruise, according to ship's staff. They bet on it. Where do they store the bodies? Amongst the flowers and ice sculptures. :) )

Did they get burned to a crisp? (I did snorkeling once. I always wear a T-shirt now, but I still had a blast!)

What was wrong? Everything. People were drinking in the lounges. Raise eyebrows here. A woman was wearing something really provocative who was helping the magic man. Uhm, yeah, so that eyes would be on her instead of the man using slight of hand. And the list goes on.

Take a trip. Take an adventure. Even if not everything works out (I could make several blogs on this alone), make the most of it and have fun.

Have a super day and if it heats up too much for you, think of hanging out with a jaguar shifter and just how hot that can really get!

Happy hump day eve!

Terry Spear
"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


  1. Great covers, Terry! I'm sure the stuff inside is just as hot!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl! I hope that readers enjoy the new series! :)

  3. Isn't it great fun to begin a brand new venture. Lookin' good, Miz Terry!

  4. I could tell you were having lots of fun with this post, Terry. I love all your books!

  5. Thanks, Carolyn! I agree! It's an adventure!

    Amelia, thanks! Hope to see you at conference!

  6. Wonderful covers. We use to travel before having kids and always had adventures. You just can't please some people ever lol.

  7. OMGoodness, Terry! Amazing covers!!! Looks like a great series :)

  8. Those jaguars are just beautiful.

  9. Catslady, it seemed as though someone would get sick on trips, for one thing!!! :) Traveling with kids is an adventure!

    Thanks so much, CH! I hope everyone likes them!

    They are, Shana!


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