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The Love of Reading is Universal!

Since this is the last BIG day of my tour....I'm ready to celebrate, so one lucky commenter can have their pick of To Tempt the Wolf or a book on the backlist! :) Just comment on the question below or ask me a question!

I’ve been having a blast on the SciFi Guy’s blog since yesterday, and one thing is fun is seeing comments from folks from all over. One was from Italy and I was delighted! But I have to say that no matter where we’re from, readers unite and love to read many of the same works.

Doug had a great idea about asking commenters to either ask me a question, which I love because it gives me something new to talk about, or he asked that folks explain what color of coat would readers prefer as a werewolf and why? Now that’s been intriguing. :) And you know what? We’ve just about got a super sized werewolf pack formed with all kinds of interesting variety!! So if you’d like to stop by and join in on the fun, please do!

The contest give-away doesn’t end until Tuesday, September 22.

When I was in Toronto this past weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with other writers after the workshop I presented, and the night before also. It was fun talking about writing, books, and what we loved to read. And even though the discussion went on a tangent into TV shows, it was still all about characterizations. Although I barely watch television—books are for me!

Before my journey home, our very own Michele Young saved me by giving me a book to take home with me on the plane!! Thanks so much, Michele! I read the whole story and loved it! For entertainment, reading is the best. And believe me, I barely noticed that the plane was shuddering horribly or that we had electrical problems or that we landed so hard if I’d had false teeth I would have lost them for sure. A book can rescue you from both the doldrums and the scarier side of life!!

I also wanted to mention I’m at Novel Thoughts today and they chose To Tempt the Wolf as a Reviewers Top Pick and I’ll be talking about: “Bring Your Cover Model to Work!” Would you be able to take your cover model to work??? Inquiring minds would like to know. :)

This is the end of my blog tour, but not really the end!!! I’ve got more places that I’ll be guest blogging coming up, and all I’ve got to say is it’s been fun. And the thing I take away from the whirlwind tour is that readers love to read, and though I love to create characters and worlds and plots for others to read, I love to read, too. It’s truly a universal pastime!
Check out my contest at Embrace the Shadows where Barbara Hancock is hosting me! "Wish upon a Werewolf!"...Thanks so much, Barbara!
And this just in:
To Tempt the Wolf is the third installment in the werewolf series by Terry Spear. Each release has been even more exciting than the last, and they can also be read as stand-alones. The non-stop action, chilling mystery, and fast-blooming romance combine to make this a book that you won’t want to set down. If you enjoy reading mystery with a healthy dose of paranormal elements and a steamy romance, this is a story that you’re sure to enjoy.~~Kimerbly Swan, Darque Reviews

Someone commented on one of my guest blogs that one of their favorite places to read was under blooming cherry trees during the annual cherry blossom festival. Now, doesn’t that sound fun, fragrant, and romantic? When you go on trips, do you take books along with you to read? What has been the most unusual place you’ve ever read?

I’d have to say mine was at a snapping-turtle infested lake in Florida, with mosquitoes buzzing around, water moccasins swimming through the reedy bank, and palmetto bugs (gigantic roaches) mating on the front porch in the dark that sounded like elephants battling. Yup. That’s probably my most memorable reading experience on a trip. :)

Thanks for dropping by!

Join me here, if you dare! :)

Terry Spear
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male.”


  1. Happy Thursday, everyone!! Fall is in the air here...which means instead of 100 degree weather, it is finally only reaching 80, and the mornings are 70 degrees! Woohoo! It's a miracle! Have a great day!

  2. Happy end of the blog tour!

    It's in the fifties here this morning. Really starting to look like fall, too!

  3. I love the falls back east and further north. Here, it's usually pretty drab. :(

  4. Terry, it's been warmer here than it was most of the summer. I'd enjoy fall so much more if my allergies weren't so bad. Thankfully, it only lasts until the farmers cut their moldy corn.

    I absolutely loved Heart of the Wolf and look forward to reading the rest of the series.

  5. Congrats on the end of the tour,Terry! It's still pretty hot here in Florida, but I am praying for some fall weather (or whatever passes for fall down here) to come soon! Loce your books. looking forward to the next one! Lisa M

  6. Congrats on finishing up the tour Terry~

    I think one of the weirdest places I've read was on a chairlift. The ones out west were pretty long, and if there was a line, there's no doubt I'd pull my paperback out of my center pocket of my powder jacket and read. I read in all lines, if I don't have a book and I'm in line I get so angry with myself. I hate wasting quality reading time.

  7. Hi Terry,

    Sounds like your blog tour has been fun, wild, successful, and with more to come.


  8. Mega congrats, Terry! I'd say you had an awesome tour.


  9. Thanks so much, Renee!!! Moldy corn? Argh, that would be awful. Here, they let it sit and dry for so long, we're worried about fires.

    Hey, Lisa!!! I used to live in Florida, so feel your pain. We had one of those aluminum silver trees because it didn't feel right to have an evergreen! Thanks so much!

    Omigosh, Robin, now I would never have thought of reading when in a ski line. At the ski lodge with a fire going...yeah. :) I hate wasting quality time too...that's why when I was coming home and hadn't taken more books with me, I was desperate!!! Michele saved me from horrible despair. LOL

    Thanks so much, Amelia!!! Many more to come...but this is the end of the big launch...

    Thanks so much, Linda!!! It's been a lot of fun!

  10. You've been having a busy tour. Hope it's brought you lots of success.

    One of my favorite places to read is curled up in a comfortable chair while my guys watch soccer on TV. When there's a goal I wake up and enjoy my family. Then I go back to enjoying the worlds of dreams.

  11. My favorite place to read is while lying poolside. When I go on vacation, I normally travel with no less than 5 books. Sleep? Who needs that when I have time to read all day! LOL.

    Congrats on the last day of your book tour!!!

  12. Hey Terry--

    I think my favotire place to read is in my parents gazebo. They have a nice little patch of woods behind their house, and the gazebo is close enough that I still feel like I'm out in nature, but without the bugs :)

    I also have a Borders that I go to on a regular basis, and I get very perturbed when "my" seat is taken.


  13. Take A Deep Breathe, Let it out.
    Now imagine one of your Ahpha Male wolves giving you a nice Back Message. Who would it be? You worked hard on this booktour and now deserve that rub.It's over for now. So now it's WIP.
    I guess, it's a good thing you had a book to keep you sane, with that wild plane ride home. And for me the coolest most recent place to read was on the big deck of our cabin at Autumn Trail, with the sounds of waves lapping over the rocks of Lake Superior. And hearing Loons, possibily Wolves in the Distance.
    Rereading "Heart of the Wolf" just made it that much special. RELAX!!!!

  14. Congrats Terry!
    I'm finishing up my blog tour today too! WHEW! (Aunty wipes sweat from her brow.) Like you said, FUN but also tiring...

    Mating palmetto bugs? Dunno if I can top that... I can't read in a moving auto or bus so that cuts into my reading time on trips. But I do read in the hotels at night, and most definitely on any plane trip.

    Next week I plan to spend some quality reading time on the deck (or indoors near a bar) of our cruise ship! Most of the ships have a library, which is very convenient!


  15. Thanks, Sheila!! Well, it's definitely gotten the word out to a few more people that didn't know about it. :) That's funny about waking from the world of books when your family "wins" a goal! :)

    Liz--oooh, lying what a life, and then the cold drink with a piece of fruit and the little umbrella and...hmm, sounds like fun! :) And thanks!!!

    That sounds so nice, Danielle! Don't want the bugs, that's for sure! But the feel of the woods is so nice! That's too funny about when your "seat" is taken at Borders. We are such creatures of habit!! :)

    Donna, now if I got to go with you, I'd be relaxing big time. Well, maybe writing. LOL Glad you had a chance to reread Heart of the Wolf!!! I need to reread Destiny so I keep my facts straight for Plight of the Wolf!!! :)

    Cindy, I feel your joy, and your workout!!! :) Yeah, I didn't know that's what all that racket was until my girlfriend's mother told me. LOL *sigh* a that's truly the life! Have a great time!!! And congrats on wrapping up your tour also!!!

  16. Terry
    I have heard so much about your books and I love werewolfs I haven't been reading paranormal for very long and I have to say that I prefer shapshifters to vampires.

    I always have a book or two in my bag wherever I go when going on holidays I pack a lot of them I always find time to read I hardly ever watch TV these days.

    My Mum would even keep a book in her pocket (she loved big pockets for this reason) and when I had to go in a shop she would find a seat to sit on and read while I got the shopping done LOL. One of the best places I read a book was while I was on a cruise there is nothing nicer than laying on a deck chair with nothing but ocean all around it was wonderful.

    Congrats on the blog tour
    Have Fun

  17. Hi Helen, thanks so much for dropping by and commenting! A cruise sounds like the perfect place to read!! You're already a world away from the same old stuff at home, and then you can dive into a whole 'nother world too! I love the sound of water--river, lake, ocean...and reading to its music is just perfect! :)


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