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New Release! WOLF UNLEASHED - Special Wolf Alpha Team (SWAT)! And a HUGE GIVEAWAY!

It’s release day for the next book in my Special Wolf Alpha Team (SWAT) Series, WOLF UNLEASHED!

If you’ve read the other books in the Series, you’ve already met hunky werewolf Alex Trevino. Well, he’s found The One for him in beautiful dog lover, veterinarian Lacey Barton. Thing is, Lacey doesn't trust guys very much. In her experience, men don't hang around and the woman always ends up getting hurt.

But Alex is different. Okay, understatement there. He is a werewolf, after all. :)


Lacey Barton can't deny her crazy attraction to Alex Trevino, but that doesn't mean she has time for the gorgeous SWAT officer. She's hell-bent on discovering who's behind the brutal dogfights sending countless mauled animals to her veterinarian office. The trail leads Lacey to a ring of vicious drug dealers and suddenly she's in way over her head-right smack in the middle of a SWAT stakeout.

With Lacey in danger, Alex's wolf side is unleashed. But when she witnesses Alex shift, she's even more terrified... Now it's up to Alex to crack the case-and earn back Lacey's trust and, ultimately, her heart.

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To celebrate the release of WOLF UNLEASHED, I’m giving away signed paperback copies of the first four books in the SWAT Series—HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF, WOLF TROUBLE, IN THE COMPANY OF WOLVES, and TO LOVE A WOLF—as well as an adorable Squishable Werewolf!

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Happy Reading!


Hunky Heroes, Kick-butt Heroines

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Launching a new novel is always exciting, but launching the last book in a series is an even bigger thrill. Today Mary Elizabeth and Harry's love story comes into the world, and I am over the moon! Thank you all for celebrating with me. How does a sword-wielding, knife-throwing Highlander win the love of a duke? Take a gander below for an excerpt and to learn a little more about the third installment of Broadswords and Ballrooms.

She's the Hellion of Hyde Park...
A foolproof plan to avoid marriage:
1. Always carry at least three blades.
2. Ride circles around any man.
3. Never get caught in a handsome duke's arms.
Wild Highlander Mary Elizabeth Waters is living on borrowed time. She's managed to dodge the marriage banns up to now, but even Englishmen can only be put off for so long...and there's one in particular who has her in his sights.
Harold Percy, Duke of Northumberland, is enchanted by the beautiful hellion who outrides every man on his estate and dances Scottish reels while the ton looks on in horror. The more he sees Mary, the more he knows he has to have her, tradition and good sense be damned. But what's a powerful man to do when the Highland spitfire of his dreams has no desire to be tamed...

Mary Elizabeth arrives at the Duke of Northumberland's country seat and immediately befriends a stable boy who she starts calling Atlas, for his shoulders are broad enough to hold the weight of the world. Little does she know that her new friend is really the duke in disguise...

Mary Elizabeth was about to dismiss all thoughts of dukes and their strange stable boys when said stable boy appeared at her elbow, following almost at her heels like a dog on a lead.
“Would you like to see the horses?” he asked.
It was the first thing of sense he had said since she met him, and she stopped in her tracks.
“Why yes,” she answered. “You know where they are?”
He looked at her as if she was the simpleton then, and she knew she had been too condescending, which was unkind and beneath her. She followed him, walking along beside him, as he took her to a mansion about half a mile beyond the ducal gardens. The flowers bloomed right up to the mansion’s gate, so she wondered if the boy had gotten confused after all and led her to the dower house by mistake.
But then the wind shifted, and she smelled the horses.
“Who put the horses in a human house?” she asked. “That’s as fine a place as any in Edinburgh.”
The two-story mansion filled three acres at least and glowed with the warm light of the sunshine on the windowpanes. Atlas did not respond to her question, other than to raise one eyebrow. He offered her his hand to help her over the cattle break and opened the half gate for her.
“These are the richest horses I’ve ever seen,” Mary Elizabeth said, startled into bluntness by the heat of his palm. He wore no gloves, as servants never did, and she had left hers behind in the carriage. His hand was hot and dry, with calluses that had long since hardened to blend with the skin around them. She discovered in that moment that she liked a man with callused hands.
Then Mary Elizabeth forgot all else, for she found another soul mate standing alone, looking fraught, in the body of a great stallion.
“There now, ye wee beastie. And what might be your name?”
She crooned to him as she had seen her da croon to newborn foals. The black stallion heard her voice and shifted on his feet. The groom who had been trying to open his stall door backed away to make room for her, his eyes on Atlas.
“Don’t get close to him,” Atlas said. “He’s mad.”
“Is he now?”
Mary Elizabeth dismissed that nonsense for the foolishness it was.
“I’ve ridden him twice, but he is too fierce. I hope he’ll breed well, for he’s not good for anything but his bloodlines.”
Mary Elizabeth turned on him then. He could not speak ill of a horse in its presence. Not when she was there to stop him.
“Bite your tongue. That horse there is a king and a champion and a discerning beast to boot. He’ll not let the likes of you ride him, but he loves me.”
“He loves no one. Please, step away from there.”
His hand was on her arm then, and she raised one eyebrow, letting her eyes linger on the place where his calluses warmed her through her ruined dress. Atlas was smart enough to drop his hand, quick like, and she turned her gaze back to the horse before her.
“There now,” she crooned, offering the heel of her palm. “Here’s a great beastie who needs a bit of love.”
The huge horse shifted toward her, and instead of taking a nip at her as she expected him to, he sniffed her hand, then snuffled along it, searching for a treat.
She kept her voice low as she spoke to Atlas. “Hand me a carrot, quick.”
Atlas ignored her, but his companion groom offered her a carrot from a great sack hanging close by.
“And no wonder this one’s in a foul humor,” she said. “Good carrots so close and not one in his mouth.”
She offered the carrot, and the stallion ate it whole. He slobbered on her hand, and when she reached up to pet his forelock, where a blaze of white shone bright, he let her.
“And what is your name, sweet boy?” she asked him.
Atlas said, “That is Sampson.”
“And a fine, braw name it is,” she said. “And what’s yours?”
The man beside her flinched, and the other stable boy took a deep breath as if to speak. He stayed silent though, and Atlas answered her. “My name is Harry.”
She felt a strange weight in the moment, as if her new friend did not often give his name. Perhaps the mad English simply called him boy or some other ridiculous title.
Mary did not want to embarrass him further, so she kept her hands and eyes on the horse. “Sampson, this is Harry. Be sweet to him, and he’ll be sweet to you. I’ll come back in the morning and ride you. Until then, eat your oats, and don’t bite these boys here, or there’ll be no more carrots for you.”

Ever since Christy English picked up a fake sword in stage combat class at the age of fourteen, she has lived vicariously through the sword-wielding women of her imagination. Sometimes an actor, always a storyteller, Christy works happily with Sourcebooks Casablanca to bring the knife-throwing women of her novels to life. A banker by day and a writer by night, she loves to eat chocolate, drink too many soft drinks, and walk the mountain trails of her home in western North Carolina.

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What happens when minor characters get their own story?

Sometimes characters I think are minor speak up. Sometimes they pretty much grab me by the shoulders and shout, “I want to tell my story!” That was the case with Dr. Addie Wilcox. So when her childhood sweetheart and love-of-her-life Jess Porterfield returns at the end of The Drifter, I knew what the second book in the series would be. In The Lawman, Addie has to fight her lifelong attraction to Jess, determined that he won’t break her heart again. Trouble is, once he gets appointed to serve as the town marshal and is living down the street from Addie and her family, avoiding his good looks, charming smile and determination to win her heart becomes pretty much impossible.

The story of Addie and Jess is all about first love and second chances. Here’s an excerpt that I hope sends you running to the store (or your computer!) to read more…

Addie could not for the life of her figure out why she continued to allow that man to get to her. Why couldn’t she be more like Jess’s younger sister and her good friend, Amanda—calm and sophisticated?  She searched the gathering for Amanda, but hesitated when she saw her friend surrounded by the usual trio of admirers.  Amanda had been planning this party for weeks now. She certainly deserved to enjoy herself and not have to sympathize with Addie. Besides, Jess was Amanda’s brother, newly returned to the fold from his travels following his father’s death—a death everyone now knew had not been the accident they’d first thought.

Addie stopped dead in her tracks. Her hand flew to her mouth. What was she thinking?

Poor Jess. Did he know? Had anyone told him? Of course not. Jess had a temper, and if he knew what everyone now knew—that his father’s death was not the accident they’d first thought--he’d likely be off trying to track down the killer.

Maybe Jess had overheard some of the talk. Maybe that was why he was talking about applying for the marshal’s position. After all, Jasper Tipton had built that big house in town to please his bride, Pearl, and his brother, Buck, lived there as well. While the local marshal had no jurisdiction outside the town limits, Jess might just think the fact the Tiptons resided in town opened the door for him to go after them. More than likely he would get himself killed in the bargain. Her head was spinning as she tried to think the issue through from every side.

“This is not one of your medical cases,” she muttered to herself. “This is Jess.” And when it came to figuring out what Jess Porterfield might be thinking, she fully appreciated that logic was not part of the process.  She was still mad at him for leaving all those months ago but that didn’t mean she didn’t care about him and, knowing his temper, he was bound to get into trouble.  With a sigh, she headed off to find her father. Maybe he could talk some sense into the man—the man she had fallen in love with, planned a future, with and then rejected.  But as she moved through the throng of party guests pausing now and then to exchange a greeting, it wasn’t her father she saw—it was Jess.

He wasn’t spoiling for a fight at all. No, he was laughing and flirting with Sybil Sinclair. Sybil with her blonde curls and her bright blue eyes and a cupid’s bow of a mouth that made her look like a porcelain doll. Sybil with her tiny waist and her flawless skin and giddy laugh that actually came out as Tee-hee-hee.

“My brother is trying to make you jealous,” Amanda murmured, coming to stand next to her. “Do not let him know that it’s working.”

“It’s not,” Addie insisted, pushing her glasses more firmly onto the bridge of her nose. She straightened to her full height, which was still a good three inches shorter than Sybil’s willowy five foot four.  She brushed back a lock of hair that had come loose from the practical bun she preferred and tried not to think about how her stick-straight locks would look worn down like Sybil’s long curls. “I really couldn’t care less if your brother wants to make an utter fool of himself with that… 

Good to know you aren’t affected,” Amanda said wryly.


Title: Last Chance Cowboys: The Lawman
Author: Anna Schmidt
Series: Where the Trail Ends, #2
ISBN: 9781492612995
Pubdate: December 6, 2016

From acclaimed author Anna Schmidt comes a sweeping historical Western romance about the unbreakable bonds of family, second chances, and a whole lot of heart in the Wild West.

"This is me, Addie," Jess murmured. "You and me, the way we always were."
But it wasn't, no matter how much she wished it were true. They were different now. She would always love him...
But could she trust him not to break her heart?

Jess Porterfield fled to the big city after his father's sudden death, leaving behind his family ranch-and his childhood sweetheart. Now Jess has returned as the local lawman, determined to prove his worth...and win back the one woman he could never live without.

Young frontier doctor Addie Wilcox was devastated when Jess left her behind. Now he's back and it's difficult to remember why she should keep her distance. But with the town's richest man set to see her hang for a crime she didn't commit, Addie must put her faith in the lawman who broke her heart-and trust that together they'll find their second chance at love.

Award-winning author Anna Schmidt delights in creating stories where her characters must wrestle with the challenges of their times. Critics have consistently praised Schmidt for her ability to seamlessly integrate actual events with her fictional characters to produce strong tales of hope and love in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. She resides in Wisconsin.

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Book Launch: The Soul of a SEAL by New York Times Bestselling Author Anne Elizabeth

New York Times bestselling author Anne Elizabeth shoots for the stars in her fourth West Coast Navy SEALs romance
 I love romance! Little sweet notes stuck into socks, darling dark chocolates left on the bedside table, gifts given ‘just because’ or the best of all, a big welcoming smile when he sees me. Sometimes, I think my husband will pick a fight with me just so we can make-up, ahem, really make-up; and I have to admit that I love him dearly for it. So, is it any wonder that I enjoy writing stories, which incorporate romance and do it all SEAL-style?

The SOUL of a SEAL was a very special book to write as it allowed me to be drop-dead romantic at times as well as pursue something both my husband and I adore—SPACE. We often sit outside and gaze at the moon and stars or on rare occasions watch the meteor showers, and as he constantly reminds me, the space program and the SEAL community have a very strong link. There are a number of frogmen who swam out to meet the Space Capsules when they landed in the water during its heyday. At least two Navy SEALs have gone into space, Cassidy and Shepard, and I’ve spoken with several present day SEALs who seek to travel into space someday, too. There’s something special about the concept of space. Perhaps the vastness contains hope for humanity, cures for illness, or ways to help protect our planet, or maybe it’s just the pursuit of the unknown and learning something new. Whatever the reason, I’m thrilled I was given an opportunity to take a SEAL into space, and I’m even happier that SEAL love endures—when a SEAL male meets the right alpha lady…fireworks!


     “I love the way you look at me like you’re seeing into my soul.” Her eyes flashed with heat before closing to half-mast. She licked her lips and then held eye contact with him. “You’re stuck with me, Boss. I’m never going to let go. The mission will work out. I have faith—in you and me and this project.”
     “I apologize about before… I believe you, Kimberly. More importantly, I believe in you.” He held her gaze, opening himself to her. This woman was under his skin in a way he could never have imagined, and if he walked away today, she would still be there for the rest of his life. How could he deny that truth…about her?
     “Can we get naked now?” She cupped his bottom and squeezed.
     “I think that’s my line.” He laughed. This sexy woman wanted him as much as he wanted her. He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor, then brought his face close to hers.
     Her lips brushed his, teasing him. She pulled out of his grasp easily, as if he hadn’t been holding her at all.
     What was she doing to him? His eyes scanned her. He could see the hunger in there, the warmth, the want, and the need.
     “Kiss me. Really knock my socks off, and don’t hold back.” She stood there, waiting and wanting.
     “Aye, aye.” He grinned as hunger rose to the surface. He lifted her into his arms and then laid his mouth against hers, drinking from, pillaging, and dueling with hers.
     Kimberly’s arms twined around his neck at first and then her hands moved, gaining greater purchase. Her fingers dug into the muscle mass around his shoulders. The small bursts of pain as she changed her grip added more levels of heat to his already boiling desire.
     Hands fumbled with clothes, tugging and tearing until they were both naked.
     Their primal natures took over as Bennett carried her to…

Title: The Soul of a Seal
Series: West Coast Navy SEALs, #4
Author: Anne Elizabeth
Pub Date: December 6, 2016

Love may be the toughest battle of all

Captain Bennett Oscar Sheraton
Navy SEAL, the best of the best

Dr. Kimberly Warren
Brilliant engineer, founder of secret space program

When scientists on Dr. Warren’s super-secret space mission start dying, Navy SEAL Captain Sheraton is sent in as an astronaut candidate with a hidden agenda—find the person sabotaging the program.

Kimberly and Bennett’s instant attraction may prove to be a major distraction—or it might be the key to both of their dreams coming true…

Anne Elizabeth is a romance author, comic creator, and a monthly columnist for RT Book Reviews magazine. With a BS in Business and MS in Communications from Boston University, she is a regular presenter at conventions as well as a member of The Author’s Guild and Romance Writers of America. Anne lives with her husband, a retired Navy SEAL, in the mountains above San Diego. Visit her website at

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New Release: Sweet Southern Bad Boy by Michele Summers

Today we're looking forward to the release of Michele Summer's Sweet Southern Bad Boy on Tuesday with a fun excerpt!
Vance crossed the kitchen in two long strides. “Thanks, Kat, you’re a lifesaver.” Relief flooding his face. He hooked his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a long, hard kiss. Katie resisted by pressing her palms against his rock-hard chest (well, resist might be a bit strong. More like, she pressed herself against him and looped her arms around his neck for closer contact.) The kiss deepened as he backed her against the kitchen cabinets. His rough hand moved to her throat, making her pulse jump. She savored the flavor of his mouth…coffee and forbidden wickedness. Nibbling on her lips, the kiss softened. Katie reveled in his warmth and strength. She knew she should stop, but…not yet. As if he could sense her surrender, he crushed her closer and took possession of her mouth.
“We…you…have to…stop,” she said in between nips and licks. This time she did push against him and his head lifted.
Katie blinked, trying to clear her kiss-befuddled head. One hand heated the small of her back; the other rested precariously close to her already excited breast. “B-because. I have a boyfriend?”
Vance looked at her as if she spoke Swahili. “Boyfriend?” His hold tightened and he swooped down for another brain-dissolving kiss as if to wipe thoughts of her boyfriend from her mind. Which he did. Quite nicely, too. Making her knees turn to wet noodles, unable to refuse… (okay, refuse might be wrong, more like surrender to burning desire).
“What’s his name?” he murmured, eating her lips as if they were made of sugar drops.
“Hmm?” Katie loved the texture of his firm mouth and the way his tongue swirled around hers. “Who?”
“The boyfriend.” Vance sucked her bottom lip.
“Er, oh. Hmmm.” Katie moaned, weaving her fingers through his long, thick hair. Vance rained nibbling kisses around her jaw, down her neck, and back up to her begging mouth.
“T-Tom.” Kiss. Kiss. Nibble. Kiss. Pop went the sound as Katie unlatched her lips from his. “I mean, Tad. His name is Tad.” She shook her head. Katie made an effort (weak at best) to move from the circle of his arms, but he refused to release her, staring with unreadable, dark eyes.
“Tad? That’s not a name. I’ve never heard of it. What’s his last name?”
She cast her eyes down and examined their feet entwined on top of the black and white checkered tile floor. She’d never been a big fan of Tad’s name. It always sounded juvenile, but when coupled with his last name, ugh…even worse.
“I’m not buying this relationship you have with Tad whoever. You don’t even remember his name.”
            Her head popped up. “Yes…yes, I do. His name is Tad Poole and he’s a wonderful guy,” Katie lied. He used to be wonderful when they first started dating, but as soon as he started working at McKnight Studios, he changed. He became obsessed with work, shamelessly sucking up to her dad at every opportunity. When Tad started lecturing her about her career choices, Katie felt betrayed. He’d barely been with the company a month and he’d already gone over to the dark side.
“I’m sorry, but did you say, Tad Poole or Tad Pole?
No pulling one over on this guy. He made his living with words. “Poole. He’s Tad Poole the third. He comes from a very prominent family in Los Angeles. And—”
            “You mean there’s a Tad Pole first and second? Do they come from a prominent family of frogs?
“Yes. And since I’ve had the great fortune of kissing him and turning him into a prince, I will soon be a princess when we marry.” She gave her head a regal toss.
Vance moved back. Katie missed his closeness and hated herself for it.
Pointing a blunt finger at her face, he said, “Marry? You didn’t say anything about getting married. Your tadpole, frog-kissing days are over. Mark my words.”
Katie gave a nervous laugh. “This is a ridiculous discussion and has no bearings on why I’m here.”
Vance curled his hand around her neck. “I’d like to change that. Maybe we should go back to what we were doing before you brought up tadpoles.”
She pushed him away with force this time. “No. No more kissing.”
“No. Never. I’m here on business and business only. Well, that and babysitting. Business and babysitting. Kissing and groping are not part of the deal.”
He grinned down at her. “Sure I can’t change your mind?”
Maybe. Yes. No. No! She had a brief desire to punch him in the gut because she wanted to put the kissing back on the table. Damn him.
“Vance Kerner, you are a black-hearted pirate with no scruples and you should be thankful I’m going to church to pray for your soul.” Katie pushed past him and stomped out of the kitchen.
“Don’t run off. Where are you going?”
Katie wanted to press her palms over her ears to block out his boisterous laughter. “To shower. You can get the kids dressed for Sunday school.” If he didn’t stop laughing, she’d make him take the kids too.
“May I—”
Katie whirled around. “Don’t say it. Don’t even think it.” She shook her finger at him. “No. You may not join me.”
Title: Sweet Southern Bad Boy
Series: Harmony Homecomings, #3
Author: Michele Summers
Pub Date: December 6, 2016
ISBN: 9781402293610


When Katie McKnight gets lost location-scouting for her father’s TV studio, she stumbles upon the perfect setting for their angsty new teen vampire series—a remote barn house unfortunately occupied by a grouchy, disheveled, and incredibly sexy man who instantly mistakes her for the new nanny. Should Katie tell him the truth, or get her foot in the door?


Bestselling author Vance Kerner doesn’t just have writer’s block—he’s been run ragged ever since he was saddled with taking care of his brother’s three kids, an adopted kitten, and a runaway mutt. The last thing he needs is a teen drama defiling his property, but with fascinating and unconventional Katie underfoot charming the entire Kerner household, Vance is finding it harder and harder to say no.

MICHELE SUMMERS writes about small-town life with a Southern flair, and has her own interior design business in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Miami, Florida. Both professions feed her creative appetite and provide a daily dose of humor.

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Everything You Need to Know About HUNT THE DAWN

Book 2 of my Fatal Dreams, HUNT THE DAWN, will be out in just under a week! I'm so excited for the world to meet Lathan and Evanee.

About Lathan...
Tattooed: Check!
Rides a Motorcycle: Check!
Tortured by his ability: Check!
Painful past: Check!
Hearing Impaired: Check!
Hunting a serial killer: Check!
Melts into a puddle of goo around the heroine: Check!

Here's a bit more about the book...

Out of darkness and danger

You can't hide your secrets from Lathan Montgomery-he can read your darkest memories. And while his special abilities are invaluable in the FBI's hunt for a serial killer, he has no way to avoid the pain that brings him. Until he is drawn to courageous, down-on-her-luck Evanee Brown and finds himself able to offer her something he's never offered another human being: himself.

Dawns a unique and powerful love

Nightmares are nothing new to Evanee Brown. But once she meets Lathan, they plummet into the realm of the macabre. Murder victims are reaching from beyond the grave to give Evanee evidence that could help Lathan bring a terrifying killer to justice. Together, they could forge an indomitable partnership to thwart violence, abuse, and death-if they survive the forces that seek to tear them apart.

Book Trailer:


Her eyelids fluttered. Opened.
“How are you feeling?” That question was more appropriate than interrogating her on how she came into possession of a human eyeball. He’d wait until she was fully conscious before tripping down that trail.
“Cold. So cold.” Goose bumps pimpled over her bare skin. She scooted toward where he sat on the edge of the bed, wrapping herself around his hips, seeking his body’s warmth.
He should get the heavy sleeping bag from the closet. He should cover her with it and leave the room. He should, he should, he should. He didn’t. He pulled off his boots and eased into the bed. She latched onto him before he fully reclined.
She molded herself to him. His shoulder her pillow, her arm around his middle, one of her legs draped over his thighs, her knee just a few miniscule inches from his groin. Everything vanished, except the vivid sensation of her feminine curves burrowing into him, seeking his safety, his comfort, his warmth. She was cool where he was on fire. She was soft where he couldn’t bend. She was sweet where he felt bitter.
            She fit into his arms, against his body, and into his soul like she was designed especially for him. He wanted to believe he could have a happy ending with her, but his reality was a cruel, hard place where good things just didn’t happen. Or if they did, they never lasted.

"Roads' second book in her Fatal Dreams series is a dark and intense romance that pulls no punches and offers plenty of mind-bending twists. Fans of Feehan's Ghostwalker series will want to give this series a try as there is a similar feel between the two series.There are some interesting and original paranormal/supernatural elements here.The characters are well developed and the villain earns a top-notch creepy award. Roads brings the suspense, the action, the heat and also scary psychological twists. This is a read that you might want to leave the light on for!"
~RT Book Reviews

"This book is the perfect combination of the darkest of humankind with a romantic touch. And when you thought that Race The Darkness was already shocking in some ways then think again – because this one tops it all!"
~Vi, Goodreads Review

"If you enjoy dark paranormal reads, I highly recommend this one. I've enjoyed both books in this series, and I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next."
~Harlequin Junkie Top Pick

"Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Michael Crichton? Move over—make way for Abbie Roads!"
~MLC, Goodreads Review

You can purchase HUNT THE DAWN here:

Abbie Roads writes dark emotional novels featuring damaged characters, but always gives her hero and heroine a happy ending... after torturing them for three hundred pages. Her debut novel RACE THE DARKNESS was a Publishers Weekly Top 10 Pick for Fall. You can find Abbie here: Website, Facebook, Twitter. Be sure to join her Newsletter to receive exclusive content and secret giveaways.