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Lighting it Up!

by M. L. Buchman

On September 2nd, my characters Trisha O'Malley (short, Irish Boston, feisty, uppity, red-head, fantastic attack helicopter pilot) and Bill Bruce (tall, Scottish, Detroit, linebacker wide, stone silent, Navy SEAL) will collide head on in Light Up the Night!
Available Sept 2, pre-order now!

I won't say that I didn't have fun, because I did. Immense fun! Sometimes a romance couple is MFEO (Made For Each Other). They have challenges they have to overcome. They have trials and tribulations, personal histories and panic attacks (as much as one of my alpha heroes or heroines ever does).

Trisha and Billy the SEAL (as Trisha calls him), not so much. They're more like a head-on collision gone good.

First, she rescues him when he really doesn't want to be rescued:

Get out of here! You’re screwing me over!”

There are two technicals coming in from the south and west,” the pilot shouted as he kept the blades at near takeoff, the chopper actually bouncing its skids on the soil.

Okay, he had to admit that didn’t sound good. 

Halfway through complaining about her rescue, despite clearly saving his life, he discovers something he didn't know about the pilot:

“Oh fine. A woman. Now I’m probably going to have my ass reamed for yelling at a woman.” Then he continued right along, chewing her out without further pause, which was pretty funny. She let him rant, figuring he’d feel better if he could burn off some of his excess, over-righteous macho.

Only after she's gone does he think he might have missed something important: 
Not only hadn’t he thanked her for saving his ass, but he also hadn’t gotten her name.

Not that he really cared. He didnt, did he? No chance he wanted to hang out with either a Night Stalker or an Irishwoman. Two strikes right off.

Still, he cleared the rounds out of both of his weapons as he turned once more for the Quartermasters’. Wouldn’t hurt anything if he knew her name.

Of course, she didn't exactly ask his name either, but that doesn't stop her needling him for a second:
“Don’t go down any more decks,” the big guy said.


He forked up some of his eggs as if this was a perfectly normal conversation. He cleaned up nice, real nice. The T-shirt they’d found for him, in Navy dark blue, stretched tight across his chest and outlined every muscle. The antithesis of the lean Colonel Gibson. His black hair reached his jawline, slicked down with the shower he’d taken since they’d parted. It emphasized both the nasty scar and the strength of the jaw that bore it. She could see that the scar continued on his chest, ducking below the line of his collar. She wondered how far down it went and how he’d earned it.

And his eyes really were amazing. It felt not as if he was watching her, but rather as if he saw her. A gestalt view, watching her whole person, not just her face or, more typically, her chest. His intentness started to bring a heat to her face that she suppressed ruthlessly; she was so fair-skinned that even the slightest blush radiated.

“The decks get shorter as you go down. Two more decks and even someone your size would be stooping.”

“How short do they get?” Her size, huh? She’d taken men down for less than that when she was in a bad mood. But she wasn’t at the moment, so she’d play along. “They have children down there in the engine spaces? Or Oompa-Loompas?”

“Smurfs.” He said it like bald truth, not the least hint of foolish in his eyes.

“Color of your eyes.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing.” Why had she even whispered that to herself? She ordered herself to stop going all mushy in the brain about his blue eyes. Immediately!

All I can say is, Damn! These two characters were so much fun to write.
Hope you enjoy them as well.
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Holiday time & free novella!

At the moment I’m in New Zealand. It’s probably really cold…actually I know it will be really cold as I’m going to spend a few days skiing which I’ve never done before.

I think you’ve guessed that I pre-wrote this blog and scheduled it before I went on holiday, I promise there will be pics next month. 

In the lead up to going on holiday I made a detailed schedule of all the things I needed to get done before we went away. I had Annwyn #4 1st draft to finish the next ES Siren to polish and the next In A Bottle story to get to my editor. I did have several other jobs pencilled in but it quickly became apparent they weren’t going to happen.

I don’t write on holiday, but I do plot. So I packed an idea for the last In a Bottle story (there are only so many ways to free a genie…you can check out 2 in Boyfriend in a Bottle and Temptation in a Bottle)

The other thing I had to do was get new puzzle/coloring in books and reading books for the kids. Youngest is a fussy reader, but eldest will devour anything. 

Because I’m a genius I’d also volunteered to teach a session at an online conference 3 days before we flew out. What was I thinking! I’m sure it went fine… 

So while I may not be sipping mojitos by a pool (I know it’s summer in the US) I will be having hot chocolates surrounded by snow and beautiful scenery. I hope I remembered to pack my thermals…

While I’m away enjoy a free merman novella: An Elemental Tail
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Four hundred years ago, Nik was tricked by his lover and left stranded as a powerless, but immortal, human. Now he craves only one thing: to reclaim the book that was once his tail and become a water Elemental again. Unfortunately, he can only locate the book when someone touches the pages. This time he won't be left high and dry.

Isla is left a beautiful leather-bound book in her great-aunt's will, perfect for using during her life drawing classes. However, she can't bring herself to mark the translucent pages until a compelling crimson-haired stranger strips for art.

Nik is torn. Years of enforced humanity have given him a conscience. Despite his best efforts at remaining a heartless water Elemental, he is failing. He is falling for Isla, who has no idea she holds the power of the oceans, and his heart, in her hands.

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How To Booklets

I loved Shana's blog post a couple of weeks ago where she gave the readers the first paragraph in a book! So I'm "borrowing" it for my post with a little bit of variation. Instead of the first lines, I'm choosing a paragraph somewhere in the book that has to do with the How To Booklets that played a big part in the book. They say there's no truer admiration than imitation so know that you are very admired for coming up with this idea, Miz Shana Galen.

This is from my book that was released six weeks ago, the final book in the Cowboys & Brides Series. You remember when I told y'all that these four very wealthy cowboys showed up in my virtual world and wanted me to write their stories and I told them NO SIR! And then they talked me into it with their sexy smiles and tight fittin' jeans. Well, this is the final cowboy, Mason Harper's story...the cowboy has had trouble moving on after his wife's death. And Annie Rose, the lady who shows up on his porch wearing a bridal gown and faking amnesia. This REALLY IS a romance and Annie Rose and Mason do have a lot of chemistry but there are these two little girls, twin daughters of Mason's that steal her heart even before Mason does.

Chapter One: “Gabby, come quick! Hot damn, Daddy done got us a new mama!”
The sound of a little girl’s running feet pounded through her head like a longhorn cattle stampede, and her eyes snapped open to see two little blonde girls with tangled hair flying out to the sides of their heads as they jumped up and down on the wooden porch, giving Annie Rose the mother of all headaches. The bright morning sun rising above the trees out there on the horizon stung so bad that she frowned and quickly shut them, hoping that it was all be a bizarre nightmare.

Chapter Two...the first booklet arrives:
She sat down in the rocking chair and looked at the booklet. They’d taken a sheet of notebook paper, cut it into four ragged edge pieces and stapled them together. The title, How to Remember, was written on the outside in bright red marker and had several cat stickers attached to it.
She opened it and read the steps.
Number 1: Lay down on your bed with your head on the pillow.
Number 2: Shut your eyes real, real tight and don’t open them.
Number 3: Now put your fingers in your ears so you can’t hear anything.
Number 4: Think real, real hard.
Number 5: Lily says that if that don’t work, say, “Well, shit!” and to start all over again. It worked when she couldn’t remember where she put her favorite bracelet.

Chapter Six:
It wasn’t her How to Remember booklet but a brand new one with stickers of horses, cows and even goats and cats scattered among the words on the front: How to be a Rancher.
She opened it up to find the steps outlined in Gabby’s hand writing.
Number one: You got to love animals but you got to never let your kids bring goats into the house. Not even if they fight with you and use cuss words. Goats stink.
Number two: You got to wear jeans and boots. Lily says that since you already do that you are doing good.
Number three: You got to like living in the country. Ranchers don’t live in big towns with taxis and hotels like those places on television.
Number four: You got to know that dirt sticks to boots and sometimes it comes in the house.
Lily says there’s other rules but we are tired and that’s all for tonight. We love you Mama-Nanny.

Chapter Seventeen: The title on the front of the third booklet said How to Be a Mommy. She said down in her recliner and smiled as she opened it.
Number one: First you got to get kids. You can’t be a mommy without kids. It just ain’t possible.
Number two: Twins are the best kind of kids because only kids like Damian are little shits. Lily said that Mama-Nanny so if anyone gets in trouble for bad words, it’s got to be her.
Number three: Girl twins are better than boy twins. Two of Damian would make the angels and even God shudder.
Number four: You got to love the kids to be a good mommy. We think that you love us almost as much as we love you so you will make a good mommy.
Number five: A good mommy would never put her girls in a school room where Damian was or where his mommy was a teacher, neither one.
We love you Mama-Nanny.

And there is a fourth how to booklet that I'm going to share with those of you who do not mind a spoiler. Its from chapter twenty six: Like his daughters, Mason wrote in the same style. The normal rule program was all lined out for her but evidently this was more important than learning how to remember, how to be a mama and how to be a rancher since there were more rules than in the other books.
Number one: You’ve got to run slow enough that the cowboy can catch you.
Number two: You have to go buy a new wedding dress because the one you got is all dirty and torn up.
Number three: You have to get married in the church or the cowboy’s twin daughters won’t believe that it’s legal.
Number four: You will have to kiss him in front of everyone in the church including aforementioned daughters after the preacher says that you are married.
Number five: You have to say “I do” when the preacher tells you to or else Damian’s mama might call you a slut and it’s not proper to get tickled when you are the bride at a wedding.
Number six: After you marry the cowboy, you have to move upstairs and sleep with him. He snores but not too loud.

So what do you think, folks? Which booklet do you like the best? I'll chose one winner from the comments today and give them their choice of a Kindle copy of the book or a signed paperback copy. All you have to do is leave a comment and you can read all the words that surround those how-to booklets! And thanks again, Shana for the idea!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Celebrating ONE BITE PER NIGHT! + Giveaway!

After what has felt like an eternity, the second book in my "Scandals With Bite" series is finally here! I celebrated on Saturday with a signing at my local bookstore.

They put me in the kids' toy section which was kinda weird, but I still had fun.
I also raffled off baskets full of goodies and books donated by my awesome fellow Casablanca authors. Again, huge thanks to you all!

And I took pictures with some readers! 

And speaking of readers, so far the reception has been very good. 

This one from "Lover of Romance" still has me grinning.

"The story starts with humor and witty come backs, and the you fall in love with the characters immediately. Vincent is a awesome hero....I could just kiss him all over I adored him so much. He is honorable, does have some issues thinking he is evil and all that, but he cares about others, and he is so sweet and protective with Lydia, you can't help but be charmed by his manner. Lydia is strong and courageous, and doesn't mind chasing the man she wants, even if that man tries to run at times from her. Lydia is strong willed and passionate about everything in her life, and will only settle for true love. I felt like I could relate to her in so many ways, and when a heroine is written well in the story it just adds a extra deep layer to that dessert. I truly loved the other characters as well, and it made me want to buy the first book because I truly admired this author's storytelling abilities and to draw you into a story like a bee to honey, and will captivate your attention until the very last page"

So I figured I'd share an excerpt. 

            Could no one keep track of his recalcitrant ward? Vincent sighed and closed his eyes, opening the Mark between them. Immediately the connection he had forged with his blood sang in his marrow. Just as potent as her gardenia scent, he felt her presence, sweet and delectable. She was in the south wing… in his bedchamber. He shook his head and headed in that direction. Hadn’t Aubert told her to stay away from that part of the castle?
Once he reached his room, he stood in the doorway watching her; curious what she was doing in his room. Candlelight gleamed on her hair. Her hands were folded demurely behind her back as she walked slowly through his room, peering at the furnishing and tapestries with avid interest. When Lydia reached the large bed built to accommodate his height, she paused and reached out a tentative hand to touch the coverlet.
The innocent gesture made his blood boil with lust. Curious about my bed, are you? I don’t sleep in that one, though I could show you— He broke off the dangerous thought, holding his breath as she passed the bed, still looking around.
He smiled at the sight of her futile tiptoeing. What was she so curious about? There was nothing in here except—
Lydia paused at a wall sconce, reached up toward it…
“Damn it,” he growled, crossing the distance between them and snatching back her hand.
Lydia gasped and looked up at him, eyes wide with abashment and alarm. “My lord! I was ah…”
Before she could stammer an excuse, Vincent grasped both her wrists and captured her gaze. She seemed to forget what she was saying. Repugnance tormented him at the act; with her it felt like a violation. Alas, it was necessary. She had almost found the entrance to his lair. She couldn’t discover what he was. As she stood mute and mesmerized, Vincent was suddenly aware of the pulsing vein in her throat that sang to him.
Just a taste…his inner demon whispered. Slowly, he slid his hands up her arms, grazing his fingertips across her collarbone before bending down to inhale the sweet bouquet of her blood and humanity. His lips lightly caressed her neck, as lust and hunger warred within.
He wanted more.

And now for the giveaway. What is something "forbidden" that you can't stay away from? Comment for a chance to win a copy of ONE BITE PER NIGHT!

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Shana's Winner

The winner of the copy of LOVE AND LET SPY from Shana Galen is Crystal GB. I'll email you, Crystal!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

How to Unlock the Rules of Attraction

Romance writers dive into the realm of sexual attraction everyday. We play with it on the page, recreating real life sensual tension.

Subtle nuances are what make the difference. And the real life biggie?

People communicate most of what we mean non-verbally. Our body's language comes through tone of voice, eye direction, the slant of a shoulder, the direction of your feet...

You get the picture.

In fact, verbal communication accounts for only 7% of what we say to each other. Are you floored by that? I was. The more you look around, the more you find subtle clues to what's really going on with people.

Here are few:

#1) The Eyes Have It

You've probably heard expanded pupils indicate attraction.
Another interesting aspect of eyes and attraction is "the glance." A look longer than 2 seconds equals a level of interest (not necessarily sexual).

Another interesting eye fact - If you're in a room with a lot of people and hold eye contact with one person for at least 90 seconds, studies show you're going to like that person better than anyone else in the room. 

Why? You shared an emotional connection.

#2 The Vulnerable Neck (or is this a Vampire thing?)

Marilyn Monroe perfected this pose. Notice the exposed neck? The slight tilt of her head?

She's submitting to you. She's trusting you. She's letting you see a vulnerable spot.

What better way to flirt than to show trust with a delicate, erogenous zone?

#3 The Infamous "Boob Shoulder"

Yes, you read that right! Even a shoulder plays into the mating game.

Actress Natalie Dormer of Game of Thrones fame tosses a little flirtation with her shoulder.

This happens in the first stages of courtship before meeting. Women look at men sideways and raise their shoulder slightly upwards, symbolically making it appear like a breast to emphasize their femininity. If you look above, Marilyn's doing the same thing + the neck tease.

#4) Her Fingers or Mouth with a Cylindrical Object

This one is the "Teaser" and its all about sexual attraction. A woman will unconsciously treat any cylindrical object as a man's genitalia. You might see a woman rub her thumb and forefinger up and down the stem of a wine glass. Similarly, she might play with a dangly earring or a cigarette the same way.

In the example picture, the woman covers her flirtation bases with the teaser + the next and final item.

#5) The "Vagina Mouth" or Careful...You Might Catch Flies

When a woman starts licking her lips with some pouting and eye lowering, that's a strong sign of attraction. The open mouth signals invitation.

Ancient Egyptians believed there was a correlation between mouth lips and a woman's genital lips. Because a woman's genitals turn red when aroused, the Egyptians invented red lipstick to alert men to a sexually mature female. 

In puberty, the hormone estrogen changes a girls features, adding subcutaneous fat to make her lips fuller. We recognize this as a sign of fertility. Can you say collagen?

Another interesting fact centers around high heels and sexual fertility, but that's a subject for another blog. 

If you're interested in non-verbal subtleties in attraction, Meet the Earl at Midnight is full of them. 

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Interview with Sir Nicodemus Wulfson from ENCHANTING THE BEAST, by Kathryne Kennedy

Author:  “Hello, Sir Nicodemus.”
Nico turns around in the pond he’s been swimming in. The sunshine filtering through the forest canopy makes the drops of water that cling to his muscular torso glitter like diamonds. “Who the hell are you?” he says in a gentle growl at being caught unaware. 
Author:  “No one terribly important.  I’m just the one who created you.”
Nico tosses his damp hair away from his eyes, the blond strands within the brown refusing to cooperate, falling back over his forehead.  You think so? How do you know that I don’t exist in some alternate universe and I created you to tell my story?”
Author, frowning:  “Very clever, but that’s beside the point.  I came here to interview you for my readers.”
Nico shoos away a water sprite. “Ah, I see.  Then I am happy to oblige, madam.”
He emerges from the pond, and Author realizes he’s naked as the day he was born and turns her back.  Hears the rustle of clothing, takes a peek, and is half-relieved to see that he’s pulled his trousers on. 
Author:  “Um, can you tell my readers a bit about yourself?”
Nico shrugs, muscles rippling beneath smooth skin. “I’m a were-wolf, I live in a castle that my brother swears is haunted, and I have a sister-in-law who tries my patience.  Is that sufficient?”
Author, smiling:  “No, not quite.  Tell me about Philomena.”
Nico:  “The ghost-hunter?”  His dark brown eyes glaze a bit, the golden specks in them glinting with something akin to hunger.
Author shivers.
Nico:  “She really can talk with ghosts, you know.  Amazing woman.  Her companion is a were-snake and she has a spirit-guide named Tup.”
Author:  “I understand she’s a bit older than you.”
Nico:  “That doesn’t signify.”  He scowls.  “Although she uses it as an excuse to keep me at arm’s length.  Not that it will work, mind you.  I bloody well get what I want.”
Author:  “I have no doubt.”  Takes a step back from the predatory gaze in his eyes, then scolds herself for being foolish.  Despite his look, the man wouldn’t harm her.  “But you’ll have to deal with some issues before that can happen, won’t you, Nico?”
The shadow of his were-self surrounds Nico.  Know about that, eh?”  Picks up his white linen shirt from the mossy bank and shrugs into it.  “What am I saying, of course you do.”
Author:  “But my readers don’t know yet.  Can you enlighten them?”
Nico cocks his head, more hair tumbling over his eyes, as if he’s trying to hide behind that shaggy screen. “So what do you want me to say?  That I fear my very nature?  That I enjoy it when my wolf hunts, when he devours our kill?”  He paces the mossy bank like a caged beast, the movement parting his unbuttoned shirt and revealing the hard ridges of his belly, the sculpted contours of his muscular chest.  “That doesn’t mean I killed my fiancée, damn it.  I would never murder anyone.”
Author, soothingly:  “Of course you wouldn’t, Nico.  But you need to prove it.”
Nico:  “I can.” Fists his hands.  “I will.”
Author:  “Maybe Phil can help you.”
Nico stills, his handsome face calms. “Yes, she believes in me.  But I’ll solve my own problems.”
Author, smiling indulgently:  “We shall see, Nico.”

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Release Excerpt: The Truth About Leo by Katie MacAlister

Can Dagmar flee Denmark

Dagmar Marie Sophie is a poverty-stricken Danish princess whose annoying royal cousin is about to have her stuffed away in a convent. When she finds a wounded man unconscious in her garden, she sees a way out of her desperate situation.

By Lying to Leo?

Leopold Ernst George Mortimer, seventh earl of March, and spy in the service of the king, finds himself on the wrong end of a saber and left for dead. He wakes up not remembering what the care of a beautiful woman who says she is his wife.

Back in London, Leo-with the help of his old friends the eccentric Britton family-sets out to unravel what he's forgotten... Is Dagmar truly the wonderful, irrepressible woman who makes his heart sing, or is she a dangerous enigma bent on his destruction?

About the Author
After writing several boring software books, Katie MacAlister switched to fiction, where she could torment her characters, indulge her penchant for witty dialogue, and fall madly in love with her heroes. The Truth About Leo is a brand new romance continuing the series of delightful Regencies that launched her career. A regular on the New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly bestsellers lists, Katie MacAlister has written thirty novels, including unforgettable paranormal, historical, and contemporary romances, which have been translated into numerous languages. She lives in the Pacific Northwest. Visit to learn more about the author.

Connect with Katie!

 An Exclusive Excerpt

“I’ve never been kissed.”

Leo stared at Dagmar. “What, never?”

“Oh, I’ve been kissed. Mama and Papa were very affectionate, and men have kissed my hand, of course. But there is a difference between a man like Frederick slobbering on my knuckles, and a man like you, with all your muscles and your warm flesh, and your hair that I want to touch, kissing me. That I would very much like to experience, and I see no reason why you couldn’t do that now.”

“Far be it from me to deny a lady a simple request,” he said, looking somewhat noble. Dagmar wanted to giggle. “But immediately following the kiss, we are going to talk. What are you doing?”

“Giggling,” she said, making an effort to stop. “You look like a brave knight about to face a dragon.”

“Well, stop it. No man wishes to kiss someone who giggles. And I assure you, madam,” he said, putting his good arm around her, easing her forward until she leaned on one side of his chest, “I find the princess a much more daunting foe than dragon. Tilt your head slightly. Other way. No, there’s no need to open your mouth up wide. I’m not going to extract a tooth. There, just like that, with your lips slightly parted.”

Dagmar’s eyes crossed when she tried to keep him in focus when his mouth descended upon hers. At first, she wasn’t overly impressed with the experience, and she told Leo so.

“For one,” he said, pulling away enough that she could see him again. “You’re not suppose to speak while I’m kissing you. And for another, we hadn’t really started. That was just a little preliminary peck, if you will.”

“It was just your lips touching mine in no real exciting manner. To be honest, I found it very underwhelming,” she said, frowning slightly at him. What if all the romantic tales she’d read of heroines who swooned upon kissing the hero were fabrication of deranged minds? What if this kissing business was a warning that the bedding was going to be just as disappointing? What if—

At that moment Leo swooped in again, and this time, it was as if an entirely different person was kissing her. Leo didn’t just kiss her; he took possession of her mouth, his lips apparently taking charge of hers while his tongue swooped and swirled and teased with wet little touches that by rights should have been disgusting—she hadn’t imagined a tongue ever entering into the situation—but in reality, seemed to start a fire deep inside her that quickly spread outward. 
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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What’s My Line with Shana Galen

My latest release, Love and Let Spy, is out this month. Instead of the usual blog, I thought I’d play a modified version of what’s my line with you. I’ll post a few lines from each of the first 5 chapters. You tell me your favorite in the comments—don’t forget to leave your email—and one person who comments will win a copy of Love and Let Spy.

Chapter One
She did a quick calculation then dove out the window, pulling her knees in so when she landed on the awning she would roll easily to the edge. She held her breath for the free fall and felt the air whoosh out of her when she hit the fabric.

But she didn’t roll.

Chapter Two
“I don’t care how beautiful or rich or bloody socially acceptable she is,” Dominic said, turning fiercely from the drawing-room mantel. “I am not marrying her.”

Chapter Three
He dipped his tongue between her lips and met her tongue with his. The effect was electric. She jumped beneath him, and the shot of arousal he felt was all but dizzying. He knew he must stop. This was a gentle­woman, the niece of Lord Melbourne. He could not kiss her this way.

Chapter Four
She thought she remembered Q saying to wait a quarter of an hour. Perhaps it had been three-quarters of an hour? Oh, bollocks! Jane did not have time to waste. She would go and hope for the best. Nine out of ten of Q’s inventions worked.

Jane stood at her window and looked down at the drop. Please let this be one of the nine.

Chapter Five
“Are you implying I am not a lady?” She took a menacing step toward him, and though he did not retreat, she thought she saw a flicker of concern in his eyes. “A piece of advice, Mr. Griffyn. A gentleman never even hints that a woman is not a lady, no matter what insult she has given you.”

His brow arched. “I believe we’ve already established I am no gentleman.”

Now you get to play! What was your favorite snippet? Answer in the comments and don't forget your email if you want to be considered for the giveaway. One more stipulation. Sorry but this is U.S./Canada only.

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