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So this year I’m giving up on the usual lose weight, eat right, work out more resolutions. Though I will say I’m going to try to meditate more. And I would like to do more yoga. I used to teach a yoga class. Now I’m lucky if I can find a down dog much less do one. But I’m ignoring all that and focusing on this single new year’s resolution.
I’m going to read one new author a month.
Sure everyone has their stand by favorites. I’ll always buy the next Dresden book by Jim Butcher and Elizabeth Hoyt is a favorite (and a good friend). I’m working my way through Georgette Heyer classics and Julie Ann Walker is just fun to read. But that’s not what I’m talking about.
There are literally thousands of good books out there by authors I’ve never read. A few of them are on the Casablanca list. Just look below:. first new read is going to be Sara Humphreys Untamed.

Then I’ve got Mary Wine on my list too; A Captain and a Corset Haven’t ever read a steampunk book, so I thought I’d give a new genre…

We Need a Resolution


Does anyone else ever get the dreaded "gift blackouts" that seem to plague me at this time of year?
I adore buying and making gifts for my loved ones. As Christmas Day gets closer and closer, I get panicky. I begin to scour the stores.
"My brother doesn't have enough to open. Ooh, this is on sale. Hey, my husband would like this. Dammit, he already has too many gifts. Wait, does he? I have no idea what I've got for everyone, so I'll go ahead and buy it."
At the end of the shopping day, I'm surrounded by seventeen more presents that I didn't expect to give.
The Christmas blackouts apply to myself too.
"Hey, let's go shopping at the after-Christmas sales! Ooh, I need this and this and I've always wanted to watch this movie it's on sale and we need this for the house and..."
Suddenly the pile of gifts that were given to me and husband is nearly equaled by the things we bought ourselves.
I don't ever regret buying gifts for…

Christmas Downunder

The Theme of This Christmas

You remember the part in A CHRISTMAS STORY when poor Ralphie gets that hideous bunny suit?

Well, nothing like that happened to me this Christmas. All of my presents were awesome. They usually are. ...And I've noticed that Christmases seem to have different themes every year. One year, books, another movies, another, music, ... and cats.

This year I think the theme was warmth.

There was warmth of spirit with the gift of an awesome ratchet from my uncle, a note from my father that parts for my precious car would be forthcoming, custom erasers for my drawing projects from my best friend, and 10 copies of my book to use in giveaways from my roommate, a Nine Inch Nails concert tee from my brother, and other awesome gifts that were well thought out.

Then I received an awesome set of fuzzy indoor socks from my stepmother, snow pants, gloves, and thick outdoor socks from my friend, and the softest blanket imaginable from my grandmother. Everyone seemed to know that I had few warm clothes…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas From Our Family to Yours

Your Go-to Book

What's your go-to book? What book do you re-read over and over or find yourself reaching for on gloomy days?

I seem to always come back to the classic Jane Austen novel Pride and Prejudice. There's just something comforting about Lizzie and Darcy, even when they make me cringe.

I also tend to grab my old Julie Garwood historicals. The Secret and The Gift are two of my favorites. Garwood always makes me laugh.