Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from the Casababes!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Sourcebooks Casablanca. We wanted to give all of our readers a treat, so here are a few snapshots of how we're celebrating!

Some of us are dressing up!

Bonnie Gill, Vampire Hunter (armed with crossbow), and Terry Spear, Vampire Hunter (lost her sword) Authors After Dark Vampire Ball

And some of us are taking little ones trick-or-treating.

Baby Galen as Rapunzel

And there's always pumpkin carving.

Last year, Theresa Romain's daughter Little Miss R was old enough to make her first jack-o-lantern. She drew the face…

and Mr. Romain cut it out to her specifications. Theresa can't quite decide whether it's creepy or cute.

And then there's pumpkin CARVING!
Brooklyn Ann carved Jack from the Shining

And the Megadeath mascot.

How are you celebrating?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Transition Problems

I seem to struggle with transitions. Not book transitions. They’re easy. End a chapter on a dramatic note, and then turn the page. Bam, we’re in a different scene and off on something new! Easy-peasy. But in real life, I can’t cut to the next part. I have to stop working on one thing, figure out what I’m doing next, drive to wherever I’m going and then do whatever I need to do. Oh wait, did I forget something important? Leave my work out shoes in the car? Did I lose my cell phone? And where’s my credit card?

It’s not just the forgetting things that bothers me. If I’m honest, my mind has always been somewhat scattered. But I don’t seem to be shifting from one task to another as fluidly as I once did. Maybe it’s because the kids have grown up. (I love empty nesting!) I remember having to countdown to departures. Leaving in 15 minutes, turn off the tv. Leaving in 10, get your shoes and coat. Leaving in 5, did you remember your lunch? What about the permission slip?

Apparently, I now need someone to play mom to me. Leaving in 15, do you have purse? Stop with the email, it’s time to go grocery shopping. No you can’t watch another hour of tv. If you do, you’ll be wiped in the morning. But whatever it is, I can’t seem to leave. It’s not just about never wanting to leave a party–I’ve always want to stay with the fun stuff. But now I won’t leave a hated accounting task because I can’t dump it from my mind. I may be reading a great book, but part of my brain will still be on that spreadsheet of itemized deductions. WTF? Is this a normal part of aging? Or have I suddenly lost all the barriers in my brain and one task bleeds into the next no matter how I try to switch gears? 

Or...and let’s be honest here...have I always had bleed in my tasks? But now my kids have grown up, maybe now the house is so quiet that I’m just noticing my problem for the first time. I don’t know. But I’ll probably be still wondering a half hour into my next task. Or at 2 am tomorrow morning. Help me out here. Is this normal?

And oh yeah, this blog was supposed to be about What the Bride Wore. It’s a good book about people who seem to be able to switch gears just fine. Clearly it’s not autobiographical!

Another World

by M. L. Buchman

I've just returned from another world...and, to quote Monty Python, my brain HURTZ!

It was a strange return to my first love, science fiction (shh, don't tell). I didn't discover romance until I attended the 1996 RWA national conference, literally my first ever writing conference and where I read my first three romance novels ever. How a man who had never read a romance ended up there, well, that's just too weird. Like I fell through a space warp or something. (I fell in love with science fiction when I was ten, which was way before that. It's also why I've written and published a half dozen science fiction and fantasy novels along the way under Matthew Lieber Buchman.)

Anyway, my trip to another world included reading approximately 300 short stories (literally), writing four myself, and spending an entire week in class studying SF.

You'll never guess what happened to me... Guess yet? Thought not.

Two main things:
1) I remembered how much I love reading and writing SF.
2) Three of the four stories are also romances!

I mean, what's up with that? My pure, unsullied science fiction brain has been invaded and taken over by happy-ever-after love stories. Trudging across the moonscape of Io in orbit around Jupiter, and discovering true love despite the space suits that keep us apart...? Romance is in the air, even when they're on a moon that doesn't have any?! (Well, not much anyway, just a little sulfur dioxide, hardly worth mentioning.)

That's just not right! I've been taken over, infected by some strange mutant virus that makes me want to be happy at the end of my stories!

So... I figure what the hell, go with the flow. I've sent them off to SF magazines seeking homes (spreading the love...we need more short-fiction romance markets, don't we?). And, as my first (though gentle) voyage into paranormal romance, I do have a wonderful little Christmas romance story set in my Night Stalkers world in Fiction River's "Christmas Ghost" anthology about which Publisher's Weekly said "Among the standouts are M.L. Buchman’s The Ghost of Willow’s Past" (though there's some other writers in there too, like: Kristine Grayson, Mary Jo Putney, Anthea Lawson... well, just read the table of contents, it's great):

And, just to prove that I do still live on this planet, planet HEA romance, I do have a new contemporary foodie romance Christmas novel out as well.
Kindle, Print, Kobo, Nook, iBook

Wait, this is Halloween coming up. But I'm on Planet Christmas! GACK!
Okay. Deep breath. Okay.

So, I'll just, uh, wish you a very Happy Halloween and a Merry Thanksgiving while I try to figure out just which planet I am on.

Monday, October 28, 2013

What’s Your Reading Pleasure? by Shana Galen

The one thing all of us have in common is reading. No matter how busy I am, I try to take some time to read every day. Most of the time, I can fit about a half hour in. Sometimes I can manage an hour. Sometimes I have to wait in the doctor’s office or have my hair cut, and then I can really carve out some reading time. Yes, I am one of those people.

Since I don’t have much time to read, I don’t have a favorite place to read. I can and will read anywhere. My husband doesn’t read much and likes to watch sports, so I often read in my bedroom, just because it’s quiet and I can concentrate. The problem with reading in bed is I usually fall asleep. I probably get more reading done at my daughter’s after-school activities. I always bring a book to gymnastics and ballet and find I can keep up with both the plot and the lesson for the day.

I’m surprised I don’t see more moms reading while waiting for ballet to get out. Scrolling through one’s phone seems the most popular option. Maybe they’re reading on their phone? I have all the bookstore apps on mine and always have a digital book ready to read at a moment’s notice.

I’m often asked in interviews about what I need before I can start writing. I know some authors will say things like a vanilla scented candle, soft music, and a cup of exotic tea. If I waited for any certain element, other than my computer, to be present, I’d never write a word. I’ve been known to sit in the hallway outside my daughter’s preschool class and finish up a scene. If I was early for an appointment, I’ve sat in my car, opened my laptop, and started a new chapter. If we need to trek across town and my husband is driving, I’ll be typing. I do draw the line at writing and driving.  I also don’t write longhand. I can, but I find the time I have to take to decipher it and type it up, is a waste. Unless I have a light bulb moment, I won't write unless I have my computer. Fortunately, I have one that’s easy to throw in my bag. It fits perfectly right beside my book.

What about you? Favorite place to read or write? What’s the most unusual place we might find you reading or writing?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mia's Winner!

Thanks so much to everyone who shared their favorite books, movies, villains and other comments about what stories mean to them. I enjoyed reading all the comments from my post last Friday. My DH pulled a name out of the hat to pick my random winner and that winner is . . . drumroll, please . . . LisaScrapBooker

Please contact me through the email on my website with your mailing info, Lisa. As soon as I hear from you, I'll send your copy of Plaid Tidings!

Didn't win but still want a Highlander for Christmas?

Be sure to pop by my blog on Monday Oct 28th. I'm hosting fellow Sourcebooks author Pamela Sherwood for a blog swap with double giveaways! Hope to see you there.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Getting Lost in a Book...

From Mia Marlowe...  

Huh? What's for supper? Are you kidding me? Who can think about food at a time like this? My hero and heroine have entered the Black Moment and who knows . . .

What? It's just a story. Well, maybe to you, but when I read it's full immersion time. I try on the heroine's fancy slippers and fall in love with the hero (who always looks like my DH, of course!). Just to give you some ideas about how I think about storytelling, I set up a little Q&A. (Note: Pay attention to the questions. You get to pick one or all of them to answer to be entered in the random drawing for my newest release Plaid Tidings!)

QUESTION 1. What’s your favorite movie of all time?

Mia: My favorite movie depends on my mood. If I want a thinking movie, I love BLOOD DIAMOND with Leonardo di Caprio. It's a heartbreaking look at the African diamond trade, tribalism and the redemption possible in a father's unrelenting love. If I want a romantic comedy, THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR with Renee Russo and Pierce Brosnan is pure middle-aged joy! If I'm simply feeling silly, I enjoy GALAXY QUEST with Sigourney Weaver and Tim Allen.

QUESTION 2: How often to you get lost in a story?

Mia: Every single time. Even if I'm not really excited about a book (i.e. some of the picks for my book club have been appallingly gack-worthy!) I look for a character to root for, someone whose life I can try on for a while. If I can do that, even books I wouldn't have chosen come alive in the private theatre in my head.

QUESTION 3: What’s the first book you remember reading?

Mia: I know this isn't the first book I read, but this one really made an impression on me because it opened my mind to the idea of paranormal events. It was A WRINKLE IN TIME by Madeline L'Engle. Despite the dismal first line--honest to Pete, she started with "It was a dark and stormy night."--the story opened a new world for me.

QUESTION 4:  Where do you read and how often?

Mia: A couple years ago I'd never have believed it, but I'm addicted to reading on my phone. I have a Kindle app and the reason I love it is because wherever I am, I have a book to read. And my library fits neatly into my pocket, so I can read anytime, anywhere.

QUESTION 5: Who’s your favorite villain?

Mia: Boromir from Lord of the Rings. Even though he tries to steal the ring, he has a good motivation for his bad behavior and Tolkien very thoughtfully redeemed him by letting him die in defense of Frodo and the Ring. Of course, it also doesn't hurt that he was played by the drool-worthy Sean Bean.

QUESTION 6: OK, this question has nothing to do with stories, but are you a dog person or cat person?

 Mia: Over the years I've had lots of different pets--dogs, cats, horses, fish, tadpoles and one gerbil I thought would never die. But I have to say I love my dogs the best. It's hard to beat that unconditional devotion. Here's a picture of my current pack: Mack the Wonderdog (we wonder what kind of terrier he is) and Prince Harry, some sort of long-haired dachshund mix. They are both rescue dogs and are great writing buddies.


I'll be giving a random commenter a print edition of Plaid Tidings, my Scottish Christmas story that just came out. Take your pick of the questions I answered above and answer one or more about yourself. I'll be posting the winner on my blog on Sunday, so be sure to drop by. Here's a bit about the story:

Christmas in the Highlands...

Not any dashing English lord’s idea of a good time. But now that Lord Alexander Mallory has won a Scottish estate in a hand of cards, he is the unlikely laird of the wild, snowy Bonniebroch. Worse yet, the ancient pile of stones comes with a betrothal. To a fiery red-headed virgin. And a curse.

Alex will have his hands full honoring the first, seducing the second and breaking the third … all by Twelfth Night.

Don't want to wait? Order yours now!
Print: Amazon | B&N | BAM | Indiebound | BookDepository
Ebook: Kindle | Nook | iBooks | Kobo | ARe

I love connecting with readers. You can find me at Twitter, Facebook and kicking back and putting up my feet at my cyber-home, . Hope you'll drop by for excerpts, contests and all the latest.

And here's hoping you too get lost in a book! 

Thursday, October 24, 2013


by Deb Werksman
Editorial Manager
Sourcebooks Casablanca 
This material was complied by a colleague and may in the future appear on our Sourcebooks NEXT blog.  Can't wait to hear what YOU think!

A look at sales distribution shows majority of exposure is still in print.

We believe in authors and we believe in books – and that those books should be available whenever and however readers want. Just as important, though, is WHEREVER readers want.

There’s obviously been a lot of emphasis on the proliferation of ebooks—especially in the romance genre, which has one of the highest percentages of ebook sales.  To find out just how much, though, we started digging into the sales of three authors whose books released in the same month this spring to find out exactly where their books were going. Surprise—more than half of the distribution for these three romance authors is in print!


A couple of caveats: this represents sell-in not sell-through except in the case of ebooks, which are recorded sales. The purple on the graphs above represent all ebooks.  The light blue is print books sold by Amazon.  The green are accounts where majority of sales are going to libraries, but could also have indie bookstore and other sales. The full size of the pie is not proportional from author to author (i.e. Author A has about twice the sales of author C, but the full pie is the same size for consistency).
So what do we take away from this?
·         Without a print edition, an author can be missing more than 50% of her audience.

·         Author C is relatively new, but got a starred review and some major attention in trade publications, which obviously had a huge impact in her distribution to libraries.

·         Author C also does some indie self-publishing, which made us think her ebook sales would be higher.

·         When Wal-Mart and Target are not part of the mix, Barnes & Noble and libraries are roughly equal, and there, ebooks can be more than 50%.
Is this surprising to you? Let us know what you think.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Celebrating a New Series for Sourcebooks + Giveaway

I'm so excited to share my good news! Deb Werksman offered a contract for my new Historical Irish Western Trilogy set in Golden, Colorado in the late 1870s the day before I left for the NJRW Conference this past weekend.

It seems that Deb and I have this Karmic connection through NJRW. We met for the first time a few years ago waiting in line desperate for a cup of tea, but I didn't realize she was an editor until she asked what my friend and I were writing. At the time I had a hot contemporary cowboy story that I had just finished, and she asked for the full ms.

Fast forward a few years, and I'm two months away from releasing my sixth book with Sourcebooks, my fifteenth book,WELCOME BACK TO APPLE GROVE. This is the third story in my small town contemporary romance set in the fictional town of Apple Grove, Ohio. 

I'm celebrating my good news by giving away an ARC of my December release. Here's an excerpt:

     “What’s going on here?”

     He held his hands up and struggled not to smile. “I have no idea.”

     She stalked toward him and drilled her finger into the middle of his chest. “You’re lying.”

     He clenched his jaw and tamped down the instinctive reaction those words always caused—like a match to a stick of dynamite —but he refused to lose his temper with her. “I don’t lie.”

     Her face paled and her hand dropped to her side. “I’m sorry, Patrick—it’s just that I’ve been…” Her words trailed off and it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she’d been about to say.      
     Someone had lied to Grace, someone important enough to have hurt her.  The need to pound the living daylights out of whoever had left such a deep mark on Grace filled him. It was a struggle to keep silent, but he sensed that his reaction to her words was important.

     He wanted to reach out and touch her but shoved his hands into his pockets instead. “There are usually two reasons people lie.”

     Grace’s eyes filled. “There’s never a reason to lie.”

     He took his hands out of his pockets and clenched them at his sides. He almost lost the battle against his will not to touch her—yet.

     She wiped the tears with the backs of her hands and lifted her chin, daring him to contradict her.

     He eased a half step closer, all the while watching her expressive eyes. “In my experience,” he said slowly, “people lie because they are afraid to tell the truth for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.”

     He pressed a finger to her lips and felt their trembling in his gut. Need filled him, want nearly had him on his knees, begging. He felt his throat constrict as desire for Grace slashed through him.              
     Strengthening his resolve, he said, “And they lie because they don’t care enough to tell someone the truth.”

     His mother had been right when she’d told him that the eyes were the windows to the soul. He saw so much in the grass-green eyes watching him. A long ago hurt she struggled with—from her childhood when she’d lost her mother or more recent than that? Had the guy she’d brought to Meg and Dan’s the last time he’d seen her done something to hurt her?

     A tiny spark of hope flickered in the depths of her eyes. He moved to close the gap between them. He wrapped his arms around her and fought not to groan aloud as her soft curves fit against him. Did fate and destiny have more in mind for him now that he’d stopped running from his past? Reveling in the feel of Grace Mulcahy in his arms, he tried to remember the snippets of conversation he’d heard but couldn’t remember how long she’d dated the guy or when it had ended. Maybe it was because he hadn’t been attracted to her too-thin form. But this new womanly version caught him by the throat and wouldn’t let go.

     “I don’t lie, Grace. My mom taught us not to, and no matter how much what I have to say might hurt someone, I won’t gloss over the truth, not even for a woman with eyes the color of shamrocks and lips begging me to kiss them.”

     Grace slid her hands up his back and over his shoulders, pulling him flush against her. He felt her generous curves pressing against him and had to close his eyes; he didn’t want to scare her away with the depth of the need raking through him.

     “I’m not begging you to kiss me,” she mumbled against his collarbone.

     He eased her back and locked gazes with her. “Oh no?”

     Her mouth curved into a smile. “Begging’s not the same as wanting.” She pressed her lips to his jaw and he groaned.

     “Wanting could lead to begging, Grace.” He slid his hand down to the base of her spine and slowly up again, delighting in the way her body quivered beneath his touch.

     He stroked his hands along her shoulders and down to her wrists, manacling them. “Will you let me kiss you, Grace?”

     He wanted so much more than a kiss but would be damned if he’d give in to his body’s clamoring like a teenager. He’d savor every step of his seduction of Grace Mulcahy.

     When she realized he’d captured her hands as effectively as if he’d handcuffed them, her eyes changed to a deeper hue as desire and want filled them.

     “May I?” He brushed his thumbs against the underside of her wrists and felt her pulse pounding there.

     She tilted her face up. Green eyes glowing, she whispered, “Please.”

Here's what reviewers are already saying:

"C.H. Admirand has a gift of writing engaging comfort stories with beloved characters I find myself rooting for. Keep them coming, C.H.!" Chere, Amazon Reviewer
"Admirand continues to match strong, sensuous romance with realistic situations in a fun small-town setting. Fans of Debbie Macomber who also like some heat with their romance-along with recipes-will devour this thoughtful series." Amy Alessio, Booklist
"The dialogue is quick, often funny and perfectly fitting for a charming small town. Prepare to lose yourself in this beautiful story of friends who discover that sometimes "the one" is right in front of you." Eve Polak, RT 4-/2 Stars

"Absolutely fantastic third book set in Apple Grove...I loved this book and the series. There is nothing better than small town America." Terri, Night Owl Reviews

"If a new story by Admirand is due to hit the shelves, you can bet that I am eager to get a copy in my greedy little hands. I always look forward to Admirand’s stories."  Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews ~ 4-1/2 Stars

If you'd like a chance to win the ARC, please remember to include your email address when you leave your comment. will be picking the winner tonight. :)

Happy Reading!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fill Up that E-Reader! by Sara Humphreys

Who loves a sale? This girl does!

(Thanks to Kimberly Radicy-Rocha from the Book Obsessed Chicks for taking this pic at the NJRWA conference--which was super fun!)

So if you love a sale and you love to read romance, then you've got to get over to Amazon for their Big Deal sale! We're talking about some awesome books that are on sale now for only $1.99! That's like getting three books for the price of one. 

Can you say awesome?

As fate would have it, myself and some of the Casababes have books in the Big Deal sale--
which runs through 10/27! 

There's a little something for everyone so come on by and get whatever tickles your pleasure.

Love sexy vampires?

How about werewolves?

How about a regency era romance?

Some historical romance?

So what are you waiting for? Swing on over and grab any or all of these books for only $1.99 each!!
Barnes and Noble is also offering the sale price so you can get them on Nook as well. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

A Little Down Time with Samantha Grace

Last week I turned in the second book to my new series, Rival Rogues, and I'm just now hitting that sweet spot where I can finally sit back and relax for a bit. Every time I finish a book, it takes me a few days to shake the sense I should be writing instead of goofing around. (Does anyone remember feeling that way after finals in school?) As soon as reality sets in that the book is really finished, all those things on my to-do list start screaming for me to pay attention to them. Groceries, laundry, errands, emails to answer, calls to return, appointments I've been avoiding... And then once I've whittled down the list, blessed freedom comes. I know it's short-lived, because soon there will be revisions to make, a blogging tour, and another book to write, but I've learned to appreciate this time and use it to recharge.

Here are some of the ways I've been enjoying my time off:

1) Playing "Just Dance 4" on the Wii with my daughter. We had a blast last night doing the battle rounds. And dancing to "Time Warp" from Rocky Horror Picture Show was so much fun. It was great to just be silly and laugh for a while.

2) Organizing my office. I know that probably doesn't sound like much fun, but I love jobs I can finish is a fairly short amount of time and start seeing results immediately. I also like finding things that remind me of the past. I found a picture of my son from fourth grade dressed as Darth Vader for Halloween, and it reminded me of the Darth Vader cake I made for his birthday party that year. I made a cake in a dome shaped bowl and attached the mask to it so it looked like Darth Vader's head on a platter. Then we hummed the Darth Vader march theme as I carried in the cake instead of singing happy birthday. 

3) Watching "The Walking Dead" with my son. We always get a kick out of KFC being the sponsor. There will be a gross scene, then right after that there will be an announcement "Sponsored by KFC". I know it's a popular show, but I wouldn't think it would boost fried chicken sales. Of course, I could be wrong. 

4) Reading. I have so many books on my Kindle, not to mention two full bookcases of books I haven't had time to crack open. It has been nice to read in bed at night without it triggering an anxiety attack. Only two more weeks until my deadline and I have twenty-five thousand words to go. Can't breathe

5) Catching a matinee at the cinema. My daughter and I saw "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2" today. It was a cute movie, and we both enjoyed it.

This week I'm getting a haircut. I also want to schedule a massage, and I had planned on a pedicure, but I jammed my toe Friday so that's going to have to wait. 

How do you like to spend your free time?  

Just in case you're curious, here's what I have coming in January!

From the betting book at Brooks Gentleman’s Club:
Wager: £2,000 that Lord Ellis will throw the first punch when he discovers Lord Thorne is wooing a certain duke’s sister.

All bets are off when the game is love
Lady Gabrielle is thrilled when she learns Anthony Keaton, Earl of Ellis, wants to ask for her hand in marriage. She’s not so pleased when he then leaves the country and four months pass without a word. Clearly, the scoundrel has changed his mind and is too cowardly to tell her. There’s nothing to do but go back on the marriage mart…

When Anthony returns to Town and finds his ultimate rival has set sights on Gabby, his continual battle of one-upmanship with Sebastian Thorne ceases to be a game. Anthony is determined to win back the woman who holds his heart--but he’s not expecting Gabby herself to up the stakes…

Now available on NetGalley. 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Meet Pikachu, my new little puppy!

I have to start with the bad news first, and I hate posting anything negative on any blog, so I'll make it quick. I lost my dear Chihuahua, Precious, last month, due to a breathing condition pretty much brought about by old age. She died in my arms, and it about broke my heart. I loved that little dog.
I knew no other dog could replace her, but I began to look at rescue dogs, cause it somehow felt as if her death would be more meaningful if it brought about a loving home for another dog who really needed one. And so we found Pikachu, a Chihuahua mix, (and I keep guessing as to the other part. She has soft fluffy hair, so I'm thinking Pomeranian?) Anyway, she had a rough start, barely escaping euthanasia. Her rescue name was Fergie, and if you have the stomach for it, you can read about her journey here:

I found her on the following website, and it was such a thrill to see the words ADOPTED, and know that I was the one they referred to:

And now for the best part. PUPPY PICTURES!! Below are pictures of what our happy, energetic adorable mutt looks like now.

And not to forget my dear, old sweet Baggins, who was bewildered by the absence of Precious, the dog she grew up with, and horrified by the wiggling, biting, (I'm working on it, it's play-biting, but Pikachu has sharp little teeth) rambunctious critter we brought home. Here she is, looking at Pikachu (you read the expression in her eyes):

I'm happy to say that last night, the two dogs actually played together. I think Baggins will be much happier in the long run with another dog in the house. She just doesn't know it yet.

My Magical Best,

Friday, October 18, 2013

The Call is only the beginning...

By Cheryl Brooks

Earlier this week, Ashlyn Chase talked about the secret to getting published. Unfortunately, getting "The Call" is only the first step in the long road to seeing your book on the shelf.

I accepted the offer for Cat Star #10, Rascal, last July. I'd submitted the proposal, which consisted of two chapters and a bare-bones synopsis. Then I wrote the book. I sent the finished manuscript to my editor on the March 1, 2013 deadline. Near the end of March, I was asked for the launch materials, which include a fifty word positioning statement, a 250 word synopsis, a full synopsis of 2500 words or less, my biography, and character descriptions. I sent those back near the beginning of April.

Didn't hear much until near the end of April when I was told the title had been changed to Renegade and the book would be released in July 2014. Apparently they wanted something more "alpha male-sounding" than Rascal.

Some of you may recall that Renegade was the original title of Cat Star #7, Virgin. I think the main reason they didn't want Renegade as the title was because it wouldn't fit on the cover in the same font as the other books. Not sure why it was okay for book 10 and not book 7, but I don't get to sit in on those discussions.

I objected to that title change, but to reopen the titling process, I had to come up with ten new suggestions. I sent a list of eleven titles, of which Rebel was my first choice.

Didn't hear a thing until I got my bookmarks for RWA Nationals in July, which had the title (Rebel) and release date (July 2014) on them. I received the first round of edits near the end of August. I've been working on them since then and will be turning them in on November 1st.

In early September, I received the first version of the cover. I loved it!

Then it was decided that the title would be more eye-catching spelled out in fuchsia. Aside from the fact that fuchsia isn't a particularly masculine color, I thought it clashed with Onca's hair, so I, um, fussed. Then I was given the option of choosing between the two previous versions plus one that was more of a royal blue.

Guess which one I went with.

Once the edits are turned in and my editor approves them, the manuscript will go to the copyeditor. The copyedited version will then be sent to me to read through and edit. After that, the manuscript will be formatted into the mass market-sized pages, and I'll receive a PDF of it, which is known as a galley. This is the version that is printed in the advance copies (ARCs) that are sent out to reviewers. The galley is then sent to a proofreader, and then it comes back to me. I'll read through the galley and make corrections, after which it goes to another proofreader. Then in late June, I'll receive my author copies and the book will go on sale, probably on the first Tuesday in July.

So there you have it! Two years from inception to print. Since I first turned in that manuscript, I've self-published a four-book erotic romance series and started writing a new paranormal romantic suspense series. Plus, I've written an outline for the first book in a spinoff series to the Cat Star Chronicles and have received an offer for two erotic romance novels.

*sigh* Is it any wonder authors can't always tell you how many books they've written?

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Orange is the new black

Me, checking out a
future roads project
Let's hope orange isn't really the new black because orange suits very few people (I’m not one of those people, I know this because I’ve worn my share of fluorescent vests for the day job).

However I think I’d look good in a Tough Mudder headband, so in 10 days I will be slogging my through 20km of obstacles earning a coveted orange headband. 

Now he looks good in orange ;)
While I’m in my final week of training you could be going in the draw to win an ARC of this lovely orange book, Lord of the Hunt

These two seemingly unrelated orange things actually have a lot on common.
Guys with muscles (I’m sure there will be plenty at Tough Mudder).
A start, an end…there will probably even be a black moment about 15 km in where I feel like giving up because I’ll never make it…

But you don’t have to crawl through mud, jump in an ice bath or get zapped to win an ARC all you have to do is leave a comment (I know, it’s almost too easy) to go in the draw! 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Secret to getting published

As an author, I've been asked "How did you get published?" a lot. I have a couple of pat answers for people who don't really know me, and they're perfectly good answers. Just not complete answers.

1) The long answer. I say, "Write a book. Submit your queries and while you're waiting to hear from all the agents and editors that you (of course) researched to be sure you've targeted the right people, write another book. Rinse and repeat until someone asks to see more. Send the best proposal or full manuscript you're capable of crafting at that time. (Be sure it's whatever they ask for, exactly as they ask for it, and no more or less than what they ask for.) Write another book. Rinse and repeat until you get an offer. I don't go beyond that point, because people don't really want to know about contracts, etc. They just want to know how to get 'the call'.

2) My other answer is, "Work your tail off, and Don't. Give. Up." It's just a more succinct way of saying the same thing. 

I promised you the secret. The one that I don't share unless I'm in the mood to go out on a limb. Well, I'm in the mood, so here it is-It's the law of attraction. If you want it so bad you can taste it, visualize it, and believe in it, you can attract it. If you haven't heard of The Secret, it's time to look into it. I get a quote from the author delivered to my inbox regularly. Here's the one I got today:

A Secret Scrolls message from Rhonda Byrne
Creator of The Secret

From The Secret Daily Teachings Your body is exactly like a movie projector, and the film running through the projector is all of your thoughts and feelings. Everything you see on the screen of your life is what has been projected from within you, and is what you have put into the film.
By choosing higher thoughts and feelings you can change what you see on the screen at any time. You have complete control of what goes into your film!
I like that. I can relate to it. I believe we can rewrite or revise our lives anytime we want to. Life is change. In one of my bios I talk about writers having a theme, whether they're aware of it or not. My theme involves characters who reinvent themselves.

Two questions for you...Authors...Do you know what your theme is? What message seems to show up in all of your books? Readers...What do you really want to know about how an author gets published? Or have you ever thought about it?"

Another question I'm asked is "How many books have you written?" The answer is "I don't know. I'm too busy working on the next one to stop and count." Here's my latest:
Links to all the books available on Amazon and B&N as of this wiriting:

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