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Don't Cry Wolf Video Trailer

There's something to be said about any species who truly care about one another--not that there's this primal urge to mate with another and that's the extent of the relationship--like in so many kinds of animals. Procreation of the species, a biological urge, nothing more. But like with wolves that for the most part mate for life, it's really nice to know that some species feel so close to one another when they choose a mate, it's forever. :)

So I dedicate the Don't Cry Wolf video book trailer to any species of animal that takes their mate relationship seriously--and loves them forever. :)

Terry, who is still taking care of a sick mother, who is getting better though, because she's demanding lots more...LOL......

Heart of the Wolf, Don't Cry Wolf, Betrayal of the Wolf, Allure of the Wolf


  1. Cooooool! You've made another video trailer! The pictures are beautiful, too. You're so creative, Terry, and I'm really looking forward to reading the book. What an unexpected treat for my morning.

  2. Thanks, Christina and Danielle! I'm off to work in a few minutes, but I wanted to make sure the video was working this morning. I wasn't sure last night when I uploaded everything! :) Thanks again--they're a blast to make. Can't wait to make the next two!! But need the hunky book covers first!! :)

  3. Thanks, Michele Ann. You slipped in while I was replying to the other ladies! :)

  4. The book sounds great
    I enjoyed the trailer

  5. What fun!

    How did you choose the music

  6. Thanks, ladies!

    Mary Margret, I just go through the music Kevin MacLeod offers and find the sound that suits the book. :)


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