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Top Five Myths About the Glamorous Life of an Author

Five Myths About the Glamorous Life of an Author:

5.    That it’s glamorous at all. There are waaaay too many pairs of sweatpants involved for my life to be considered glamorous.

4.    That I lounge around, waiting for the muse to strike. Yeah…if I did that, I wouldn’t have completed even a full chapter. As with most jobs, the bulk of writing is drudgery. It’s a drudgery that I love and wouldn’t give up for any other job, but still…drudgery.

3.    That after I write the first draft of a book, my editor moves a few commas around, and then it’s ready for publication. Nope. My books change a LOT during edits. I’d say a third gets completely rewritten. If rough drafts were houses, mine wouldn’t be move-in ready. They’d be fixer-uppers (the super-scary, get-out-before-something-falls-on-us kind of fixer-uppers).

2.    That I control covers, blurbs, titles, pricing, sales, and other promo stuff. My marvelous publisher takes care of those things. When my inner micromanager rears her ugly head, I try to follow the kindergarten motto: “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.” It usually works.

1.    That there’s some kind of fame involved. When I dropped off a set of my Rocky Mountain Search & Rescue books at my tiny local library, the librarian gave me an up-and-down look and asked, “You’re the author?” In her defense, I was wearing my Elmer Fudd hat. In my defense, it was very cold outside.

SURVIVE THE NIGHT (Book 3 in the Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series) is out Feb. 6, 2018!

 Survive the Night out Feb 6


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