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A Very Jaguar Christmas Coming Oct 4! And 5 Free Books!!

I'm working on White Wolf Christmas now, and need to decide what's next in the series. Billionaire!
White Wolf? Not sure what have to give it some thought!

In the meantime, getting ready for the release of A Very Jaguar Christmas where the jaguars and wolves' world turn upside down because of one little Arctic wolf pup!

And I'm still gardening, more watermelons and bell peppers on the way. And I'm photographing everything from jaguars at the San Diego Zoo (RWA conference), butterflies at the botanical gardens, or in my own yard, and trying to capture the busy little hummingbirds hovering so fast and zipping about my flowers in shots. But here are a couple of special photos I captured while I was in San Diego, at home, and Scotland last September.

Jaguar, San Diego Zoo
Monarch Butterfly, San Diego Botanical Gardens
Calf having Supper at Sunset, Neist Point Lighthouse overlook, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Skipper Butterfly in my Garden

Have a super great day!!!

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