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Those Autumn Nights...During Summer

Last fall, I had the chance to work on a historical romance anthology with authors Shana Galen, Vanessa Kelly, and Kate Noble. I’m delighted to call all these ladies my friends—but before I got to know them at all, I was a reader and fan of their work. As you can imagine, it was a lot of fun working with them. 

The result? An anthology called A Gentleman for All Seasons. We each set a novella during a different season of the year, with locations, characters, and events peeking into the different novellas to unify them.

But. Each novella can also stand on its own, and so we’ve got some choices for readers. Maybe you want the whole anthology? Great! Go for it! But if you just want one of the novellas? We’re offering that choice too. Within the next few months, we will all re-publish our novellas as stand-alone titles. The anthology will still be available, but now readers can pick and choose if they want to.

My novella, Those Autumn Nights, is the first to come out. Ok, maybe I should have waited until fall to reissue it, but the weather here is so. Hot. Right now I could use a little reminder of autumn drizzle and castles of ancient stone, heated by fire and...well, I'll let you read the rest for yourself. Those Autumn Nights is a second-chance-at-love story, and it's available now! For a short time, you can grab it at the discounted price of only 99 cents.

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Next week, Shana's novella--The Summer of Wine and Scandal--will be out. Kate's will be available soon after, and Vanessa’s holiday historical will be out in the fall. If you want to read them all, of course, the anthology is still available.

Happy reading! And wherever you are, I hope the weather is nice. :) 


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