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If Life Hadn't Happened by Linda Broday

Unlike some, I always wanted to be writer from the time I could read and I'm so grateful for the chance to fulfill my dream. Telling stories and creating story people is the most rewarding thing I've ever done.

My path started back in school. English (of course) was my favorite subject with history a close second. I loved when an assignment included writing a short story. I remember clearly one I wrote called The Sugar Bowl about a colony of ants who decided to play a game of football in a family's sugar bowl.

Then there was one about a squirrel who teased a dog mercilessly until the dog finally had enough and taught the squirrel a lesson that he almost lived to regret.

But, my favorite things to write are my western romances. These stories and the characters are so deeply embedded inside me. I feel I can reach out and touch them. With them living in my head, talking and laughing and keeping me awake, it's no wonder they become like family. I celebrate their joys and cry when they're heartbroken.
I often think about what I might've done if the writing bug hadn't bit me. I know it would have something to do with books.

I'd have been a librarian or bookstore owner. Libraries are magical places. As a child, I wanted to live in one. You might say I almost did because of the time I spent at the local library. I wanted to read every book and discover all the worlds and the people on each page. Books opened up totally new schools of thought sometimes and I learned a lot about what true love was from stories I read.

Books are everything to me, no doubt about it. If I haven't convinced you, you should see my bookshelves!

So are you satisfied with the way things turned out for you? What would you have been if life hadn't happened?

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  1. Great topic, Linda! I think I would have done something with animals--a vet or rescue worker or something like that.

    1. Hi Shana! Glad you enjoyed my post. I can see you as an animal rescuer. You're so compassionate and an advocate for the helpless. I am too to a degree. I hate to see either an animal or a child suffer.

      Wishing you much success!

  2. It's fabulous you can do what you love. Me? An opera singer: la la la la. Too bad I can't sing though.

    1. Hi Sally! Thank you for commenting. The world definitely needs more opera singers. And with enough practice and dedication I believe anything is possible. You just need a good voice coach.

      Wishing you much success!


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