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That's So Romantic!

Happy Valentine's Day from the Casablanca Authors! Today we're chatting about what says romance to us.

Shana Galen
For me, it's thoughtfulness, like when my husband pours me a glass of wine because he can see I've had a hard day or empties the dishwasher without me asking. I appreciate a nice box of chocolates and flowers too! Grand gestures are fabulous (I want to read about some!), but romance is in the small things for me.

Gina Conkle
I'm with Shana, small gestures and kindness make my heart sing. I knew Brian (my husband) was The One because being with him I felt understood. He paid attention to what made me happy. He listened and responded in ways that told me he got me...he knew what made me tick. I was bowled over when we were dating and he'd show up at my apartment to cook a nice dinner for me.

The romance lives on. He'll notice changes in my mood and say, "You need some alone time, don't you?" That's code for: You want to go read a book in a quiet place. Sometimes he even surprises me with a book like the one below.

The Viking Art of War doesn't cry romance for many people, but it does for me. That's what makes the difference. My Love gets me.

Here's hoping your love "gets you"...all 365 days of the year.
Happy Valentine's Day ~ Gina

Jane Ashford

Pre-planning a big event or evening is romantic to me. Someone who puts in the time and thought to make something marvelous happen. Years ago I arrived in London after a long flight to find that Andrew had ordered a lovely cold supper to be laid out in our room at the Connaught Hotel. With champagne and flowers to greet me. Very romantic!

Amanda Forester

I love it when my sweetheart does something to show that he knows me so well that he can give me something unique that only he knows I would like.  So special.  Or he can just get me chocolate, lots of chocolate.  Hey, that's special!

Terry Spear

See, even trolls and frogs can find romance! I think romance can be found anywhere at anytime--sunrise, sunsets, walks on a beach. One of the most romantic sights I ever saw that  has stuck with me until this day was a gray-haired couple walking hand in hand on a sugar white beach while the sun was setting. That's the ultimate romance to me--when it lasts forever.

Linda Broday

Love is being with someone over the long haul, sharing the good times and the bad, staying when it's easier to run...and holding their hand as the light goes out of their eyes. Love is magical and precious, treasuring each moment.

Readers, let us know what you find romantic!