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It's only 360 days until Christmas!!!

A week ago the house looked like this...
A mere five days later and the poor old tree looks bare with no presents under it. For a while the house looked like this when there was a hundred dollars worth of pretty paper all torn up, wadded up and tossed to one side. I wondered if it could be ironed and reused but then thought of all the hours and I'd probably scorch it went into the big black garbage bag.

I set the scales back ten pounds but oh, no, the dang things are still weighing heavy. It has to be the toe socks. I bet they're causing all that extra weight. Red and green stripes and those fancy jeweled things on the big toes weigh at least twenty pounds, don't you think?
And poor old Santa...bless his heart is probably trying to figure out a way to write up his letter of resignation. Everything about him has been deflated from yard ornaments to his energy. Hopefully by the time Mrs. Santa has a visit with him, he will decide that he'll try it one more year but this year he and the elves are going to the local Vo-Tech and learning how to build a lighter weight game machine. The sleigh was so heavy that the reindeer had trouble keeping in the sky and Rudolph is seeing a chiropractor next week for his back trouble.
We've shopped the sales for next year. No, sir, I'm not paying full price for wrapping paper just to have it wadded up and thrown into the dumpster! And bought the last six bags of soft peppermints (they only come out at Christmas). They're hidden safely away and I'm not sharing since I was the one who had to clean up the wrapping paper mess. Next year, I can throw it away with a smile because I got it on a 90 percent off sale!
The shelves in the stores have all been cleaned off and they're restocked with...drum roll please...VALENTINE'S STUFF! I can breath easy...I think I can make the soft peppermints last until then. The shelves all look so pretty!
Candy and them both. And who doesn't like chocolate cake all decorated up with love. Just think it's only 46 DAYS until Valentine's Day!
Oh, I nearly forgot New Years! Here's hoping that next year brings all of  you happiness, health and lots of wonderful memory making days. May you forget how much the wrapping paper cost by next Christmas and regift those socks that made you weigh ten pounds more and enjoy every holiday between now and then.


  1. Isn't so sad after Christmas when all the presents are open and the tree is bare? I took everything down early this year because I'm ready for 2015!

    1. Me, too, Shana! We are enjoying the beach until Jan. 2 and then we'll go home!

  2. Wow, lovely socks. I refuse to shop for stuff until it's at least 300 days. Happy New Year.

    1. Aren't they cute but I swear they do add at least ten pounds to your weight! LOL!!!


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