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How To Be Empowered ~ by Gina Conkle

When it comes to year-end lists, I'm a happy addict. My husband jokes, "You have lists for your lists."

He's right!

I get a charge out of reading and putting into action those 10 Ways to Declutter Your House or 9 Steps to a Better Budget.

As one year comes to an end, I like taking stock and seeing what needs to be accomplished in the next one. Not all of the goals are achieved, or achieved in the timeframe I want, but life's a journey. Plans need tinkering.

This year my usual ambitious perspective veered off course. A different kind of change came.

The favorite "Holiday Adventure List" would be no more (not all my lists are task oriented...some are
loaded with fun).

Every summer, Christmas, and Spring Break for the last 14 years, our family made lists of places we wanted to explore and things we wanted to do. The ritual started when my boys were young. We made plans to visit a certain animal at the zoo or go to a bookstore. There were grand lists too, like our adventure in Scotland. Over the years, the list adapted to meet the tastes of a maturing family.

This year, my oldest son told me he's not interested. He still wants to see the occasional movie with us. And if I tell him I'm going to Barnes & Noble, I know he'll be along for the ride. Then we'll sit and talk about books awhile, but this won't be a planned event.

But, what does this have to do with being empowered?

This change made me step back and take stock in a bigger picture. We're in the middle of this decade. Where do I want to be when it ends?

So, I'm hatching my plans. Taking charge in this season of life makes me feel empowered. What do I want to accomplish in 5 years?

And, my no-more-adventure-lists son made an excel spreadsheet of colleges to investigate. "The List" is not entirely dead afterall.


What about you? Any plans or goals for the next year or the next 5 years? 

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  1. My daughter starts Kindergarten in August, so my goal is to get her settled in her elementary school. Then once I see how that affects my schedule, can start planning. I'm a list-maker like you, and the hardest thing for me has been trying to be flexible as my daughter gets older and her needs change. I think we're about to enter a period of relatively stable schedules, though. Yay!

    1. Hi Shana,
      Congratulations on Princess Galen becoming a big girl and heading off to kindergarten. What a precious time!! Go easy on yourself on those first few days of school. You might get a little blue at not having her there all the time. I get the sense the two of you have lots of fun together. And, here's to those great lists and getting much accomplished when you can!

  2. Lists will always rule. ;) Top on my list is the Hubs retiring so we can travel! Good luck finding the perfect college. Cheers.


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