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Conference Recap + Giveaway with Editor Deb Werksman

Enormous shout-out to all the authors who attended RWA Nationals this year and made it the BEST EVER!

That includes our Sourcebooks authors, who are incredibly enthusiastic and full of energy. At our hosted signing, every single author ran out of books. We were thrilled to welcome some of our newest authors into the house at our author dinner, where the food was fabulous, the good cheer was flowing (and there was a conga line to prove it), and the ride back in Cinderella horse-drawn carriages was the highlight of a truly fabulous evening.

We are grateful to all the bestselling authors who brought their wisdom, experience and valuable information to share with the entire community.

And, we loved meeting aspiring authors who came to learn, to grow, and to perfect their craft.

The Sourcebooks team had nonstop meetings with buyers, reviewers, agents, editors and industry professionals from around the globe, exploring innovative ways to connect our authors with their readers. And when we weren’t doing that, we were attending panel after panel, learning and discovering more about readers, the current state of the Romance market, and the future of publishing.

We couldn’t be more proud of Carolyn Brown, who took home a Booksellers’ Best Award for The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby. Congratulations Samantha Grace,  BBA nominee for Lady Vivian Defies a Duke.

Our own Susanna Kearsley won a National Readers’ Choice Award AND the RITA in Paranormal Romance for The Firebird. Anyone who hasn’t read Susanna yet should get in touch with me directly: and I will arrange to get you an ebook. You’re gonna be a lifelong fan!

Our other nominees for the NCRA were Julie Ann Walker (Born Wild) and Sara Humphreys was a DOUBLE NCRA finalist for Tall, Dark and Vampire and Undone.

Julie Ann Walker (Thrill Ride), Grace Burrowes (Darius) and Julia London (The Bridesmaid) were also up for RITAs.

Cheryl Brooks was up for a PRISM for Wildcat, the 9th in the Cat Star Chronicles series.

Come to think of it, I think I’ll give away any of these Award nominated titles as well—Tweet about this giveaway @debwerksman and I’ll set you up! When you experience our authors’ books, you’re gonna love ‘em.  

Sara Humphreys generously ran RWA Club Fitness  every day at 6 am. I had a theory that if I worked out every single day, one of my authors would win a RITA. It worked! (I also lost an entire pound, in spite of mass quantities of tortilla chips and queso dip.) Kudos to Denny Bryce, too, who worked out with us at RT and took home a Golden Heart at RWA. So you see, it even has long-term benefits.

But seriously, we are so proud of all our rock star authors—you inspire us!

We are always looking for amazing single title romance fiction. Submission guidelines are here.


  1. And your enthusiasm inspires us, Miz Deb! Congrat's to everyone who was a finalist or who won an award...with big hugs going to Susanna...that RITA is beautiful and her speech made me go misty eyed!

  2. It was such a delight to meet the Sourcebooks team at RWA! Thanks for a wonderful dinner (not to mention the chips and guacamole!). This was my first time at Nationals, and I'm already looking forward to the next.

  3. Great conference, great night with my Sourcebooks family. Congratulations to Carolyn Brown and Susanna Kearsley! Thanks so much for a wonderful RWA!

  4. Congrats ladies. Esp. Carolyn Brown - love your work.

    Don't tweet, so can't enter contest.


  5. Congratulations! And that Cinderella carriage looks like too much fun.

  6. Congratulations to everyone. I wish I could have been there. Looks like I missed a lot if fun!

  7. Congratulations to everyone, very well deserved. What an awesome honor. :)
    Tweeted- @FredrickLynn

  8. Congrats Deb, to you and the Sourcebooks team! RWA looks like tons of fun (especially the Cinderella carriage ride!) :-)

    Hope I tweeted it right, I'm @TweetEBird77

  9. I wish I could have been there in San Antonio with all of you, looks like I missed tons of fun! Tweeted @SecretNinja27

  10. It was so much fun to meet everyone who attended the dinner. Thank you for making me feel so welcome. I'm super excited to join the ranks of Sourcebooks authors, especially since I'm a huge fangirl of so many of you.


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