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Gina's Split Personalities

Hi there, CasaFans!

I've got a confession to make... I am two people. *GASP*

Not only am I Gina Lamm, geek girl and gamer and historical romance aficionado. I am also...

Regina Cole. Mistress of Sexy. Contemporary Romance Adore-er. Penning the steamiest of erotic romances to scorch your panties.

Why do I tell you this now? Because, dear people, now Regina Cole is joining Gina Lamm in the ranks of the Sourcebooks Authors. (You may SQUEE now. I sure did. ;)

As Regina Cole, I'll be writing a contemporary erotic romance series based on an alternative metal rock band called Son of Cain. The first title, ANY WAY SHE WANTS IT, will release sometime in 2015, with the next two titles to be released shortly thereafter. Each book will follow one of the guys in the band as he fights his inner demons and wins his true love, with a lot of hot smexin' along the way.

Would you like to see the blurb for book one? Keep in mind, this is the pitch, not the actual "back of the book" matter. But it'll give you an idea of what to watch for from Miz Cole. ;)


Sons of Cain Book 1
Coming in 2015 from  Sourcebooks Publishing
intimate young couple during foreplay
Son of Cain, an alternative metal band, is skyrocketing up the charts, and Violet Phillips can’t help but be grateful she got in on the ground floor. As assistant sound engineer, she’s responsible for making sure they rock as hard as they can on their world tour. But when she sees front man Logan Lash sexing it up with two women at their inaugural after-party, she can’t get the image out of her mind. She knows it’s a bad idea to get involved with bad boy Logan, but he’s a temptation that’s hard to resist.
 Logan started Son of Cain to get away from his hometown for good. Determined to drown the pain of his past in thundering drums and thrashing guitars, he threw himself body and soul into the project. With sales climbing and a world tour booked, he’s finally making it. The party lifestyle suits him fine until Violet catches his eye. At first it’s just another f*ck, but as they ride from city to city across America, and then Europe, Logan finds himself more and more in her company. Her body is his drug, and he’s got no plans for rehab.
 But when their sexual relationship bleeds into their professional one, threatening Son of Cain’s position as best new artist, Violet loses her dream job and Logan’s forced to choose. He can either face his past and embrace the future with Violet by his side, or continue to lose himself in the music and the faces of adoring strangers. 

Tantalized? I sure hope so! 
In the meantime,  you can check out my Regina Cole website here. I'm also on the Tweeterz, and the BookFace. I like new friends, so come on over and let's chat!
And don't worry, Gina Lamm's not going anywhere. (Good grief, it's so weird to talk about myselves in the third person.) I'll still be writing time travel and historical romance as well as the erotic stuff. There's enough love for two of me, right? ;) 
In the meantime, tell me who your favorite rockband is!


  1. Congrats on the new contract, Gina! My favorite band. I'm a huge KISS fan.

    1. Thanks so much, Victoria!! Who doesn't love KISS? ;)

  2. How cool is this/! I am thrilled to hear this, Gina :) I love reading your books, and I know I'm going to love your new band :)

    1. Yay! Thanks so much, Christy! I hope you do. I'm so excited to be writing these. :)

  3. Double identities! Love it and good for you :-)

  4. I am horrible at remembering authors with different names lol. I should keep a list! Fleetwood Mac for one.

  5. Hi Gina,
    Congratulations on your double life and the new series! The closest favorite band/musician I have is Loreena McKennit. Lately Fitz and The Tantrums have caught my interest (especially the song "Moneygabber"). Rock on, Gina! :-)


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