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The Theme of This Christmas

You remember the part in A CHRISTMAS STORY when poor Ralphie gets that hideous bunny suit?

Well, nothing like that happened to me this Christmas. All of my presents were awesome. They usually are. ...And I've noticed that Christmases seem to have different themes every year. One year, books, another movies, another, music, ... and cats.

This year I think the theme was warmth.

There was warmth of spirit with the gift of an awesome ratchet from my uncle, a note from my father that parts for my precious car would be forthcoming, custom erasers for my drawing projects from my best friend, and 10 copies of my book to use in giveaways from my roommate, a Nine Inch Nails concert tee from my brother, and other awesome gifts that were well thought out.

Then I received an awesome set of fuzzy indoor socks from my stepmother, snow pants, gloves, and thick outdoor socks from my friend, and the softest blanket imaginable from my grandmother. Everyone seemed to know that I had few warm clothes.

But my favorite part of Christmas is of course the giving. I gave my brother a gigantic HELLRAISER poster, and my roommate received a bunch of stuff he needed. My son was insanely spoiled with things he'd been requesting for a long time.

I also managed to get something for every family member.

I also utilized my often neglected artistic ability to make two gifts.

Here's a scratch board I made for my best friend:

And here's a portrait I drew for my roommate. The subject is his wonderful daughter.

It warms me more than anything to see people smile when I create something for them.

What are some of the best Christmas presents you've received that you remember most? Which are some of the best you've given?

Remember that I was gifted with extra copies of my book? One lucky commenter will win a copy of BITE ME, YOUR GRACE! 


  1. Wow! You are such a fabulous artist! I got some hand warmers so I can type and keep warm. Love those!

  2. Your drawings are beautiful! It is weird how themes emerge - for our family it was wine glasses and necklaces lol. I think the season tickets to our Pittsburgh, Steelers was the best present that I gave my husband. The worst was when he gave me a rug cleaner! As a child, getting a cat was my favorite all time gift. Another was when my husband had a new wedding ring made for me after I lost the stone raking leaves. And many of the gifts my children have given me hold a special place in my heart.

  3. You are quite the artist, ma'am. Husband doesn't like to shop so his present to me is two weeks at my favorite beach in Florida this year. We are having such a good time and now my middle child and her family are arriving in the next two hours to join us for five days. What fun to see the beach for the first time through the grandkids eyes.

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  5. I received a record player this year that hit me right in the feelings. It was exactly what I'd been wanting. I got a locked a long time ago with very special pictures to me on the inside.
    I love giving gifts. I love that aha! moment you get when you find that perfect something that had their name written all over it. I think I nailed it this year ;-)
    I hope everyone is having a great holiday.


  6. Wow, those are all some awesome gifts!

  7. Great pictures! You are so talented. Sounds like you had a really great Christmas! thanks for the chance to win.

    mlawson17 at Hotmail dot com

  8. Great pictures! My best gift ever? A new saddle!

  9. Great pictures! My best gift ever? A new saddle!

  10. Oh wow, those pictures are pure talent! I remember my hubby and I, when we were dating, getting matching veggie tales t-shirts. We were kids at heart. Also, is it bad that I recall my 12 pack of Smirnoff as one of the best gifts??? :)
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