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Happy Halloween from the Casababes!

Happy Halloween from all of us at Sourcebooks Casablanca. We wanted to give all of our readers a treat, so here are a few snapshots of how we're celebrating!

Some of us are dressing up!

Bonnie Gill, Vampire Hunter (armed with crossbow), and Terry Spear, Vampire Hunter (lost her sword) Authors After Dark Vampire Ball

And some of us are taking little ones trick-or-treating.

Baby Galen as Rapunzel

And there's always pumpkin carving.

Last year, Theresa Romain's daughter Little Miss R was old enough to make her first jack-o-lantern. She drew the face…

and Mr. Romain cut it out to her specifications. Theresa can't quite decide whether it's creepy or cute.

And then there's pumpkin CARVING!
Brooklyn Ann carved Jack from the Shining

And the Megadeath mascot.

How are you celebrating?


  1. Love the pictures! I'm going out to dinner with Mr. B. It's our annual tradition...tomorrow I'll be buying half priced candy, especially candy corn. I know, I know, it's nothing but sugar! LOL

  2. My son is at the age where he's thinking he's too old for Trick-or-treating. However, he decided to humor me and let me take him.

    "I'll even give you all of my Reese's, mommy," he said generously.

    It was SO FUN! One lady thought I was his big sister and gave me candy too.

    Then we ate pizza and candy at a Halloween party and did the time warp.

    Alas, my Jack Nicholson O'lantern fell apart this afternoon so it didn't look as cool tonight.


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