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The Day After...

RWA Conference in Atlanta!
Now it's over and we're all on our way home or we've already landed and staring at a blank screen. For me, it means I'm driving home, in a nice quiet car reliving the memories and looking forward to next year in San Antonio! Here are some fabulous authors arriving at the hotel!
Cheryl stole my thunder on Saturday with her wonderful post and pictures. But hey, one can never have too many memories of four wonderful days spent in the company of awesome authors.
I'll will say they wouldn't let me and Cheryl sit together at the Sourcebooks dinner and now I'm banned from sitting beside Jade Lee. In a few years they will put a chair outside the door with a lap tray for me!
But they did let us sit together at conference. There is a non-disclosure thing that we have to sign in blood saying we will not reveal what we were talking about!

The wonderful Cathy Genna from New Jersey was awarded Bookseller of the Year and meeting her was one of the highlights of the conference. She even read my book on the airplane and we talked for three hours...yes, I did say three hours...about books, writing, selling books cowboy son did find his way into the conversation.

Of course there was the little visit with Dominique...we had such fun talking about upcoming books. AND now I realize why she was sitting on the other side of me at the dinner. She was attempting to keep me out of trouble!
There were two luncheons that absolutely sent me away with my feet two feet off the ground and ready to go home and write, write, write!
And there were lunches, coffee time and all kinds of catching up with friends!
Lovely ladies, Miz Danielle  and Miz Sara...waiting for the authors to arrive in the
Lobby for the dinner.
Loading up in the limos that took us to dinner at Southern Art...fantastic food, friends and fun! Of course what went on at the dinner has to stay at the dinner. It was another of those non-disclosure statements that we signed in blood.
We signed books at the Sourcebooks, furious and lots of fun.
Husband, aka Mr. B, had a brand new shirt!
It says (above the picture) ...Hot! Hot! Hot! and (below the picture) Reading this book: Fun, fun fun!
Sleeping with the author: Priceless!
One last thing, Deb Werksman, we missed you! And we all know that Mary Wine would never ever do a goat dance for the whole dinner party!
Until next year...


  1. This is my first time to visit this blog and I'm so glad to stumble upon it.:)
    It looks like everybody had fun. Great photos!

  2. Great pics, Carolyn! Tell me, why can't we be together at the dinner? I mean, how much trouble could we possibly get into???? It was wonderful seeing you and all the Casa Babes! Can't wait until next year!

  3. Great t-shirt on Mr. B and what fun pictures, thanks for sharing.

  4. Where do you post your winners of your blogs? Just wondering.


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