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RomCon at Colorado Springs

One of my wolf packs is from Colorado, Silver Town, a makeshift place partly based on the quaint silver mining town of Telluride where I've skied before. For RomCon, I visited Colorado Springs.

I'd wished I'd seen the wolf reserve one hour from there while I was there!

Unfortunately, fires were raging in parts of the area. So I managed to take a picture of the mountains in the morning. By afternoon and evening, the smoke is like a thick fog. Two people have died in the fires so they're treating it as homicide. Over a hundred houses destroyed.

The wildlife and acres of trees are being lost. No one knows if they're being set on purpose or if it's carelessness or an act of nature. It's devastating for everyone no matter the reasons for the fires.

They said the mountains are normally crystal clear, but with the haze of smoke, this is how it looks even in the morning at its best.
 Here are the Colorado City Skies at sunset--I thought the clouds meant rainclouds and maybe they'd get some relief. But they're clouds of smoke. I found it difficult to breathe at night with all the smoke in the hotel rooms and throughout the area.

 Not only do people lose their homes, but animals living in the wilderness do as well. It's a terrible loss to all. And the air we all breathe is being fouled as well.

I saw this when I was packing up and thought it ironic. Could barely breathe at night it was so smoky.

On the flight back, I'd totally forgotten that night was super to be when the supermoon was visible. But I looked out at the sky and there it was. 9:15 at night over Texas.

I think the lady across the aisle from me on the plane thought I was nuts, but I had to capture a picture of the supermoon--a full moon that is closest to earth once in about every 14 cycles of the full moon.

August 10, 2014, I need to have my camera ready for the next one, but I doubt I'll catch one in flight like that again!

The wolves are having a howling good time. Not that wolves actually howl more at a full moon. My wolves always have a howling good time. :)

Aren't the supermoon shots beautiful!

Texas night sky--9:15 at night, supermoon in distance while flying overhead.

Happy Thursday!

Did you get a chance to see the supermoon on Sunday?

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."


  1. Oh,'ve got to twist my arm to go to RomCon! I've never been! Loved the pictures that you've shared!

  2. They'll have it at a new location in Colorado next year! I'm going to Authors After Dark, another new one for me in August. Trying to keep up with edits, new book deadlines and the new blog tour coming up for Jaguar Fever. Why did I think I could go to 4 conferences also???

    But they're a LOT of fun. :)

  3. The conference sounds fantastic and a bit dramatic with the fires going on nearby. So sad and heartbreaking. I did see the Supermoon. It was amazing.

  4. A lot of the events were fun. :) Great meals, super signing. The moon was fantastic. Good wolf moon. :)

  5. HI Terry. I've never been to RomCon. Sounds like a blast lest the forest fires.

    Next time, find the wolf conservatory. You won't regret it.

  6. I got to see the moon on Saturday. There were too many clouds on Sunday. :( That con sounded like so much fun! I can't wait to go to one!

  7. Victoria, I would love to go to the wolf conservatory, need to do that!!!

    I'm really excited about going to Authors After Dark, Brooklyn. I think it will be really fun. :)


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