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A Visit to the Rainforest! Moody Gardens Style!

Have you ever tried to grow orchids? They're gorgeous, but I haven't had any success with growing them in the house.  But just think how these beautiful flowers grow everywhere in the rainforest!  25,000-30,000 varieties. :)

 Some are truly fragrant. Think of how it would be, winding your way through the rainforest and seeing these growing in the trees wild.

 Solid? Speckled? :)

You know what waterfalls are for, right??? :)

Don't you love when something fun reminds you of something fun every time you see it? Like a waterfall in a particular rainforest jungle? :)

So I just had to get a picture of it, so I could envision, well...jungle cats beneath the waterfall. Ah...those were the days.
If you read Savage Hunger--you know what I mean--beyond the jungle are orchids and parrots and monkeys and Maya Anderson serving as a jaguar guard while you and Connor are... Well behind the's left up to your imagination.

 Wouldn't you love to  have a good feather day any day? No muss or fuss with feather styles. No dying the feathers. Just look like this no matter the weather?

 These monkeys roam free in Moody Gardens rainforest. So if they swing overhead, don't look up!
This is what you'll find in the real Amazon rainforest too--monkeys, colorful parrots, orchids and other colorful birds and flowers, and a jaguar or two!!!
Coming August 2013!

And I'm currently working on Jaguar Heat! Third book in the big sexy cat series! :)

I couldn't get any takers to go with me to the Amazon to do some research, so Moody Gardens rainforest was the next best thing!!! :)
What do you all think? Have you envisioned what it would be like under that waterfall with Connor yet??? Made him purr?
Have a super Wednesday! It's the magical hump day! And all yours!
Terry Spear
"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"


  1. Can you believe in all the years I've lived in Houston, I still haven't been to Moody Gardens? I'm going to have to fix that soon.

  2. I can, Shana! We lived in Canyon, Texas/and Amarillo, and didn't see the play Texas! at the outdoor amphitheater until friends of ours visited from Florida!!! And probably would never have done so if they hadn't come to see us!

    We visited the gardens during a tropical storm once. My daughter and son-in-law live in Houston now, so I wanted to go with them. :) They shook their heads as I kept taking pictures. :) But they're important for story research!!! :)

  3. LOVE visiting the gardens with you via pictures. And yes, ma'am, my over active imagination went plumb wild at what could go on behind that waterfall!

  4. Thanks, Carolyn. I couldn't believe how the monkey got so close just for pictures. :) He was really cute. Okay, now the question of the day is: do they have waterfalls in OK? I can't remember seeing any while I lived there...but I can just imagine one hunky cowboy behind one...with a cowgirl who's stolen his heart. :)

  5. Your post was beautiful with pictures, words, covers, and my imagination. Well-done!

  6. LOL, thanks, Amelia, glad you enjoyed!!! I just loved how vibrant everything was in the rainforest. :)

  7. Miz Terry, we live about 5 miles from Turner Falls. Will send some pictures to you...and yes, I have imagined all sorts of cowboy scenes at the falls. I don't have a wicked mind...I have a sexy imagination (Anonymous)!

  8. I needed that post today, Terry.

    After looking out the window and seeing the snowy, muddy mess that spring has created, the flowers are a welcome sight. Wait, the sun just came out. I almost missed it. Oops. Gone again. *sigh*

  9. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing, I have never tried to get orchids to grow in the house, I am just now perfecting my African violet propagation!

  10. LOL, Carolyn! I totally forgot about Turner Falls. I never got to visit when I lived in OK. You lucky duck (note it has the u and not some other vowel in there--I will forever think of a duck waddling up stairs with the wrong vowel when I think of that expression now) that you live so close to them. :)

    Victoria, I'm so glad I could cheer you up. Look at them periodically today and even though I know you live in Scotland in your heart of hearts...envision a rainforest for a change of pace-- :)

    Elf, send me a picture sometime. I've never tried them, but they are gorgeous. :) And thanks!

  11. Terry,
    What a cool place! I'm so tired of cold and snow, and this was a great mental vacation even if I can't take a real one right now.

    I love orchids. I did okay with one for a while then it gave up on me. I must not be nurturing enough, but I've always said I'm more of the tough-love variety of nurturers. :)

  12. LOL, Samantha, that's me! I had a plant that was way overcrowded so I divided it to give half to my daughter. Killed the whole thing!!!!

    I need really, really hardy plants. LOL. Hope you have nice spring weather soon!!!


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