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Countdown to Howl Continues all Next Week--Another winner?!

Last week's winner was:Martha Lawson

Between roof and plumbing problems, both leaks!!! And the blog tour, and edits on A SEAL Wolf Christmas, and Jaguar Fever and finishing up Silence of the Wolf, and dealing with a headache the size of Texas,  here is an excerpt from A Howl for a Highlander so I don't have to think too hard:

He didn’t say anything more, and Shelley was too stunned to speak. Wendy broke in, dying to know all about him. “That’s him? A Scottish hunk? Who sounds like he’s already way too intrigued with you? Don’t tell me you’re wearing that string bikini of yours,” she said.

Knowing Wendy, she’d want to forget her manufacturing crisis and fly to the island to check him out. She’d let him stay at the villa for free, too. Probably pay for all his meals, excursions, everything. She could certainly afford it.

Forget Shelley taking in needy strays. She figured Wendy would be the one offering a free room stateside for him. Until she learned he was a wolf. Wolves lived by different rules, and they had to be cautious about stepping over the lines.

“Yeah, he’s my new roommate.” Shelley didn’t want to tell Wendy she was wearing the bikini, and the Highlander’s tongue was practically hanging out of his mouth. He acted like he’d just shifted into the wolf and come back from a fast-paced run, heartbeat accelerated, adrenaline whipped up, and ready for a lot more exercise—this time one-on-one with a she-wolf. “Got to go, Wendy, and again, thanks for the generous offer. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Shelley knew she’d get the third degree from her friend, especially when Wendy learned he was a Highland wolf, not just human.

Shelley had never dated a wolf, and for the first time, she wondered why the hell not. Because they could be serious trouble, like a commitment forever? And what if she made a wrong choice? Their forever could last centuries.

She clicked off the phone and waved her towel at Duncan. “Didn’t bring a towel?”

His sexy mouth lifted slightly, his dark eyes nearly black and the skin beneath them crinkling with good humor. “Do you mind if I share yours?”

Feeling much better about her finances, she cast him a smug smile. “It’ll cost you.”


Hope you all snag a wolf for the weekend!!!

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I'm offering another chance to be a winner.

So if you had a chance to swim with Duncan, would you charge him to use your towel, or just lick all the water off him...??? :)

Be daring! :) 

Have a super great day!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"  


  1. Lick the water off!! Thanks for the chance to win...again!!

    ehaney578 at aol dot com

  2. LOL, Elizabeth, now that's a girl after Duncan's heart! :)

  3. woho... lick the water oof but honey is more pecfect lol

  4. Eli, lol, how about chocolate??? Dark or milk???

  5. He would have to lick the water off! Sigh!! Thanks again

  6. Wait, Sheryl, you're saying he has to lick the water off you? Okay, that works! :)

  7. Towel what towel? Of course I would lick the water off!!!!
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  8. I dont think the towel will be necessary at all!! lol

    thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Sherry, lol, too cute. :)

    Alainala, Duncan would be delighted if you dried him off in that way! :)

    You know, he's into saving the environment. Reducing the need to launder towels. :)

  10. How could you not take the second option lol.


  11. Catslady, lol, yeah, you ladies are definitely a bunch of she-wolves! Ready for action!

  12. I think I'd go with licking the water off, then offer the towel for free for any left over water. :D

  13. Forget the towel and licking the water off...skinny dippin' hanky panky sounds good to me!

  14. I'd lick the water off! Running with wolves is thirsty work!

  15. LOL, Barbara, I'm glad to see so many daring ladies!!! :)

    Carolyn, definitely, no swimsuits, all hanky panky! It's just inevitable! :)

    Brooklyn, LOL!! Yeah, it is!!!

  16. both


  17. What do you think? I'd Lick the water off first chance I'd get. and not waste one drop.

  18. Loretta, if you licked the water of Duncan, what would that hot SEAL wolf Paul say??? Hmmm?

  19. Never said who I would be licking. Just that I didn't like to waste. Don't get me back in the wolf house. I just got out. Love the getting out part. Oh and its always dark chocolate. Love my VERY HOT SEAL!

  20. LOL, Loretta. I hope he knew that's what you were saying or you're going to have to do some quick explaining. :)

  21. Paul here thanks Terry for giving Lor the licking idea will come in handy at shower time.

  22. why does he need to dry off! I'm sure he looks great with drops of water running down his chest!
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  23. Loretta, you and the SEAL were made for each other!

    Di, too funny! That works!


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