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Salado Christmas--Trees Growing through Buildings by Terry Spear

This is an actual Live Oak tree limb growing through an 1870's building that was moved in front of the Stagecoach Inn in the 1930's. Rather than cut the tree limb, they made room for it! That's what I call Hug-a-Tree tree lovers. :)

Another shop in Salado all decked out in Christmas finery!

Here is the rest of the tree branch. Note that it has a metal stand that holds the branch up! The live oaks are huge in Salado, and their branches just keep on growing! :)

And here are some other bears I created for the Christmas season. Where would Santa bear be without his elves? These are the Elfinberries. They're pastel dyed, imported alpaca wool and have suede paws in different colors.

And I got an early Christmas present from Sourcebooks!!!

What more can I say than that????

Now that's what I call a CHRISTMAS present! Snow, wolf and Tom, and all.....

Where's the mistletoe? Don't need it!

Just one hot body to keep us warm.

He's coming!!! February 1, 2014 in time for Valentine's. Happy Merry Jolly Christmas, Early!

Thanks to Sourcebooks and their wonderful art department and Deb for sending him to me in time for the holidays!!!

What do you think? Are you ready for Tom?

Merry Christmas, Everyone!!! Remember to hug a tree! And your family and friends!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"


  1. Thanks, Cheryl!! Now I just have to finish writing it! :)

  2. Congratulations!!! and Thanks for the info on the trees.... very interesting!

  3. Thanks, Betty! They're fascinating!

  4. What a striking cover, drool-worthy! I love that picture of the tree, there's a street that I like to visit that detours around a tree in the center...I love that respect for its presence. Happy Holidays (and hope you have plenty of chocolate mints available, lol).

  5. Thanks, Elf, it is!! That's fun about the street that detours around a tree in the center. I wish they would do that more with new housing developments instead of tearing down all the established trees and then replanting new saplings. :(

    No chocolate mints. I picked up some when I was in Nebraska. Ran out, and thought to pick them up at a CVS store here. None. Nada. Frustrating. :) There's nothing to compare with them either. *sigh* Maybe NEXT Christmas. Or I'm going to have to go back to Nebraska. :)

  6. Great present, and that's really cool about the tree. We have a restaurant in Houston like that.

  7. That's neat, Shana! My daughter lives there and I'll have to ask her about it. What's the name?


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