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Old Time Christmas in Salado by Terry Spear

I loved the old buildings in Salado decorated for Christmas. We walked all over and saw many of the homes/shops that are on the historical tour. Many of these were built in the 1860's. It seems a long time ago, until I think of visiting the Scottish castles!!!

Here are some more of the shops and their wooden walkways.

Inside one of the old buildings that once was a residence and now a shop I took a picture of the rock work and pretty mirrored chest, and caught myself in the mirror! I didn't realize I had. Debbie, poor thing, was my coat bearer while I took pictures. It looked like it would rain, but it never did, so we finally ditched the coats in the car. I kept apologizing to her for having to be the workhorse on the trip, and if I had wanted to hide the fact she was carrying our coats, I captured it in the picture. So no tall tales there...

I loved the stone work in the buildings, and in the mirror, you can also see how the glass door has a glass window above it. Many of the buildings had these. My friend kept saying, "Can you imagine dusting all this stuff?"

My mother used to say, "They aren't collectables. They're dustables."

But it's hard not to walk away with something cute from Salado. :) 

The little guy in the middle who is playing his music? He came home for Christmas with me--my gift to me from Salado, my muse. :)

A dust collector? Surely not!

How about you? Can you resist collecting those collectables?

I had fun reading Danielle's post about creating crafts for Christmas and thought I'd share my Christmas crafts!

This is a snowman wall hanging that I quilted and drape over things to give a homespun feel for Christmas. I'm working on a duplicate for Christmas for some lucky person. Below you can see some Christmas cards from fans! Wolves from Minnesota, a snowman from Germany, and a fairy that I adore too! :)  They are keepsakes!

 And of course, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Santa bear! :) He has a mohair beard, old-fashioned looking tapestry coat, and even a recycled fur trimmed hat. His green velvet sack of toys didn't make the picture though. :) It's off to the left.

But I've been having fun with other stuff too, like photo manipulation. I'm not very good at it, but I still love to play around with it. :)

Adorable Wizard Girl Model:

The background was from stock photo I purchased, and the bears are mine! The big one is a string mohair with tapestry paws, and the little one is a golden mohair wizard bear with velvet cloak and hat, decorated in silver sparkles. Both bears are the same size--10 1/2". :)

Hope you are all having a grand time for the holidays! I've got to get back to Silence of the Wolf before the "kids" wake up! :)

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"


  1. Those are such pretty pictures. I love little towns like that.

  2. Thanks, Shana. I got a new camera and I'm having way too much fun with it!! :) I love old towns like that too and hope they never get so commercialized, the original town disappears.

  3. Great Pictures. I love that card collection. Your Wilde and Wolly Bears are so cute. That's a lovely quilt. I think I've seen that Minnesota Wolf card before. LOL!! OOPS!! Shhh... don't want to wake the kids

  4. Beautiful pictures, Terry! Merry Christmas xx

  5. Hey, Donna, I have it on good authority you're running around with Tom up there. Send him back! Kids are off to spend the day and late into the night with friends, painters just left, and so now it's time to get back in bed, or wherever, with Tom. You still have him up there in the snow with you, or did Elizabeth track him down?

    Thanks, Sara, Merry Christmas!!!

  6. What beautiful bears, I am in awe at your talent!

  7. What a fun, fun post. Love the Christmas bear and walking among the shops with, ma'am, I do not want a job dusting all those pretties!
    Merry Christmas to you!

  8. Thanks, Elf! I love being crafty when I'm not writing!! :)

    Hey, Carolyn, wish you could have been with me window shopping. We had fun. :) I think I need to pare down on some of those collectibles! :)

  9. Elizabeth found Tom. You just had to go and tell her where to find him didn't you. I figured you were so busy with other things you'd never miss him. But she did. Pouting.

  10. LOL, Donna, you're so much fun! :)


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