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Upcoming Releases and Blog Tour Schedule for Savage Hunger! by Terry Spear

Creating books is only part of the process of being an author. Creating fun ways to promote can be another. The other day, one of my fans had a really neat picture of herself with wolves, inspired by me, she said. Thanks, Donna! So off I went to check out the site and low and behold, I sacrificed hours of writing on JAGUAR FEVER, my bad (though I did get 3,000 words written yesterday), but I got hooked on making up a new profile picture for Facebook, and some more for guest blogs for the upcoming book tour.

So here's what I came up with.

White Wolf
imikimi - sharing creativity

Yep, it's my brand. Wolves.

imikimi - sharing creativity

 But now I have jaguars too. Sometimes finding the right picture can be a chore, if you're like me and don't have many very nice ones, but I found one that could work for the picture so there you have it! Me in the jungle with one of my big cats. Now, figuring out which one of them it is, will be the really tough part.

I also updated my Facebook cover photo. I didn't have one. Huh? I didn't know we could add one. So I added one that is also my brand. Highlanders! At least as far as showcasing pictures of Scotland goes. So I featured the one that I used for the writing of A Highland Werewolf Wedding. :)

 Here is the schedule for the upcoming releases! Some are pretty set as far as titles and release dates. The ones later on will probably have different titles and release dates can change.

Savage Hunger, October 2012

Savage Hunger

Savage Hunger

Here is the Blog Tour Schedule for Savage Hunger for end of Sept and all of Oct. A winner will be selected for each blog date and will receive a copy of Savage Hunger, US or Canada addresses.

9/24 Love Romance Passion
9/25 Sharon Buchbinder
9/26 The Romance Studio; Paulette's Papers
9/27 Jesse Kimmel-Freeman
9/28 The Lovestruck Novice

10/1 Star Crossed Romance
10/2 Castles and Guns
10/3 Booklovin Mamas
10/4 Paranormal Haven
10/5 Fresh Fiction & 7 Scribes

10/8 Night Owl Reviews
10/9 Manga Maniac Café
10/10 Urban Girl Reader
10/11 Under the Covers Book Blog
10/12 Books and Beyond

10/15 Cocktail and Books
10/16 Book Lovers & Cindy's Love of Books
10/17 Deanna's Tidbits
10/18 Books-n-Kisses
10/19 A Bookworm’s Haven

10/22 Fiction Vixen
10/23 SOS Aloha
10/24 Reading Between the Wines
10/25 Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
10/26 Sia McKye’s Thoughts Over Coffee

10/29 The Qwillery
10/30 RomFan Reviews
10/31 Cynthia Wolf

I have some one no open slots so if you have a review site and want me to join you for a day that is open, just email me and I'll fit you in!

And here is the schedule for more upcoming releases!!!The Highland wolves are taking over! Not a bad thing, really! 

In A Howl for a Highlander, Duncan MacNeill is off traipsing around Grand Cayman Island trying to get the clan's stolen funds back. He's a warrior, not a lover, but when he runs into a she-wolf botanist at the airport, the stakes suddenly change. And paradise becomes even more of a hunting ground for the Highland wolf.

A Howl for a Highlander, February 2013

In A Highland Werewolf Wedding, we have Cearnach's story. He's the second eldest of the MacNeill quadruplets and has only one intention, seeing his friend marry a wolf he doesn't approve of. Run off the road by an American she-wolf--she can't help that they drive on the wrong side of the road and he's late to a wedding--he's found more trouble than he ever bargained for.

A Highland Werewolf Wedding, May 2013 NEW!!!

And more jaguar fun!  
In Jaguar Fever, Maya learns that she and her brother are not all alone in the world when she gets word they have a couple of cousins. Meeting them at a jaguar shifter club in Houston--who would ever have thought such a place existed?--she learns that the shifter that had followed them in the jungle in Savage Hunger is there--trying to uncover an exotic animal trafficking ring--only he's a bit distracted when he catches Maya in his sights and learns that's she's Connor's sister, not his wife--and available.

Jaguar Fever, 2013 

A SEAL Wolf Christmas, October 2013

Hero of a Highland Wolf, February 2014

Jaguar Book #3, August 2014

Titles and dates subject to change!

Aren't they just yummy?????

I want to take them all home with me. What about you?

"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality!"


  1. Terry,
    How fun! The pictures turned out great. You're going to be very busy this fall! That blogging schedule just made me want to take a nap. ;)

    Just out of curiosity, what drew you to jaguars, as opposed to another animal, in addition to your wolves?

  2. Hey, Samantha! The pictures were a lot of fun. :)

    LOL about the blogging schedule. The hardest part is writing all those blogs, which works out to about 40,000 words and making them all unique!

    Since I try to create my worlds as close to reality as possible, but something different from wolves, I thought a feline vs canines would be fun. Jaguars are located in our hemisphere, exotic enough, that I thought they would work. I had thought of mountain lions since they live more in the States, but the exotic cats really appealed. :) And cat and dog fights? You never know!

  3. Wow! You've been really busy and it looks like there's more activity to come.

    Congrats on the beautiful picture provided by your fan, Terry. Don't yo ulove it when they do things like that?

  4. Yeah, I don't know how I could have worked full time too, Ash!

    On the pictures, I did those myself. You can do your own through that site. :) On the jungle one, it was a picture of me standing next to a Japanese statue in the Japanese Gardens in Houston, grass and buildings in the background. So I cut and pasted my picture on one my daughter sent of her honeymoon in Hawaii, then added that to the big cat picture.

    And voila, I'm in the jungle--but it's perfectly bug free!

  5. OH, my! Oh, my! I loved it all! Covers and pictures are gorgeous. Loved the ones of you right there with them. Looks like that blog schedule is going to keep you out of jail for a couple of months. You'll be too busy to get into trouble. I still think you should write one about's such a Texas thing!

  6. WOW! You've been pretty busy Terry! I still need to catch up on your wolves series before I start your jaguar one, but those covers are definitely some great motivation:) Good luck on your tour!

  7. Thanks, Carolyn! LOL about staying out of jail! I'm truly too busy to end up there!!! :) I thought the pictures turned out really fun. :) You never know about the coyote. Still thinking on that one. :)

    Yadkny, hi! They are inspirational and motivational, that's for sure! Enjoy catching up!!! :) Hope you love the new cats too!

  8. My fav would be the one with you and the wolf. Beautiful and the colors blend so well. I like the idea of using jaguars - a fun NEW paranormal! Good luck.

  9. Terry, I would faint if I had a blog schedule that looked like yours! I couldn't do that many--unless it was all the same blog! And was that a heroine I saw in one of your covers? I don't think you've ever had a cover with the heroine on it, have you? And I LOVED your new FB photo. You need to be on one of your covers! You look gorgeous! Well done!

  10. Thanks, Harley! I love that one too, the best! It looks so dreamy! Thanks on the books. I'm having a blast writing about jaguars too. They're really different than wolves, so lots of fun with the research!

  11. Thanks, Amelia! Too funny about writing the same blog post for all the sites. LOL I could just see fans reading the first one, and then the second, and shaking their heads after that! It would be LOTS easier! I have fun doing them though. But I also have deadlines for two books at the same time, so I'm glad I quit my full time job, or I wouldn't be able to keep up!

    Yes, I loved the heroine on Savage Hunger. Lots of fun with the jungle scene. :) That's the only cover where I have a heroine. Very funny about being the heroine on my own cover. I'd have to be more like the heroine's mother! :)

  12. Wow! You are going to be busy :-)

  13. Yeah, Shana! It definitely keeps me out of trouble!


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