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Baby, It's Hot Outside

by Olivia Cunning

I've been in my new home in Galveston for almost three weeks now. Here's what I've learned so far:

1. Driving down Seawall Boulevard on the weekend is life-threatening. Have you ever seen someone do a U-turn across three lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic, so they could parallel park on the opposite side of a four-lane road? I have. More than once.

2. Half of the state of Texas congregates in Galveston Walmart at ten a.m. on Saturday mornings. Not fun. I guess I didn't need ice cream that badly. Lesson learned.

3. It's hot outside, baby. For the entire month, it's been a consistent 90 degrees with 80 percent humidity. It doesn't even cool down at night. There is some relief when it rains, but within half an hour it's back to 90 and then all that rain evaporates and we end up with 90 percent humidity. I don't mind heat. Really, I don't. Humidity doesn't bother me much, either. Yes, my hair currently looks like it had a love child with a poodle, but I'll take a lifetime of bad-hair days over shoveling snow. That humidity does make it miserable when you have to do more than lounge around. I call it "insta-sweat". Go get the mail--insta-sweat. Carry in the groceries--insta-sweat. Walk the dog--insta-sweat and insta-pant for the dog. Chase the cat off the neighbor's balcony--insta-sweat.

Thus far my plans to sit on the beach and write each and every weekend have been thwarted. I'm still trying to figure out where to put all my stuff and trying to get my life back in order. I drive past the beach, which is half a block from my apartment, while running errands. I see other people enjoying the beach. Other people lounging and swimming and having a great time. Next weekend I have more errands to run, so again I'll miss out on the beach. I know eventually things will settle down and I'll get to enjoy my new environment, but right now, everything is in chaos and I'm the type of person who can't take a break when I have a mile-long to-do list hanging over my head.

I had planned to write a post this month with pictures of my new desk which looks over the French doors that open to my balcony. They didn't deliver my new desk on Friday as planned, so instead that space is filled with a stack of boxes I can't unpack until the desk arrives. Doesn't make for nice pictures. I'd also planned to take pictures of my patio furniture on my balcony, where I'll eventually spend time writing in the evenings beneath the shade of a gorgeous palm tree, surrounded by all the pretty flowers in my flower boxes. It got dark outside before I finished assembling the furniture and planting the flowers. I also planned to take pictures of my favorite office space on the beach--in my beach chair with my feet in the surf, writing by hand in a notebook. Yeah, that didn't happen. I'd actually have to go to the beach to take that picture.

So since I can't share my hot new offices, I'll share my hot new book cover.

Double Time will be released this November. And its contents are even hotter than Galveston in July. It's a good thing I like heat. The boys of the rock band Sinners sure know how to turn it up to sweltering.

Are you having a hot summer? I hope it's more relaxing than mine has been. What have you done to unwind?


  1. You know the beach is only for the tourists, right, Olivia? That's why they have time to lounge on it! Hope you get settled soon. I promise you'll have PLENTY of hot days left!!! And even after school begins!

    I've taken in some movies with friends--in the AC. :) Your cover is gorgeous! A work of art!

  2. What? I don't get to pretend to be a tourist. *cries* And I'm sure there are plenty of hot days left. Warm or even cool works for me. Just get me out of the house. I'm really sick of assembling things.

  3. We have had a lot of rain lately, which was sorely needed. As far as the humidity, you'll get used to it! That's a constant. I'm interested to see if you really sit outside and write. There are about 10 days in Spring and 10 days in Fall nice enough to sit outside. The rest of the time it's too hot or cold. but it may not be too cold for you--until you've acclimated. Then 60 will feel cold :-)

  4. Welcome to Texas! You'll love the winters when you don't have to shovel snow and the flowers are still blooming!

  5. Shana- I can't imagine 60 feeling cold, but then when I lived in Washington state, 60 felt hot and people started wearing shorts at that temp. If it go to 80 the griping about the heat would begin. I'm used to calling anything under 10 degrees "cold"--breath condensation freezing to the nose hairs and such. I guess it's what you're used to.

    Carolyn - Happy to be here!

  6. I hope it won't be too long before you make it to that beach and I hope it brings all the bliss you envision.
    Here's wishing you much success on the November book--My what a hot cover!

  7. Glad that you are "somewhat" settled in your new place. And I totes agree w/ what Terry said re: beach. It's all tourists, lol. The cover of Double Time is by far the best of the series, and you know I can't wait for Trey's story. Love your post! I'll always read whatever you write, even if you copy down the phonebook, you'd make it a smexy read.

  8. I wish you well in your new home and hope you make it to the beach before the summers gone.. But hey, I am sure living in Texas the beach is always there...
    I was only in Texas once, I went on vacation to South Padre Island the week of New Years.. they were in a deep freeze..
    I had go this room that over looked the water and thought I could sit out on my balcony and have my morning coffee each day.. Was not to be.. Oh well there have been other vacations and I hope to get back there one day..

    Your book cover is really Hot and Steamy...

  9. I just discovered you this wknd as I devoured BACKSTAGE PASS and ROCK about hot, I need a cold shower after reading these. ;)

    Moving, oh yuck! I just moved a few months ago, while I love my new place moving still SUCKS. Good luck getting everything in its new spot, and beating the tourists to the beach one morning. :)

  10. It's going to get up to 101 here tomorrow. Glad I'm heading to CA! I can't promise you'll ever get used to the heat and humidity, but at least you'll know what to expect!

  11. September in Galveston is the best. You will love it! I plan on being there myself with my man. The tide is out more often during the late afternoon making for a great time to lay out and roll around if you know what I mean. Lol. Go west past the seawall where it is more private with long stretches of quite and uninterrupted beach time. You can hear the inspiring ocean....who knows what thoughts it can invoke?
    Can't wait to read your next Sinners installment.
    PS.....even when it's cloudy you can"get burned".


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