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Heat Miser

Okay, so who's singing?

You know: "I'm Mr.... " oops, guess I can't post the lyrics. Copyright violation. So I'll just point you to this (and let them worry about the copyright):

But as I look at all these summery posts, my inner Heat Miser rears his red-headed head.

I hate summer. I know, I know, I'm odd. Trust me, I've heard it all.

I hate the heat. I hate to sweat. I hate mowing the lawn. Give me winter and some snow to shovel and I'm thrilled, but make me have to slather on SPF 50 and carry around one of those personal cooling devices (which a Child has commandeered, so there goes that little bit of relief), actually have to wear shoes because I'll burn my soles... No thank you. Plus, we have kids home who are "bored" (seriously? how can you be bored? There are chores to do, a LAWN to mow... Really? Bored? Come talk to mama, kiddos. I'll show you how un-bored you can be) and sleep too late and stay out too late, and dogs who overheat after five minutes outside, and yeah, the humidity. This hair does not do well in the humidity. Nor do I. I can feel a cranky coming on just thinking about it as I sit in my air-conditioned kitchen.

Yes, call me Summer Scrooge. (Darn, I wanted to trademark that, but after a quick Google search, I see I'm not the first to think of it...)

One good thing about this summer, however, is the release of my third Bottled Magic book: Magic Gone Wild. This one is a bit different from all the madcap adventures my other genies and their mortals get in. It takes place in one town, practically in one setting: the hero's ancestral home. When you're setting a magical story in a normal, everyday setting you have to find a way to make it magical. Since this was a bit of a departure for me and I know how much my readers love my magical worlds, I did put us inside Vana's bottle. Oh, and I brought in those fun secondary characters: Merlin , a cross-dressing, gender-neutral phoenix,  anthropomorphic dinnerware, a walking coat rack, and a few more gargoyles. If you remember them from I Dream of Genies, you'll know that they like parlor games. These guys really get into it in this book.

I'm happy to say that RT Book Reviews gave it 4 stars, so that bodes well. Other reviews are due in shortly and I've got a killer blog tour scheduled (more stuff to do in the A/C... "seriously, honey, the kids have to mow the lawn because I have blogs to write..."), so I'm hopeful that the reception for this story as it has been for the rest.

But I'm still looking forward to fall. And I think this guy is totally mis-named:

Here's a quick peek of the gargoyles, but don't let them know you see them. Hide-and-seek is one of their most favorite games. Unfortunately for them, they think if they can't see the seeker, the seeker can't see them.

The weeping willows offered shade when the sun got too hot and Vana stopped by the honeysuckle vines growing in profusion over the gate at the back of the yard to sip their nectar. Many years ago, Peter had run a carriage service in town and put the horses out to pasture on the land behind the fence when they were too old to work anymore. She’d have to let Zane know. It would be a nicer spot for Bessie than that tree she was tied to.

She caught a glimpse of two of the gargoyles. One was imitating the willows; he’d gathered some of the fallen branches and draped them over his flat head which was pretty inventive for a gargoyle. He must be higher on the evolutionary scale than others she’d dealt with in the past, but his buddy? Notsomuch. That one was huddled by the creek, trying to pass for a stone. It might have worked if he hadn’t kept flicking his tail.

Both gargoyles grinned when she drove by without “finding” them. No need to ruin their good time and she’d be able to find at least those two when her magic was working again.

"A lighthearted romp. Cleverly written, uproariously funny, with quirky, 
interesting characters. Definitely worth grabbing for an afternoon beach read!"


  1. Hey, Judi. I'll leave you alone. We all have our preferences and whether or not mine is a hold-over from my unfettered youth out-of-school, I'm a summer girl.

    I've found that during winter months I've tended to set my books in tropical places or summer months.

    Have you done that? Strange Neighbors was one of the first books I set in the north during winter, and it didn't get to me.
    Maybe because here in my hidey-hole it's always a prefect seventy degrees.

    Thank goodness Mr. Amazing mows the lawn and runs the snowblower. I did that stuff for the few years I was a single parent and thank goodness didn't have much area to take care of. Still, when a neighbor unexpectedly plowed me out, I wanted to cry and kiss the shoveled path he walked on.

    Those kids of yours are getting old e4nough to take over the job, aren't they? Let them learn some responsibility and appreciation for their mom!

  2. I am no particular fan of sweat, bugs, humidity, etc, but summer will show up, so I try to look for things to admire about it: Running around in play clothes all day when at home, wild raspberries, lightening bugs, road trips, freedom from the tyranny of the wood stove, early sunrises, fresh blueberries, corn on the cob and....HOME GROWN TOMATOES.

  3. Summer means sweat and my fat cells whine and fidget when they see the temperatures rising. They've worked so hard to build their numbers that they are afraid I'll go outside and sweat them into caskets. However, like Grace mentioned, summer does bring home grown tomatoes (which I'm enjoying immensely) and watermelons...yes, yes, yes! So I'll stay in air conditioning and enjoy the fruits of the garden and get the best of both worlds!

  4. Judi, I am a Florida girl! I love the heat and hate the cold. Oh, I love your cover, too!

  5. Judi~ I love summer, just not humidity. Give me a high-mountain desert with 85 degree temps and 15% humidity and I'm in heaven. East coast summers--not so much. Still, I love the fruit and vegetables...

  6. Morning, ladies!

    Y'all can keep your heat, thankyouverymuch!

  7. Judi,

    Congratulations on the great review! I don't mind the summer weather, but I live in a Northern state, so that might have something to do with it. But I have kids at home and it does get to be a bit much. I feel like I don't have a single minute to myself in the summer. I actually look forward to going to work where no one calls me "Mom!"

    At least there are fun things to look forward to like new releases! :)

  8. I like spring! I can be out and feel the sunshine and not burn. I don't sweat...I's not a good thing. I am always cold in the winter and I don't have a real winter like you guys with snow so I'd really be in trouble then. I must admit that I am enjoying watching the tomatoes grow and I harvested a potato yesterday, much to my husband's bemusement...he wants to know if he's actually expected to eat it, lol. I love your hiding gargoyles and wish you much success with the new release!

  9. *waving hi again to the rest of you! Thanks for sharing!


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