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"May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor" by Catherine Mann

Anyone who’s read the Hunger Games or has seen the movie recognizes the quote in the title of today’s blog for our March theme of luck. “May the odds be ever in your favor” – a commonly repeated send off in the Hunger Games for the tributes going to fight to the death.

Talk about high stakes!

Hearing those words, seeing the characters , the Hunger Games world – it was all just as I envisioned when reading all three books in the trilogy. And that’s saying a lot!

I had such high expectations for the movie, it was an incredible relief not to be disappointed. Especially since I was one of the record breaking numbers to attend the midnight debut, along a friend and a van load full of teenagers.

Sure, there were some parts left out that missed, and I’ve had a blast discussing those with the scores of other people I know who also attended the Hunger Games on opening weekend. But then that’s just extended the fun of the movie even longer.

What are your thoughts on movie adaptations of books? Do you love them? Avoid them? Have any particular favorites?

USA Today bestseller Catherine Mann writes military romance for Sourcebooks and Berkley, as well as steamy romances for Harlequin Desire. A RITA Award winner, she resides in Florida with her husband, their four children, and numerous animal shelter rescues. Look for her books PROTECTOR (May), HONORABLE INTENTIONS (April) and UNDER FIRE (May). Website:


  1. I haven't read or seen the movie so don't have any idea what its about, i'm not really interested in the hunger games at all. I may see the mvie after all the hype but not really sure. My daughter and her friends are into the books and the movie, they liked the movie alot...of course the book was more detailed, all they talked about how good it was and they want to go see it again. To me I'd rather stay home and read a good romance with adventure book!

  2. I am going to see it tonight with my 27 yr. old daughter. She went when it opened so she must have really liked it. We both read the books (her recommendation) and I thought they were wonderful. She has shared more books with me than vice versa because she has had this thing against romances. She is finally reading one so I have my fingers crossed. After all, I have a 1,000 or more that she can read lol.

  3. I did see the movie, and thought it was great. I have not, however, read the books....yet... although I do plan to...after May...I should have time then. There is another book I am eagerly waiting to come out first... so after I read that book, then maybe I will download the three Hunger Game books and get them read... priorities first, Have to read all that just came out...and then...after "Under Fire" comes out...and I have read it...and I have talked about it...over and over...then I will go to read the Hunger Games. I do love it when they keep the movie like the books. It's really hard to watch when they keep too much out. everyone says this one was pretty close, so I'm looking forward to reading it.

  4. I've not seen the movie, but intend to later. I've ordered the book.

    I have a couple of examples of two opposite opinions. White Oleander was a book a friend wanted to see so we went one night after work. It was about a woman who poisoned her lover with Oleander. The story was mainly about what happened to her daughter after mother went to prison.

    A few weeks later I took my friend to the Orlando Airport. While I was waiting for her plane to take off I noticed that there was a stack of books by that title (a former Oprah Book Club pick) on a table in the gift shop. The movie was close to the book except that it ended about two chapters before the book did. So by seeing the movie first I didn't get the impression of something missing as I would have if I had read the book first.

    The Poseidon Adventure and Beyond the P.A. were so far from the books that in the first one the cargo was different and in the second the book and movie had different characters.

  5. Hi Catherine! I find most books are better than the movies, maybe because there is more depth with the written word. It's hard to adapt all of that to the screen. But I really enjoyed John Carter this weekend, like the book (almost) coming alive.

  6. Normally I don't like movie adaptions. I always see them, anyway, though! I have read the book, but it was a few years ago, so hopefully it won't be so fresh in my mind that omissions and changes bother me.

  7. I have yet to see the movie, hopefully this weekend. I go into a movie adaptations with low expections, and many times have been plesantly surprised.

    Just finished Under Fire (loved it) and wonder if Cuervo will get a HEA?

  8. Hi there, Nise! So happy to hear you enjoyed Under Fire!!! Thank you!! And yep, Cuervo gets his story next - I'm finishing it up now. :) Thanks again!

  9. Thanks, folks, for stopping by to comment today about Hunger Games and movie adaptations overall.... I do so enjoy the Casablanca blog gang!!

  10. I've read the first book and loved it but the other two are still on my TBR pile. I think that Jackson's LOTR is my favorite adaptation but I have been disappointed with lots of other efforts so I am usually a bit leery about going to see a movie if I have read the book first.


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