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Ushering In Change

At the start of each year my sister and I sit down do our tarot cards for the next twelve months. One card for each month and one for overall—so 13 in total. I don’t know when this ritual started or what we hope to prove but for a few hours, usually with a glass of wine, we shuffle and deal and examine and make guesses. We look back at last year’s and sometimes we can go oh yes, March was 2 of coins and I was juggling a lot of different projects which ties perfectly (hindsight is 20/20). At this time I also like to look back at the good things the year brought: things-that-made-me-smile-in-2011

In December I also like to clear my writing desk and make an attempt to look super organised for January (so far looking good as I can still see my writing desk—my desk at work is a lost cause, A1 plans take up a lot of space). This year I also took down two years’ worth of goblin notes which I’d stuck to the wall behind my desk. I also removed some paint in the process—woops. This was neatly covered up by new magnetic white board. My writing area is now looking fresh and clean…or was. I’ve already started accumulating notes about my new WIP.

I also declutter the study my husband and I share. There’s something cathartic about clearing away. I think in feng shui it’s about allowing the flow of energy. For me it’s about being able to sit my hot chocolate down without perching it on a pile of possibly important papers.

Around the house it’s also spider spraying time. Got to kill those red-backs before they wander into the house, ditto for the white tails (there is nothing more disconcerting that watching a movie and seeing one crawl out of the chair next to you). The golden orbs we tend to leave as they are harmless even if they do make an unsightly web.

In case you’re wondering my year ahead is the six of cups: “Live in the moment, remember the past, dream for the future.” Good advice no matter the time of year.

Do you do anything specific at the start of the year?


  1. Sounds like you have some fabulous New Year traditions, Shona. Like you, I try to clean my desk. Beyond that and setting my annual goals, I putter along. :)

  2. I pay property taxes. Definitely not as fun as tarot cards.

  3. I've never been one to see the start of the new year as a time for change. It's tough enough getting through the holidays unscathed without trying to make impossible resolutions. However, the tarot card thing sounds like a fun ritual. Maybe next year...

  4. I save cleaning for when I'm at that "begging for new ideas" point. The cleaning off of the desk is a helpful ritual then, NOT housework. Same at the office. I let it oppress me until the need to reassert control is compelling, and then it feels good to do it.

  5. What I really like to do is finish all my projects and then go to Florida to the beach for a few days to rejuvenate. The sound of the ocean clears my mind. Didn't get to do that the past two years but I'm looking forward to it next winter!

  6. Tracey,
    Cleaning the desk and goal setting is important. I like a rough map of what projects I'm going to work on.

  7. Cheryl,
    I’m not really one for resolutions, but I do believe in setting goals. The tarot cards are fun :)

  8. Shana
    taxes are never fun, in Australia they are done in the middle of the year so come July I'll be getting everything ready for the accountant.

  9. Grace,
    There is something about cleaning that frees up brain space for ideas, maybe it’s because it’s such a dull job.

  10. Carolyn,
    Going to Florida sounds like a lovely way to take a break and refresh.


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