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A Feast of Gratitude

By Leah Hultenschmidt, Senior Editor

A little shout-out of gratitude to my romance folks who makes doing a job I love even more awesome:

Macy Beckett – I fall into your books and it’s a like a big welcome home (and I’m not even from Texas!). Can’t wait for more from Sultry Springs!

Isabel Cooper – The most amazing hook ever: Terminator meets My Fair Lady. And next up, Victorian X-Men. You take everything I love and make it wonderfully new and fresh.

Christy English – Talk about sparks a-flyin’! And yet you have the historical detail down to a T. In How to Tame a Willful Wife, Shakespeare never looked so good.

Jayne Fresina – from Aubrey: Your books are the total package: funny and sweet, witty and sexy. I want to go to a ball with Sophie and Ellie, sneak away for a little spiked punch and hit on the hot footmen.

Leigh Greenwood – A gentleman of the highest sense. No wonder everyone adores your heroes!

Shona Husk – Your imagination enthralls me, and the number of people you’ve convinced that goblins can be sexy is awesome. Even though we know romance is going to end with a happily-ever-after, you write some of the best.

Mia Marlowe & Connie Mason – Every book is a treat of wit and rollicking adventure. And I love that they also help me answer questions on Jeopardy!

Bec McMaster – I can’t wait for this whole adventure and to hear readers start to squee when they fall in love with Blade, master of the rookeries, just as much as I did. You are fascinating.

Elisabeth Naughton – The guys are hot, the world is amazing. I could read 8 books in a row and still be reaching for the next one…especially Nick. Besides, some people just know…

Pam Sherwood – I would waltz with your dashing stranger any day. So excited to be with you right from the start on this really exciting journey.

Tes St. Hilaire – A little True Blood, a little Batman and then mix that with angels and pulse-pounding action and romance. What’s not to love?

Amanda Usen – Your words are just as delicious as your food. Thanks for the treats, the fun, and for always being up for more. ;-)

Julie Ann Walker – Talk about explosive high-energy! I’d love to live in your head for a little bit and hang out with Black Knights Inc.


  1. As a reader I am thankful for all the authors who write wonderful stories, the editors who make them even better and the publishers who give them the chance to reach so many readers. Thank you guys!

  2. Thank YOU, Na, for all your support! Nothing beats a happy reader!

  3. Leah, my TBR list just grew after reading your post. What a great editor you are!

  4. I now have some new books for my reading list!

  5. Aww! Thank you, Leah. What a nice surprise. I'm so thrilled to work with you. :-)

    aka: Macy Beckett

  6. it's time to save more penny ;)

    thanks to all author with their great book

    keep writing and we will keep reading ;)

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  8. I am very excited to be playing with Shakespeare in Regency England...I am having a ball with this book, and I hope our readers will too :)

    I can't wait to grab the rest of these year looks like a fun one for romance :)


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